Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Happy new year!

We usually kid about how resolutions are made to be broken but really, the whole point of resolutions are to generally make us better human beings, right?

Well before I go on making NEW ones for 2014, probably best to quickly review how my 2013 ones went. Afterall, if we go through a yearly review at our workplace, why shouldn't we do one for our own life? :)

Be positive - Yeay me!
Get a new job - Yeay me!

Sort-of Met
Not using the phone while driving & at social activities - Better this year, but can be improved.
Not to mix drinks and or get plastered - It still happens, but I like to believe that it happened LESS
Be punctual - Consciously making an effort to do so. Usually efforts are thwarted by the jam.

Update my blogs twice a week - HahahahHAHAhahaha... Got lah on the average of once in 2 months.
Read a book a month - I've attempted to start reading many books. But have yet to finish most of it. I will strive to make a more concious to finish what I've started. There's a long list!

These are not one-offs and I strive to continuing making my old resolutions into a habit. :) Now onward with the new!

1. Exercise twice a week.
At least 30 mins per session. Metabolism dropping, pants are tight now and one flight of stairs makes me pant. Woe.

2. Learn to deal with difficult people and situations amicably.
What usually happens is that I shut down and cower into a shell, ignoring that it happened. Doesn't exactly resolve the situation does it? And then I internalise it, take it personal and it festers and festers... even long after the person or incident has long passed. No. I will learn to handle it on the spot, or not let it bother me. This definitely needs a lot of zen. Where can I get a book on this?

3. Get my finances in the black
Clear the credit cards before the end of the year
Utilise those card points!
Get a second income stream from SOMEwhere - writing? investment? bartending gigs? If I want it hard enough, something will come along.
Save enough money to pay a downpayment for a landed property with enough money to pay for at least 6 months of house loans without a job
Save, save, save - Do I really NEED to buy that skincare? That cosmetic? That thingamajig in Daiso? No.

4. Print more photos
Either for the sake of keeping memories, start a scrap book (like I've always wanted to) or as giftaways. I'm pretty sure people still like physical photos too. In fact it's probably more personal than a store bought thank you card, right?

5. Spend more time with myself 
I should learn not to feel guilty if I wanted to decline an invite for an outing - even from loved ones. I need to spend more time getting my own life in order and to do ME stuff - chores, filing, organising, blogging, home facials, veg out in front of the tv, read a book.... I did not spend enough time with myself in 2013, and I'm feeling stretched a little too thin. Like butter over too much bread. :)

6. Enjoy my job and appreciate the fact that I HAVE a job.
Because it pays the bills, and I AM learning something new.

Let's have an excellent and productive 2014, eh?

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  1. i love that you're still maintaining this blog though!! posting (frequent or not is another subject) alone is already an achievement in itself. WELL DONE! *clinks glass*

    congrats on the new job & i'm with you on that saving resolution, man. it's been a bitch (and it's only january.. haha! fml). but i'm determined to rise to the challenge. more power to you, missy!!
    we're all in this together. ;D


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