Monday, May 29, 2006

Extraction Horror.

Okay, so.

For the past few weeks my wisdom tooth have been acting up.

Teeth, actually.

Left one. Right one. Upper jaw.

One week the right one would act up.

Then it would heal.

Then the left one acts up..

Then it'll heal.

Now the right one's acting up again.

It's like my wisdom teeth has this fucken WWE tag team thing going on.

When it acts up the back of my mouth gets all inflammed and sore from the ulcers. Hard to bite. Hard to talk. Move mouth always bite into something fleshy. Pain. Pain. Pain.

I hate pain with a veangance. I suppose everyone does, unless you have some sort of a sick twisted fetish. But I'd like to think that I hate it more than most normal people. Like really REALLY, REALLY hate it. No, really. Like super duper seriously fucken hate it more than I hate the taste of Bombay Sapphire and that's really mindfuckingly a LOT.

BUT. Am going to be a man this morning.

Am going to the dentist to have it checked out AND have them EXTRACTED them on the spot.

God. the anticipation of PAIN is a motherfucker.

This coming from the chick who gets cramps like a troll's punching her uterus non-stop every 2 days in a month, and who might have to one day have to go through the pains of labour pushing this thing out into the world which is about 500 times bigger than the passage it comes out from. Shit. I HATE PAIN. I HATE THE WHOLE ANTICIPATION OF PAIN. ANTICIPATION IS ALWAYS WORSE THAN THE ACTUAL PAIN ITSELF CAN!

I've heard too many wisdom tooth related horror stories. Can write a book. Can make mini-series.

They always have one thing in common.


Sigh. Am going now. I can do this. I can do this I can do this Icandothis.

Hmm. On the bright side, might even be out of commission for a few days also, eh?

*imagines syringe in mouth. imagines pliers in mouth. imagines pain. Pain. PAIN*

Shit. Damn scared lah.

I need a shot of vodka.

Make it FIVE damnit.

(All five of you got stories ar? Share share a bit. I'll read it when I'm at HOME while enjoying the intimate numbing pain in my mouth. :()


  1. Poor thing you!! LOL. I can relate to that, especially Pain by Extraction!! Anyway, you'll live. Just have to get through that darn thing.. Best Wishes.

  2. You sure Absolut is good for you right now? *pats head*

  3. Pull the suckers off you'll get a few days rest at home, either one at a time or all together, dentist choice actually... good luck la.

  4. . . . you really want stories ? . . . A friend of mine recently found out that his wisdom tooth ( which had to be extracted ) had a nerve growing through it . . plus it was in a wierd angle. so much such that he went through 5 operations . . .first one with chisel and hammer ..actually first two . .third one with a drill . . . fourth with chisel and hammer again and finally , the last one was with a drill and pliars . . . and all had the horror of blood spurting all over the desntists coat and the nurse having to hold his head down to the chair . . . and of course, all anaesthetic was local . .and oh yeah, in between operations he had to wait like 3 - 7 days for the inflamation to reduce. PLUS . . . at one point the remaining wisdom tooth was so jagged that it constantly cut his tongue . . . scary . . . very scarry . . .

  5. i paid RM300 (after a RM25 discount) to get my wisdom tooth extracted PAINLESSLY. well, it wasn't exactly painless but at least the dentist didn't use those gum-numbing injection thingies. i hate injections.

  6. The pains of first anaesthetics shots is similar to your toothache. The actual extraction part is quite "FUN". If the dentist want to show you your decayed wisdom tooth, don't hesitate to look at it. Dentist will warn you to signal them if you feel any pain during the extraction.

    Don't listen to "pain killer is bad" craps. Take it when you need it.

    Oh BTW, private dentist bill will cost ~4-5 bottles of vodka.

  7. It's said that alcohol kill germs. Maybe u need to take plenty of it. (without sugar)

  8. more than a decade ago when i first had a wisdom tooth problem... it was sticking out the wrong angle... reached in with my finger and broke off a part of it... wah syiok... blood all over.

  9. Mine was taken out like it was on KY... came out smoothly. I did not feel the pain even.

  10. Hmmmmmm, you can actually get the extracted tooth from the dentist. :)

    Have my wisdom tooth extracted in 6 month period. Left and right, lower jaw. My dentist even give a custom syringer to help flushing away debris after eating(DIY).

  11. kam ngam keh!!! im swallowing pain killer like mad now!!
    i so want to get them pull out but dentist here is too expensive, wait till i go back first..

    alcohol esp vodka whiskey those will make it so much worse, so u have to stop doing that!!

    i spoke to few ppls, one of them got 4 pulled out at the same time and not feeling a thing, but some hurted really bad, depends on how urs r growing i guess..well, good luck!

  12. the fear of pain is more painful than pain itself.

    hope u get your wisdom tooth plucked and out and done with soon!

  13. i thought wisdom tooth can only be extracted via surgery???

