Saturday, May 6, 2006

To: No One In Particular.

Should you care about what random strangers think of you?

How they draw their conclusions of what you are based solely on your blog?

A blog which is like, 1 window out of a hundred windows into your life?

It doesn't matter what insignificant speck of dusts who don't know you think about you, does it?

What really matters is that friends and family, who know who you are KNOW that you aren't what all these losers say you are, right?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

That's bullshit. Names hurt too.

And then you sit down and you wonder to yourself why are they saying things like that about you. "Is this true?" "Is this really the sort of impression I'm giving off to the general public?" "Is THIS how I want people to think of me?" "am I really that sort of person people say I am?" "Am I really a [insert derogatory characteristic here]"

Sometimes you lose yourself, get all confused and you start believing in those accusations. Unfounded as they may be. You're quite sure that they are unfounded... quite sure, you think. It can't be true. Are you really society's trash? A drunkard? A wildchild? A slut? A shallow-minded bitch? A social pariah? An attention-seeking whore? A desperate single girl with deep personal & emotional issues?

You may drink and dance and camwhore and curse and swear a little too much sometimes. But you have your own good qualities, at least you think so. How else would you have friends who care? Who IS perfect anyway? You're a nice girl. You know that. People who really know you know that too! If strangers don't see it then it's their fucking problem, or is it? Maybe the problem is yours. Maybe you should change, turn over a new leaf. Stop all this nonesense. Control your angst and frustrations. Be one of those typical demure little quiet smiley pleasant-to-look-at furniture with manufactured homogenus personalities you see everyfuckingwhere like one cent coins. Succumb to society's perception of "decent". Maybe then people would accept you more because, hey, that's what you're supposed to be like around here.

After all aren't we brought up in a conservative society which thrives on being socially accepted?

But would you be happy? Would that be you? Who ARE you?

What's so bad about being you anyway? What's wrong with knowing how to have fun without being too much of the system's bitch? What is so unacceptable about not taking yourself too seriously sometimes?

Man, this is utter bollocks.

Haters should just fuck off, bury their heads in the lavas of an active volcano and burn in the fiery pits of hell, BITCHES.


  1. *hugs* if u were blogging as urself, u'd use ur real name. ppl who genuinely want to be ur friends would know how to differentiate u frm ur persona.

    listen to what ur heart says right, girl. FA r0x0r! ^_~

  2. you already know my opinion of you, so i think i needn't say more!

  3. You're NOT trash babes. No point trying to please everyone, because not everyone is sure as hell pleasing you in the first place.

    FA: I know I'm not ar. :)

  4. sigh... don't worry. there are REALLY STUPID people out there who go, "you sicken me you attention seeker boi/girl."

    they never really understand that THEY have the damn choice to choose whether to read or not. its not like we're shoving things down their throat to sicken them. GRRR... idiots.

    sorry. off topic. back to this.

    they should die. a painful death of eternal papercuts.

    go FA!

  5. Ma cibai.. what are you talking about?! I'm dying to do you. Or let you do me. Let's do each other!

  6. *hugs* those people just have too much free time on their hands .. no lifers!!! Don't waste your time worrying .. your blog is too precious for that! ;) We little people still care!!!

  7. lalalalala

    FA: urallidiotssssssss!

  8. doo di doo...

    FA: urallidiotssssssss!

  9. i started reading your blog less than 2 weeks ago and i ... how do i put it... lets just say that i love it and i think it is fucking brilliant! its brilliant in its cleverness, profanities, honesty and most of all i love it because it is so fucking funny. and if you ask my arsehole, sorry, my opinion, it wouldn't have been possible if you pretended to be someone you're not. so to all your critics - FUCK OFF!! leave her alone

  10. Let's be honest, we want ppl to like us or at least to feel that we have what it takes to carry on this day to day living. One could zombied out his or her life without knowing that they could make it at the very least bearable or at the very best a high five in the sky day (confy as a bear hug with a hot coco maybe with a dash of kahlua) made that choice that will make it a little or a lot better. Stick to the choices you have made till some better one pops up. Worry not what ppl think of you, only what YOU think of you. Keep you chin up and the glass filled.

  11. tis is ur blog n so u have full power of watever u wan 2 write n watever photo posts u wan 2 put. every human being is different so u will expect all types of comments 2 b seen here. if all comments r e same n alwiz complimenting / sweet talk u, u get bored too. :)

    take it as a normal range of human behaviours dat will give u variations of comments depending on many factors - values, backgrounds, bad/good mood, bad/good day, bad/good experience on dat particular day of commenting. :) when u take into account of dat, u will take things in a lighter note. cheer up! life is happier when u r more open.

  12. 'Should you care about what random strangers think of you?'

    Depends, but in general, 'no'.

    Specifically here though, because a lot of random strangers come, read, like it and stay, it will depend.

    They may offer some criticism which is well meant, even if it is way off the mark, or they may say something which should be taken on board.

    At the end of the day, will depend on the random stranger, and what you think of them ... after all, judging them from some comments they make is possibly less than of a window than the blog posts.

    Of course, there are the general trolls who seem to be attracted to all places on the internet who have such uninteresting lives that they only make themselves feel good by putting others down ... those ones should just be ignored always!

    'A social pariah?'

    I am! :-)

    And damn proud of it too! :-)

    'A desperate single girl with deep personal & emotional issues?'

    I wouldn't say desperate. Desperate people tend to do desperate things ... and in the 'love field' that tends to be sleeping with a lot of people in order to fill a void they have inside. You certainly don't sleep around, so desperate is a pretty stupid adjective. PICKY is more apt I would say.

