Saturday, May 27, 2006

24 Things.

Lazy to come up with something original. So here are 24 weird facts/things/habits about me instead. Yeay memes.

So move along now. Nothing to see here.

1. When it rains, sometimes I have the strongest urge to just walk under it. It's one of those wannabe-tortured-poet kinda thing. And it's fun. Plus it could get me sick, so I won't have to go to work. Yeay!

2. When I was young I thought every family would have just one boy and one girl. When they grew up eventually they would marry each other. It scared the shit out of me when I found out that this wasn't true and that I HAD TO MARRY A COMPLETE STRANGER one day.

3. I hate tea. Every sort of tea is bad for me. Simply can NOT stand the bitter aftertaste. Yes I am a bad, bad, bad chinese.

4. I sleep with a pillow that's been with me eversince I was old enough to make any memories.

5. I light up lanterns for every single Mooncake Festival, even when I was studying in Sydney. Light them up. Hang them up. Switch off the lights. They are so pretty.

6. I sing everywhere, anytime. Badly.

7. I have a habit of putting one leg up when I'm eating. I only do this at home, or when I think other people can't see it. Blame it on my trishaw-pulling, sidewalk-spitting ancestors.

8. I have itchy hands. I like touching things. It has gotten me into a lot of trouble when I was a kid, because I tend to break a lot of things too. Mum is a little too wary of my destructing tendencies, even till now. "Put that down! It's brand new! You might break it!". Sigh.

9. I didn't start drinking properly / dancing in clubs until I was about 21. In fact, I HATED the taste of alcohol. Too strong and bitter tasting, I thought. HAhahaHAhaha.

10. I've always wanted to get myself into some kinda serious physical injury to warrant a major surgery and a few night's stay in the hospital. Some kinda sick curiosity thing. That is until one fine day I ruptured my ACL, got it all cut open, and spent the whole night in bed delirious and partially out of my mind from the vomitting thanks to the after effects of anaesthesia and excruciating pain. 6 months of physiotherapy later - I'm not curios anymore.

11. I like the smell of joss sticks. My eyes glaze over and it gets me nostalgic. It reminds me of my dad's kampung, my late granddad and chinese new year.

12. I think I make the worst female ever. I have zero fashion sense. I suck at shopping. I have less than 5 pairs of shoes. I'm not too fond of strappy high-heeled sandals, sneakers ftw. Hardly ever wear skirts/dresses, pants ftw. Basically, I suck at all these girly things. That's probably what happens when you grow up with a boy.

13. I used to play a lot of computer games. Never really any good at them though, but they were fun. I still think Starcraft is the bestest strategy game EVER.

14. You will NEVER catch me watching a horror movie. EVER. Have too much of a vivid imagination and it keeps me awake at night.

15. I love riding on motorbikes with the wind in my face.

16. I can't swim.

17. ... nor ride a bicycle.

18. I enjoy doing silly little things like blowing soap bubbles, origami, hand crafts and copy drawings.

19. I played chess. But not anymore. Haven't touched it in at LEAST 5 years.

20. Was a big fan of David Copperfield, so I wrote him a fanmail. Must've been 6? 7? Used my nicest smelling stationary, stuck on my favourite most glittery sticker on it, told him how much I loved him and that he was great. THEN I proceeded to, get this, put ther letter in a NEWSPAPER RACK, and PRAYED really hard for god to send it straight to him, because I didn't have his address! HAhahaha.

21. I love the smell of baby products. And babies.

22. I'm quite terrified of being alone in the dark.

23. I hold my chopsticks and pens weird.

24. I'm really shy with strangers and I won't say much the first time we meet. Unless I have some liquour in me. People often mistake that for "lansi"ness. My mum says I have a lansi face by default if I don't smile. Well, thank goodness I smile a lot.

Wah. This has been a pleasant self-rediscovery.

Well, have a great weekend!


  1. interesting.

    a late starter as well in terms of boozing. join the club. my theory is, we drink a lot cause we have lots of catching up to do.

    and fgs learn to swim and ride a bike already

  2. no. 21: what about making them? :P

  3. hrm. couple of weird similarities.
    16. can't swim too
    17. can't ride a bike too.

    you and i should try them sometime. record it and publish to the world on how sucky we are with bikes. yes, with trainer wheels on. after that we'll start swimming in the pool with those round-kiddie float thingy and do some awkward frog/butterfly/chicken/duck-strokes or whatever you call it. tell me if you wanna head to Sunway Lagoon any time soon.

  4. now, that doesnt sounds like what u potray in this blog of urs...

  5. You don't like tea, but you lurve LIT. Only because there's no tea in it, eh?

  6. .....

    and i thought i was the last remaining >12yrsold one around who can't swim NOR ride a bicycle. =.=

  7. 3 Things From This 24 Things
    1. An adorable mommy's girl
    2. High curiosity
    3. Fun, fun, fun loving girl

  8. very nice =)

    but joss sticks irritate the shit outta me

  9. 15. "I love riding on motorbikes with the wind in my face."

    U need a Mat Motor Bf, one of those Jalan Raja Luat guys (they still race there?)

    Cheers ^ ^

  10. Lansi face is good! Filters out the guys that you don't want to be with anyway.

  11. '22. I’m quite terrified of being alone in the dark.'

    I'm the opposite. I'm afraid to be in the dark when monsters are actually present! :-)

  12. 3 More Things
    1. Romantic
    2. Exclusively Original
    3. A dainty lass

  13. March of the Penguins is a horror movie.

  14. I can't swim too, and I live on an island >.

  15. i have a bike license! however, i agree on e wind part onli if there is no sun! burnt until like charcoal! ur 24 things make u more masculine than feminine, hmmmm.

  16. so whoever marries tis chick wun go broke from wife's shopping sprees. good savings n investment!

  17. Simple, easy, straingth, pure, white, sky, sea....

  18. I like walking under the rain too especially when the T-shirt gets wet. Maybe we should go for a walk under the rain sometime, just the two of us. :-P

  19. You're right, starcraft is the best! However.. I have been lured into dota now.. Fear the zerg.

  20. WHY must you write things like that and make me fall in love with you even more????


  21. Yeah.. i completely agree..

    Starcraft is the best strategy game EVER!!!

  22. What's a 'lansi face'?

    FA: Shit. My Englan not veli good. Dunno how to explain. Arrogant? Bitchy? Unapprochable?

  23. but didn't you just played chess at goh's house last last weekend?

  24. can't swim.. can't ride a bike.. same here! *relief*

  25. Isn't it more scary you gotta end up marrying your own sibling???

  26. And yes... most ppl look lansi when they don't smile... esp. the beautiful ones... :-)

  27. No. 7... I do the same thing too! good to know that i m not the only girl who's like that... :)

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    We have lost friends and influenced no one. No wonder most of the world thinks we suck. Thanks to what george bush has done to our country during the past three years, we do!

  29. EastMalaysianInKLMarch 7, 2007 at 6:33 AM

    You're one weird, weird weird person.

    You're even weirder then Suanie.

    I like! :)

  30. Hey bitch, I dunno why I am writing this but....I can't help laughing after reading. Well, I have to say great job with the blog. Hmmm, I like the 'lansi' part...nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read that!
    That's all. Please have a farking smashing good weekend.

    Lots of love,


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