Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Legally Stoned.

So I've been pretty damn ill since last, LAST Monday.

It started with a sorethroat.

Which mutated into a cold/flu.

Which mutated into one day fever.

Which mutated into a cough.

Which hasn't gone away yet.

Have been downing meds like a proper pill-popping pharmaceutical dependant junkie I have every potential to be due to my inability to delay self gratification but that's a story for another day.


This is Cough-En.


Cough-En has been my night time buddy for about ... oh 2 weeks now.

Walked into the pharmacy one day and bought 2 bottles on the spot. Had to jot down my IC and other personal details, because apperently it messes with your CNS. But who cares about that when it gives me the best black sleep I've ever had! Nervous System? Bah! Perfect working brains and spinal chords are for PUSSIES.

Just 10ml of that sucker is enough to knock me out within 15 minutes.

And like all cough mixtures, this one also tastes like shit, with a slight hint of blackcurrant. I can't for the life of me, understand why some people can tell me this tastes SWEET. As sweet as GALL probably, euw. Damn you god why must you curse me with such heightened bitter taste buds.

I can't say if Cough-En has made my cough any better, but it hasn't made it any worse. So until I've stop coughing, I'm downing 10 mls of this fucker every night, because hell, it's perfect for the coughing insomniac.


It's not only FOR COUGH, it's also great for runny noses, sneezing, stuffy nose, and itchy, watery red eyes.

Holy shit! That's me right there! I have the most sensitive nose and my eyes get watery like I'm cutting onions at the slightest contact of dust! This is like a MIRACLE in a BOTTLE! I'm gonna be dependant on this stuff for the rest of my life! Ok. Kidding. Seriously.

I've already finished one bottle though.



Check out the ingredients - see if any of you smart jokers can figure out which is the poison that does all the magic. I don't advice you to take this stuff if you're a kid, pregnant, or handling heavy machinery... like trains, tractors and computers. This is some serious "will mess you up and make you irritable drowsy damn lazy to layan people" stuff.

For example, last night, as I was drifting off into comatose mode, I recieved a couple of phone calls, which realllllllllly irritated the shit out of me. The body refused to react to it, and yet at the same time, it wanted the freaking vibrations to just STOP so I could pass out in PEACE. I picked up one phone call from a girlfriend. Mumbled something about needing to pass out, then proceeded to pass out. This morning when I woke up, I wasn't sure if I dreamt about the call or if it was real. I don't even remember what she said, and what I said to her in reply. THIS is how strong this shit is. It's almost like being drunk and light headed from too much liquour without the hangover the next day.

I'm pretty sure prolong intake of this juice is bad for you. It works overtime and I'm still feeling zombie-fied the next day. Mind you, I only take this stuff ONCE a day, and only AT NIGHT. I know some people who take this stuff 3 times a day - and nothing ever happens to them. But I suppose if you're already a hardcore alcoholic or a junkie with a fucked up liver and CNS, this stuff ain't gonna be working for you anyway. So no refunds from me.

But for chrissakes you freaks DON'T GO ABUSING THIS SHIT WEI. Abusing is bad. Bad. BAD. Don't lah try to be some superterror champion and down the whole bottle just because you think you can and then cry your lungs out when you end up in the hospital with half of your brains leaking out from your ears because no one else is going to be responsible for your own stupidity except yourself. And perhaps your parents. Who should be neutered. For the good of mankind.

And this concludes my community service for the week! So, bye!


  1. Shit & Blackcurrant flavour sounds very interesting. Will it give you hallucinations if you mix in a dash of irish cream?

  2. super. i can't wait to be down with a cough.

  3. Make sure you drink lots of green tea maam. Without sugar of course (coz you're sweet enough already Heh!).

  4. and where are the vodka infused gummy bears????

  5. Hey,

    Bet you have yet to try the Cherry flavour... Oh god... I puke for the first time taking cough mixture. It taste oh-so-terrible... I am having the same sickness as you now, exactly the same, starting from the sore throat n etc.. Get well soon girl...


  6. My doc prescribed me the same cough mixture a while back - tastes absolutely horrid, much like the cough mixture of old where they put inside small plastic containers at clinics...

    get well soon!

  7. hey i took the exact same stuff when i developed a cough during national service. gave me one helluva time trying to stay awake during drill practice.

    FA's right. this stuff can make u keel over even when an obnoxious drill sergeant is screaming flecks of spit right in your face.