  14. Hmmm. Did they take ex-rays? Reason being:

    Wisdom Teeth usually come in pairs. If u got lowers coming in (and they hurt more), best to have all four taken out at same time.

    I had mine taken out and i'm allergic to pain like you are. Had IV sedation. They pumped me up, had me count backwards and then I was on vicodin and had a squirty thing to wash the food bits away afterwards.

    Also had cotton mouth because of all the cotton in my mouth to stem the bleeding from the sutures. Eeeew.

  15. Keep your mouth as clean as possible
    Gargle with salt water helps
    Take antiseptic mouth was if necessary - u can get it from pharmacy
    Agree with nicole - for god sake, stop taking alcohol for at least until this horific moment of pain is over. You can do this !!!

  16. Had mine operated on. Cut open gums, then used some weird angled thingo to pull it out at an angle. Then sew back nd hurt like hell for a week. Tooth was shaped like a hook when I saw it. Funky.

    Currently I have another one which sprouted horizontally. Dunno when I should get it extracted, but so far it hasn't given me problems yet.

  17. Dem! All this reading give me the butterfly feeling in my tummy. I've just make an appointment with my dentist in 2 weeks time for !!!!....!!!. Problematic and fully grown wisdom tooth just need an extraction (easy). But hidden or partly hidden needed a surgery. That is the worst. I've heard from friends that during anaesthetics, it was fine but when the dentist cut the gum, she can feel something, something! I presume it's undescribeable.

  18. I think wisdom tooth is to be extracted via minor surgery, good luck.

  19. hi fireangel,
    i'm a newbie to your blog. find it very interesting.
    wanna share my wisdom teeth experience with you.

    mine has 4 teeth erupted at the same time. stuck halfway in the gums. the dentist says i need a minor surgery to take all the teeth out under general anaesthesia. no way!! i'm going to let ppl put me to sleep!


    use the end of the bottles to bitchslap your'll feel better

  21. 'I hate pain with a veangance.'

    Don't worry, it only lasts as long as it hurts!

    'Am going to be a man this morning.'

    Why do I suddenly hear the sobbing of a hundred men, and the cheering of two lesbians?

    'I’ve heard too many wisdom tooth related horror stories. Can write a book. Can make mini-series.'

    I for one am looking forward to the book and movie of the 'Texas Wisdom Tooth Massacre!' The previews look good! :-)

    '*imagines syringe in mouth. imagines pliers in mouth. imagines pain. Pain. PAIN*'

    Stop thinking of the pain, and start thinking of the wonderful mind numbing drugs.

    My friends all got put under in order to have wisdom teeth extracted ... they said it didn't hurt in the least. Of course, they all went through Sydney hospitals for theirs.

    My wisdom teeth have come through straight, and even though they occassionally used to hurt while growing and coming through, they dont' hurt when they are just sitting there being good little teeth.

    I know it scared the daylights out of me when they first started coming through when I was 21, as I thought I had some gum disease and my jaw bone was coming through or something! lol [Bodoh Dabido!]

  22. I've been told that LIT can be a decent painkiller. If your back teeth can't stand the cold, you could always take in LIT intravenously. :P

  23. dont extract them....just do root canaling....cant talk properly without tooth, strike that, teeth.

  24. Extraction/Surgery depends on whether the tooth is impacted. If it is soft tissue impact...a yank will do. If bone...then...susahlah!

  25. Owwwww. I hope you didn't just walk in to any random dental clinic like you did with the hair salon.

  26. I love Bombay Sapphire, but I remember the first time I tasted gin - gross.

    For many years, my dentist would tell me that I needed my wisdom teeth out "because it could cause complications later on". My reasoning was that the teeth didn't hurt then, so I wasn't going to bother having them out.

    A few years later, I started with a new dentist and his sell was a lot easier. The problem was that there was a requirement that the patient be accompanied by a second person to escort them home as the drugs wore off. I tend to do things by myself. Besides, who wants to hang around a dentist's office when they don't need to be there? None of my friends anyway.

    And then there was the matter of cost. They never give you an exact figure because of differing insurance programs - but after a $500 non-refundable professional fee the only thing I had to pay for was the OJ to swallow the pills with. At the time, $500 was a lot of dosh for a student, but my dentist talked me into it. He so nice.

    After being convinced that general anaesthetic was completely unnecessary, I slated an appointment with his oral surgeon, and went in on time. I walked into a consulting room and handed over my x-rays. I had three little buggers that "needed" to come out. The nurse gave me a needle and told me to wait a few minutes. She came back and asked me if I could feel anything. I said yes. She gave me another needle and told me to wait a few minutes. It took longer to freeze my mouth than it did to take the teeth out.

    The surgeon came in (no smock, no mask, just office attire), took a scalpel and 1-2-3. The only thing that let me know something was going on was the *tink* sound of the teeth falling into the metal dish. Stitch, stitch, stitch and here's some gauze to help stop the bleeding. If you have any pain, take one of these pills every four hours. Don't forget to give your cheque to the receptionist on your way out. kthxbai.

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