Friday, June 2, 2006

Want To, But Haven't.

Short term
1. XMen 3 (might have to buy DVD already)
2. Da Vinci Code (might have to buy DVD already)
3. Cars (might have to buy DVD already)
4. Mission Impossible (might have to buy DVD already)
5. Short break from work (check. Mon & Tue off to veg at home. Whee!)
6. Massage (Never had this one done before. Jom! Bangsar!)
7. Dance like a maniac (sigh)
8. Solid 10 hour dreamless sleep (double sigh)
9. Handphone (current one hangs like windows)
10. Sneakers (have been resorting to wearing girly sandals OMFG sacrilege!)
11. New wallet. Black soft leather. (current one too long and old)
12. Big girly bag. (everything can shove in)
13. Watch. (losing track of time)
14. Go back gyming. (so can sleep better at night)

Long term
1. Car (delayed. for 3 years)
2. Finally get stupid pro paper done. (argh. we hates studying)
3. Finish reading all borrowed books (sorry!)
4. Wardrobe overhaul (but am so unwilling to spend)
5. New sexy slim digicam. (powershots are pudgy)

Wishful thinking
1. Strike jackpot (haha)
2. Meet nice fairly normal guy. (hAHahhaha)
3. Backpack across Europe
4. Backpack across America
5. Check out Japan
7. Get high on Absinthe.
8. Puff a doobie.
9. Get own place.

No way, ever.
1. Go back in time. Do a different degree.
2. grow 3 more inches.
3. lose chubbiness on cheeks.
4. some natural boobs please.

Oh well. At least I can look forward to a looooong quiet weekend. Yeay! Bai!


  1. absintheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    FA: Bestnya.

  2. 1.What about \"Over The Hedge\"?
    2. Sneakers, wallet, watch and etc can be obtained one by one very soon as long as you are not aiming for the big brand name.
    3. Are you sure you really want to backpack? A friend of mine just reaches NZ to backpack for 6months. She is picking kiwis for a living now and it isn’t easy. Let me know if you are ready.
    4. Your chubbiness on cheeks is really your asset.
    5. People who love and appreciate you don\'t judge you by your boobs.

    1. Yes.
    2. I WANT big brand name. Quality over quantity.
    3. Picking kiwis sounds like fucking fun.
    4. Right.
    5. Boobs are fun.

  3. what\'s the budget for watch?

    FA: gotta be a swatch. make your estimates

  4. One more attainable short term thing: Gummy Bears. :D

    FA: YEAY YEAY YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!111oneoneoneone. If can buy ONe kg okay? I PAY YOU BACK! SERIOUSLY!

  5. Not like swatch is very expensive, just buy it.

    RM300 ish for nicest Swatch.

    Wallet also only RM200+

  6. - Oh okay, that explains you still can’t get any one of those.

    - Three tough guys quit after 3 days of picking kiwis and it is damn super tiring. Each bin, which can fill with 15 to 20 bags, is weight about 20kg per bag. One bin = NZ10. So you think that is still fun?

    - If you reckon your chubbiness is your asset, why do you still want to lose it?

    - Fun? Yeah right, with all the pervert hungry eyes giving you all the attention. Big boobs get higher risk to have cancer, you know.

    - Does gummy bear weigh one kg?

  7. I think nicest Swatch goes to RM 450+, but maybe that's for guy's model only.

  8. Where is Lash Discoveryyyyy???///slashslashslash

    FA: This one not hard to get marrrr. :P

  9. thought u wanted a big brand name? how come swatch? disposable watches lah... spend a bit more lah for something that can last until grandchildren.

  10. maybe a girard perregaux cat\\\\\\\'s eye?

    or breguet queen of naples?

    or some nice glashutte originals?

    FA: Siau. You buying for me isit? Buy also I won\'t wear. Maybe pawn it for cash. Takut nanti orang pancung tangan. I is simple girl.

  11. Absinthe rocks, especially the black one.

  12. '4. Wardrobe overhaul (but am so unwilling to spend)'

    Waldo wants his shirt back? :-)

  13. ok ok baby blue is better perhaps?

    RM170+ only

  14. can i have a sip of that what what abyrinthe,.abysnthe?..?

    apparently some guy went and killed himself after drinking some.

  15. hey fireangel. i've been reading your blog as well for sometime.
    really like the way you write. sarcastic and amusing :)
    and yes..on ur list i would love to do
    "go back in time"
    but i guess what we went through make us to who we are today yea??:)
    keep up the good work. hope you visit my blog too!

  16. i m thinking of touring EU sometime next year... interested? i am saving up... =)

  17. adik, adik ??!?! bangun...sudah pagi !!!!

  18. absinthe - tuckermax drank that shite. i read bout it

    *raises eyebrow*

  19. hi...u dunno me...just happened to pop by ur blog....but just wanna tell u that u are pretty as u are...

  20. I have some natural boobs to give!

  21. Lainie - How can natural boobs be given? If it is possible, I bet you have a multibillion-dollar business and I bet FA will gladly endorse your product, lol.

  22. [...] A femmes blogger finally bought herself a new phone to cross out one item under her “want to, but haven’t” list, last weekend. It was a nice phone with bells and whistles. [...]

  23. Birthday mood?

    Meet nice fairly normal guy

  24. Hi,

    just passed by your Blogs, very impress with your words

    stay cool


  25. *laugh*

    if you find your fairly nice normal guy, please at least introduce me to his brother ... then I can help you get absinthe. Deal?


  26. You can return the microphone for an exchange as long as you have the receipt to show.

  27. IS: what a veeeery silly question.

  28. Lainie - Lol, of course. It's a silly statement that i'm responding to. Will visit your site when i'm free.

  29. Someone got owned when buying a mobile ey?

  30. why getting high on absinthe is on a wishful thinking list?

  31. that's a fairly regular 'want/wish' list. Add a spanking brand news LCD TV and a nice sound system to go with those DVDs...

  32. Dude,absinthe is great but not much of it. It will make you blind. Small boobs is fun too. Well, you've got your handphone, nice. Probably we are going to back pack in NZ coming March 07. Wanna join?

  33. [...] *thinking out loud* I need a new camera. This barely 2 year old Powershot A85 is slowly dying out on me. Kejap takde flash. Kejap flash blinding. Kejap tak boleh focus far. Kejap tak boleh focus near. And the preview screen is damn wonky too. Sian. The thought of more money out the window very pain loh. Some more so many other THINGS still not bought yet. Yeargh. Must. Pray. For. Money. To. Drop. From. Sky. And. Land. On. Thine. Lap. [...]


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