  8. hmmm... i've been having this cough for 3 weeks now. think this syrup will cure it? which pharmacy u got it from

  9. Accroding to the source, you need to take 7-50 times the intake to get "suicidal high".

    So this shit not cheap for "recreation". Better stick to vodka ;)

    FA: Yeah kids. Drugs of all shapes and sizes are bad for ya. Stick to vodka. LOL

  10. 'Check out the ingredients - see if any of you smart jokers can figure out which is the poison that does all the magic.'

    The DXMHBr has a side effect of causing drowsiness, and also the 'orphan' bit of the name is related to opiates, so I'd guess that probably causes a slight euphoric feeling to make one feel better.

    The TriprolidineHCl is an antihistamine. [Wonderful stuff!], so that would only really help your runny nose or cough if it was allergy related.

    PseudoephedrineHCl ... well, that's what a lot of illegal drug pushes use to make Crystal Meth [methamphetamine] and other stuff from. [though in it's form as Pseudoephedrine it doesn't turn into that sort fo stuff in your body. They bascially use the over the counter drug and then do some home laboratory work on it to change it to Crystal Meth etc].

    I knew a few hackers[crackers] who used to buy Sudafed and other over the counter drugs with Pseudoephedrine in it just to give them a high while they were out partying hard. I have no idea if it works.
    I also used to know some sports people who used it before Rugby matches to make themselves go hyper. [Which is funny, as it causes hypertension ... so not good! Could burst a blood vessel in the head if you down too many!]

    It'd be in the cough mixture as a decongestant though. It makes your breathing easier.

    Sodium Benzoate (213) is a preservative I'm allergic to. Used mainly in soft drinks. If you suffer from alergies, it's not a good thing to take in!

    So ... by Magic you mean Drowsiness, then I'd say the DXMHBr is the magic ingredient.
    If by Magic you mean a slight Euphoric high, then I'd say it is a mix of the DXMHBr and the Pseudoephedrine.
    If by Magic you mean 'stops your allergic reactions', then it'd be the TriprolidineHCl and the Pseudoephedrine.

    Having it with alcohol would be pretty bad I'd guess.

  11. I forgot to add, good to see Cough-En runs on Linux! hee hee!

  12. FireAngel does pharmaceuticals.


    Huai Bin better watch out, competition yo !

    FA: This site does NOT encourage use of pharmaceuticals for recreational purposes. However, it does not oppose to drunken hedonistic activities of moderate proportions. Thank you.

  13. So I see you've switched poisons from good ole alcohol to cough syrup huh? *winks*

    But apparently PseudoephedrineHCl is pretty addictive, making for the suburban phenomenon of drug addict desperate housewives, simply because it's so easy to get hold of :P

    So....ermmm.....proceed with caution and maybe.....see a doctor (a good one) to check out if it's anything more serious? *Heh, I'm starting to sound like my mom here, dang it!*

    Get well soon!

    FA: wei wei wei. It knocks me out lah, it doesn't get me high or give me that buzz. Don't misinterpret sia!

  14. cubalah kin dou nin chee ngam chin pooi pei pah kou!!! baik untuk batuk dan selesema!!!

    FA: Tipu punya. I finish almost whole bottle of the FAMILY PACK size one. Still coughing loh. How?

  15. have u tried snorting it? should be good to let it sit on the nasal mucous membrane... very effective

  16. how come they didn't list 'Real Blackcurrant Pulp and Seeds' in the ingredients list?

  17. i have the same situation during my last trip to china. lasted a month. #$%#@$#$%.

  18. Cough-En is like, U-En with a cough is it?

    FA: -_-""""""''''''

  19. Hey, hey.

    I got this at Labuan, you want or not?

  20. heh! good on ya FA. :) great to see more people writing about pharmaceuticals but i'm puzzled as to the hypnotic properties of this preperation that you receive. the only active ingredient that will cause it is the anti-histamine and antihistamines are generally very weak hypnotics compared to benzodiazepines. and DXM doesn't really make you sleep (YMMV, different people have different biochemistry) but the kicker here is pseudoephedrine. i knew it contained psudoeph while reading the label due to the "nasal decongestant" properties.

    and psuedoephedrine is a's supposed to keep you awake!

    anyway, but great post, FA. :)

  21. she's gonna post about suppositories next...

    anyway dettol will cure just about anything in different levels of concentration.

