Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's Like, It's Better Than Yours.

Meh. It's ridiculous when someone else beats you to writing about your own new phone.

Idiot KY.

5 people tested every single extra canggih function but not the most basic function of A phone. And guess what? OF course it was the most basic function which was screwed.


The joke's on me though. It was to be MY new phone.

So after 2 trips back to the shop, I got that worthless piece of crap exchanged for a new one. Now it works splendidly!

Please let me share my happiness with all of you!

Say hello to my spanking shiny new Nokia 3250!


Which replaces my old and abused 3 year old Nokia Iterforgotthemodelnumberbecausetheykeepcomingoutwithnewoneseveryminute.


It took me about a whole year and a crazy amount of peer pressure to finally settle with that one.

Friends were like "Get a handphone lah wei! GET IT! WE WANT TO CALL YOU LAH! SO HARD TO CONTACT YOU!"

I was like "Handphone? for what? waste money only lah. U want to call me call me at work or at home lah. If I'm out also I won't be free to layan you wat!"

Undeterred, these jokers even pooled a small sum of money on my birthday as a starter fund to get me to buy a new handphone. How nice.

Now that I have a handphone I'm like "how the hell did I never realised that I could've never lived without it".

Leave handphone at home one day only also feel like.. like... drug addicit without his regular fix. *anxiousbitefingernails*

We are slaves to the gadgets we own.


I've grown attached to my old handphone. They don't make it that tiny and light anymore. Granted it only had the most basic functions - Calls, smses, gprs, games, radio. Monocolour display. Monotonic ringtones. But that's really ALL I NEED. And man, the keypad was damn sweet for SMSing.

I am a self-confessed smsoholic. I would spam you SMS upon SMS so quickly your inbox overflows with my smses because you barely have enough time to reply to ANY of them until you throw your hands up in defeat and decide to CALL me instead.

"Hello. A one minute phone call can settle the job of 274 SMSes you psycho!".

Hah. Whatever. Wimps. Eat the cloud of dusts my fingers leave as I SMS you my reply.

I don't even switch on automatic editor (T9?). It's a bloody annoyance to me. Every now and then it "suggests a spelling" while in the middle of typing out a word which TOTALLY wrecks my flow man. SO FUCK THAT.

And was the handphone damn hardy too. I must've like dropped it about a gazillion times. Still worked!

But for about a past few months. The poor fella has showing signs of strains from my rough handling. It would switch off on its own on a full charged battery. Sometimes it would not receive smes. It would hang. It would die on me after a 5 minute phone conversation even when it is fully charged. Little annoying things like that.

I've been complaining about getting a new one for ages. Once again, friends had to push and hardsell me on the spot to get a new one. Thanks, bitches.

Hi I'm FA. I have a problem with spending a lot of money on myself. It makes me feel guilty.

The rest is history.

I like though. It's quite ON. Though the new baby has about a billion superduperterror functions I will hardly use, there are two which I will, bet your bottom dollar on it, TOTALLY ABUSE IT UNTIL IT CRIES AND BEGS ME TO STOP.


a) The pretty nifty 2MP camera function ...... AND.


b) and the Mp3 function with about 512 (FREE!) extra memory. Expendable to 1GB.

GPRS and all those supercanggih internet bullshit crap also got. But I have streamyx for that so I will never touch that it.

More? *Click*

They really should start TAILOR MAKING HANDPHONES for people, really. I'm quite confident that there's a market for that. There are a lot of all this supercanggih frills that users will hardly ever use anyway, so why bother having it installed in the phone?

The keypads aren't as sensitive as my old handphone's. It will take me some getting use to I suppose.


And HAH. My handphone is like way cooler than YOUR handphone.

.... unless it's one of those superterror Sony Ericson handphones with a built-in cameraflash..... but whatever okay talk to my phone's super pwning MP3 function.

Long live Nokia!

That's all.


  1. That reminds me of my old fart... some reference for ya here:


    It's not like it's the first time you've seen it. Jakun.

  3. I'm a Samsung kind of person; more because I prefer to slide rather than twist. :P

  4. twist twist twist... breaks into 2... hope that wont happen...

  5. Sometimes a phone too canggih also no use. Have been using sony ericsson W800i for the last 6 month and still haven't try out their walkman.

  6. I don’t even switch on automatic editor (T9?). It’s a bloody annoyance to me. Every now and then it “suggests a spelling” while in the middle of typing out a word which TOTALLY wrecks my flow man. SO FUCK THAT.

    TOTALLY wrecks your flow? Oh boy! Could this cause be the culprits for your PMS?

  7. When are you planning to find out?

    "When is a good time for me to buy u a drink??

    When I find out for sure that you aren’t a serial psycho killer. "


  8. ... 0_o

    u do realize ur quite the ganas right. isn't twisting a little... dangerous?

  9. I find T9 annoying as well...sum screwed stuff it is

  10. u sure u r not paid for the review? kihkihkih
    like chocolate?


  11. Why are both your phones on silent mode?

    Going to sleep already mar.

  12. My phone is like better than yours, it brings all the girls to the yard.

    I'd teach you, but I'd have to charge.

    Nice phone anyway, now that you finally got one that works ;)

    I need to write a review on mine.

    yeah man , finally! so lame. :(

  13. ST:
    FA can already bring all the girls to the yard, she doesn't need any phones to do that.

  14. your old model is a 6510, but who cares now.
    new hp, whee! ;)

  15. no matter what, SE is the only for me..

  16. Congrats on new purchase!

    I use the T9 thingie. Only thing is that it won't let me key in words like "Fcuk", "Shit", "Bastard".