    Deep personal and emotional issues ... yeah, from what I've read, you come across that way. Not that there is anything wrong with that ... gees, I'm probably full of more deep personal and emotional issues out of the both of us.

    After saying that though, your social image as portrayed on this blog, and in all of cyberspace still does come down to your own control. You're in control of what you allow us to see through this window, and if the image here is slightly distorted, then the readers will perceive only what they can see.

    That's not necessarily a bad thing, most femes people like to try to control their own public image, while the pulp magazines and tabloid press try to rip it apart ... in the blogsphere, a similar thing occurs, with hate sites, trolls and general sledging.

    'You’re a nice girl. You know that. People who really know you know that too! If strangers don’t see it then it’s their fucking problem, or is it?'

    I think most readers to this site can see that too. Other than the fact that you can control what peopel see here, there will always be the peopel who only see ONE side that they want to see. You could write a post about how you saved the world (and it might be 100 % true), and some people will miss the 'save the world' bit and rather than be grateful for your Herculean effort will only see you as self advertising.

    In a way it is human nature. We don't all see things the same way, and somedays we all miss the forest as too many trees are in the way!

    'After all aren’t we brought up in a conservative society which thrives on being socially accepted?'

    Like they say, when people are left to do there own thing, the first thing they do is conform! Of course, the conform will depend on subcultures etc.
    After all, the thing about Punk Rockers, was they were supposedly doing their own thing ... all individuals, the whole huge group of them! ;-)

    So be yourself. Ignore the 'haters' and trolls and do what you want.

  13. well u got my support... and many others out there... so keep blogging the way u are ..cause thats the reason many of us come back...

  14. If what and who you are currently, is something that can be "Chosen" ; that is to be, or not to be, perhaps it's not who you really are deep inside? Maybe the current 'YOU' in your blog receives many compliments, generates the perceived 'widely accepted' Angel, that subconsciously makes you even more, fireangel rather than elaine?

    Its just a "MAYBE" hence, "May It Be".

    Oh, I love you, [Not the - watching-movie-together, eating-out-together nor kissing-and-fucking kind thou... love fireangel, dunno much bout elaine] :) cheers.


  16. hey FA, i found out bout ur blog from kennysia, and when i started reading it, i think ur fucking awesome man!

    and one of the things out of millions of them that made u so cool is : u dont care !! who r those ppls to judge U?

    just go ahead n be who u are...alot of us love you!

  17. er...strange, how you are sounding like someone from Singapore; the very famous Ms Wendy this where you cross the line? Never mind me, just thinking aloud

  18. don't know who you are but was reading more Paul Tan stuff then your!

    In life there are only 2 choices to be made:

    you can be someone else... or

    Just be YOU!

    You seem like so much fun & joy to be with so don't spoilt the party...

  19. richardtan: does this mean you don't read Paul Tan stuff anymore? *sniff*

  20. STFU slut.

    ShaolinTiger at May 7th, 2006 around 3:20 pm


    LoL~ see?! Thats Fireangel's way of comprehending **Take care friend** lololol ~

  21. "Just be yourself" is the standard advice given to people who are self-conscious. Frankly, I'd like to meet this "yourself" person, and shoot him in the thighs.

  22. It's your blog. so blog away (and disallow comments)

  23. ur doubting yourself!!? dont! just hang loose and do whatever is necessary... rock on babe!!

  24. Paul: still read your stuff...don't worry unless Angel starts to write about cars!

  25. Should you care about what random strangers think of you?

    Well, people do care about what strangers think even though they really shouldn't. But if they are RANDOM strangers, then what the heck....being random drops them in the rankings so either we randomly care or we don't care. Of course, a random stranger will not make sense out of what I am typing here but then again, why should I care about that?

  26. for every detractor of FA, there are 5 supporters (or more). your most kick-ass post to me was the harajuku (or wtv it's called). that ur crazy enuf to do that to urself means a lot to my boring world.

  27. "Each one has to find his (or her) peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances." - Gandhi

    You'll be fine FA.

  28. I believe our writings don't belong to us in the end. It belongs to the world. They own it. They make up their own judgement. For good or bad, either way, you know you've affected them...stirred-up their brain a bit. Give them some "high". So good lah. It's their drug and you're the creator.

  29. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.Do not waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

  30. Well maybe next time..May 8, 2006 at 9:06 PM

    Good to know that ur doing well.

  31. Hard not to care about words that are not true.But screw it la.
    they may F-off if they don't like.DOn't kacau.

  32. You mean people really think of a person on how their blog is?

    Fuck, I never knew that.

    Nothing a drink couldn't fix though. Now go make me one.

  33. SIAPE DIA? SIAPE? who is that no one? mahaiiiiii, come out now!

  34. Forget about the rest, dont worry just take FUKITOL....and it will all be gone

  35. Just be yourself...

    I like to listen other people comments. May be most of the time, they may not right, however, there are time they are correct. So, what i do is, i will take those meaningfull comments and ignore those mindless comments.

    It is no need to please any other fucking stupid, shallow people. However, i think, most of us want to live happily, usefully, joyfully, meaningfully, at least we thnk we are, to the extent that we can do.

    Normal friends always talk a normal thing to u, normal comments, and if possible those comments that you like to listen. They have no point to make you angry and mad with those real and hard to listen comments.

    Normally, a hard to digest comments will only from your family members , very very close friends, who do not afraid of your angry, and your enemies, those who hate you deeply. I would say normally, not all the comments are right. May be 90% are worng, because only you yourself is the one understand yourself the most,i guess........

    So, sometimes, only those really realy care about you, concern you, love will give you a bad comments. So, may be just have the other way of thinking, the meaning, the intention behind those comments. Then, you may feel happy of those bad comments....


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