  22. last paragraph really funny... :)

    since it was blackcurrant then add some sprite to have a better taste...

  23. hmm... what type of cough are you having? those with yikkish green or yellow phelgm? or just the really dry type where you cough till ur lungs are about to spill out?

    if you have the later... you should avoid all citrusy stuff and drink warm water always...

    if you have the dry type its a irritation or you have injured the inner lining of your throat... so drink plenty of warm water with honey.....

    hope this helps...

    FA: Got phlegm one. Sometimes dry one also got.Thanks for the tip!

  24. hahaha...HB should know enough about the stimulants. but since far as i know you're not into benzos, it's probably the anti-histamines. Might be the DXM as well, it used to knock me out (when cannot get codeine, get DXM, when cannot get DXM, there's always diphenhydramine, which can be fun-ness but makes me antsy).

    I have shite ass tolerance to cough medications as well, so taking the prescription amount is usually enough to knock me a bit silly

  25. i aso is sick.. come lets sick togeter-getherrr

    FA: dowan dowan. I want to be well oredi.

  26. WOMAN??!? Omigod .. that's heck of a lot of pseudoephedrine lah .. no wonder you feel so freakin high/out of it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck?!

    And that dextromethorphan is for dry cough lah .. thought yours was phlegmy?!??!?!?!

    And it's been 2 weeks and you not getting better?! One word. DOCTOR.


    get well soon!


    FA: Wei. Got the word high appear in my post anywhere or not? Got sleepy lah. No high lah! :)

  27. For a moment there... I thought I was reading a SixthSeal post. Cough-En rawks. 2 tablespoon worth knocks me out cold in 15 mins. Good stuff yo... for insomniacs like mua.

    FA: Correcto mondo! I wonder people can get the buzz or high from cough syrup. It just knocks me out zzzz.

  28. eerr? to cure insommia - use sleeping pills (instead of cough syrup - makes sense rite?... doh!)... but a good round of booze does the trick and leaves a smile on ur face and a dent in your pockets!

    btw - take care and get well soon...

    FA: ON the contrary, booze keeps people awake at night. Unlessyou onverindulge in them and pass out, which is a different story altogether. :)

  29. Knockout sleep? You should try Oprah reruns. :D

    FA: That's called torture, btw.

  30. You have "heightened bitter taste buds" as you described? Frankly, I think not. It's the way you do your swallowing. The taste buds at the front of your tongue are for sweet stuff. Ask any licker. The taste buds at the back of your tongue where the throat is, well, those are for bitter stuff. You probably pushed the spoon too far back in when you swallowed. You don't need push it down that far. Not that it is a bad trait. Many guys would kill to have a girlfriend with a deep throat.

    FA: OI!!

  31. Glad that you are recovering soon. A minor illness is a gentle stop sign to remind us the importance of health, ;)

  32. There used to be a run down leong char shop at Jln Trus, JB. Will add different herbal powders for various ailments. A couple of doses, sweat it out and the problem is solved. Many older Johoreans swear by it. Now how to get the damn glass of leong char to KL...?

  33. The pseudoephedrine is not a lot. 30mg. For adults it's a max of 240mg a day. like killuminati said - it's a stimulant. some ppl can't sleep after taking it.
    The one that's making you sleepy is the sedating antihistamine - this is found also in Actifed (combi of pseudo+tripro)
    Dextro on its own IS abused here. they do have it in the tablet form (most would ask for "dry cough tablets" - some even came to me with stories that nenek got dry cough and what nots when obviously they wanted to buy it for themselves!). they even have it in the syrup form, just dextro - by the same company also. if the active ingredient is only dextro - then it shouldn't cause any drowsiness...but some people do get knocked out or dizzy. sensitivity to the drug.
    it's considered a controlled drug - that's why you've got to hand in your details. ever since codeine's gone, this is what goes off the shelf faster than ever.

    FA: I suppose it's a good thing my tolerance level for this stuff is low, otherwise I'll be a junkie too. HAhaha.

  34. dxm is sort of a dissassociative or something, makes you trip if you take enough of it. really nasty though. and pseudoephedrine is to meth-heads what coffee is to my grandmother. its actually used to make meth. triprolidine is an antihistamine that reduces natural chemical histamine in the body. one of it's side effects are restlessness. so, i dunno.

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