  17. w800i has mp3 too =P so its not that superpwning afterall!

  18. Any chance of you and Kenny Sia's mobiles having an old-school kick-ass hoe-down fistfight in the yard where your new phone has brought all the girls? :)

    I dont need a new phone to bring girls to my yard ahem.

  19. "My phone is like better than yours, it brings all the girls to the yard.
    I’d teach you, but I’d have to charge."

    Any chance of you and Kenny Sia's mobiles having an old-school kick-ass Street Fighter hoe-down in the yard where all the girls are congregated?

    Even mobile phones need to cam-whore sometimes you know? :p

  20. I so like these songs
    1. "Happy"
    2. "Girl Next Door"
    3. "Ordinary"
    4. "Autumn and Me"
    By Saving Jane.
    Load these in your new toy.
    It's been playing in my head lately, but reality bites when the girl next door is errmm... lol

  21. ooooh. nifty. i like nokias for the dict.

    FUCK DICTS!!!111one

  22. e onli damn thing i hate about new colour screen phones r their short span batteries -around 1 day (for normal amount of sms n calls onli!). i charge my se k700i so frequently i swear i will look at a hp with e longest ever battery life in e world! as 4 features, same with me, calling n sms r all i do with my hp with alarm n timer (for washer n dryer).

    but i love those super slim n tough motorolas l6 n l7. i hope they have super tahan batteries. if not, i will find out which new phone in e market i can format into black n white for e sake of less battery recharging. i dun mind formatting e damn os!

  23. lains, i like nokias for the dict. and easy handling.

  24. Your old phone model is what I'm using now.


  25. DieHardX: I think you got a fake battery, you should check it out, I have a changi mangi K750i colour phone thing and my battery last 4-5 days with moderate talk use, fair amount of SMS and taking picture regularly.

  26. shaolintiger: there is no such thing as a fake battery in s'pore. haha! but my 2nd battery is fake, dat i admit since it is 3rd party extra i bought dat dun come in e box. still, both requires charging per day n last about e same. i checked with other sony k700i users n give me same feedback.

    perhaps k750i has improved from k700i. 4-5 days for a colour handphone nowadays with regular use is unheard of man! r u sure u r not using external 1s or u r exaggerating? u take photos regularly some more. incredible!

  27. no such thing as a fake battery in singapore? HEAHEhaHEHAHahHAhahahHh !h!@ 3h12 3123 o

  28. "ooooh. nifty. i like nokias for the dict.

    FUCK DICTS!!!111one (!!)
    Lainie at June 15th, 2006 around 11:21 pm"

    I think I've figured out your subconscious problem with guys. :D Or maybe that was just a statement of intent.

    Paul: 6.38am is WAY too early for Happy Hour :P

  29. Kurt: the pharmacy has no happy hour! screw alcohol! *hic*

  30. When are all you mass-market losers going to realize all your all-style-little-substance phones r belong to the TREO?!!

    Nokia? For your aunties who haven't researched enough.
    Motorola? For the posers who don't value user-friendly menus.
    Sony Ericsson? OK, they have good cameras.
    Korean phones? Like riding a Honda when you can ride a Harley.
    O2? Dopod? HP? Crash mama's.

    1,2,3,4,5. Word to the wise.
    Go with da flow, get widda jive.

  31. 2Megapixel, yay! More Fireangel harajuko shots ftw!!!!1111

  32. My nokia can kill an elephant at 50 yards.

  33. T9 rocks. I second paul. he's always on the right side of the world.

  34. Nice seeing Oakenfold on the MP3 player program on your phone!

    I've got an Mot L7 and an iPod. Am slave to gadgets too.

    They are permanently attached!

  35. it's hard to get on the technology nowadays! My fucking o2 mini is giving me trouble too cos it's too 'advance'. Simple usage is only listein phone,sms and maybe the camera function for blogging :P

  36. yea, you got a hot phone. cellphones here suck. except maybe the RAZR. but always a sucker for Nokia.

  37. YEAH!
    i've got one too, and I LOVE IT!
    wipe my baby every night :P
    sleep beside it
    cannot part with it.


  38. Hmm.

    Eat babies. XD

    Junior Burger! Yum!

  39. oooh... cool... me want a new phone too :P~~

  40. new phones are so cool, they're the NEW BLACK :D

  41. i dont understand T9 and never want's so much cooler when you've memorized every single alphabet by tapping and you don't even have to look at your phone to complete your sentences..haaha!

  42. nice phone!! does this mean there will be more candid shots?

  43. my phone has dual speakers, nokia is over-rated, so is Bill Gates

  44. Just wondering if you've seen the latest comments in your previous posts. What a question ! XD

  45. Hi
    no...your phone is NOT any cooler than mine. BECAUSE, that IS my phone.


    FA: Oops. Terlazy semalam. :P

  47. oh right. TERlazy. that's okay. as long as you didn't lazy on purpose. :roll:

  48. DieHardX: I did a little experiment for you to make sure I wasn't exageratting.

    I last charged my phone on Sunday night, thus I unplugged it then.

    I have made 3-4 hours of calls and taken 10-20 pictures, I haven't listened to mp3s.

    It's not Thursday afternoon and the battery is low, the low indicator is not yet showing but it's deep in the red, so I will need to charge it tonight, that's a good 4 days of usage without a charge.

  49. wah kao ! hot phone ?
    did u sell an arm and leg to get that phpne ???

  50. [...] I stole my sister’s old brick of a phone to use as a temporary replacement until I bothered to get myself a spanking new one, because, well, my old spanking new phone (Nokia 3250) got stolen before. [...]


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