Monday, May 1, 2006

The Cleo Bachelor Bash (Picture Heavy Post)

I spent the past 2 days just recuperating. These old bones can't take the heat anymore.


Gastric acting up too. ehhehe.. looks like I gotta cut down on the alcohol drinking. Or only drink on a very full stomach.

Double sigh.

(yeah right. she says that after she gets back from her third night of heavy drinking. at a family reunion gathering. champion lah.)

So, I was at The Bash for The Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2006 at Zouk last Friday night.

It was pretty fun for me. Because I was a girl. And also because I got to sneak into the so-called "restricted area" where the VIPs and the Bachelors were hanging out. And ALSO because I got to drink quite a bit. :)

Much to my surprise, there were LOTS of guys present that night... probably to ogle at the girls who are busy ogling at the bachelors. Or probably to ogle at the bachelors themeselves. The guys were entertained for about a whole hour with silly girls-only-can-participate-games, before the bachelors dropped in (from Westin). I would've joined in the "sexy pole dancing game" thingy if I had more drinks in me. Could've. Should've. But didn't. Still have some sense left in me to save what's left of my dignity. :)

Anyways, not going to say much. Sky's getting really dark and it's threatening to storm. Gotta log out in 5 minutes before my modem gets fried.

Here are the pictures. Used "can I please take a picture with you to post on my website" as an excuse to take advantage of some of the hottest bachelors that were around. But it's not like they were complaining .....much.


Not as jam-packed as I thought it would be. Good mix of girls AND boys of various age and size. And venue itself... well. Zouk is Zouk lah. No comments.

When I am made the ruler of the world, my first decree would be that ALL MEN MUST WEAR SUITS. Hotness levels increases by TENFOLDS when they do, no matter how butt-faced ugly they are. I'm not even kidding here. About the suit I mean. Not exactly sure about the butt-uglyness getting fixed, though.

There was also another event outside sponsored by Heinekeen. I can't be arsed to find out what it was.

(only 13 though, sigh)

Jeremy Little won, because, let's face it, a lot of us, girls, are just big suckers for boys with boyish looks. Not just another bimbo, bugger is an aeronautical engineer okay. How many aeronautical engineers with pretty face do you know of? Yup, I thought so.

I swear I've seen Ashraf Sinclair on tv before for something. Hopefully not on the news. For murder.


Nicholas bought me at LEAST 3 Vodka Oranges... when I was the one who was supposed to be buying him drinks to thank him. Shy. -_-"

Ben Ibrahim. Needs. A. Triple-X. Label. Warning.

Azwin is Kinkybluefairy's friend and is the TALLEST of all the bachelors.

Ashvin was from my primary school, and I never knew that until after we left school. 10 years later. -_-" Bugger does a MEAN live version of U2's "With Or Without You". I can say that with absolute confidence because I've personally heard him perform back in college. Simply awesome.


Kinkybluefairy was right, Adam IS a big poser. Heh.


Jeremy Teo tokkoks for a living as a radio DJ on TRAXX.FM. While most of the other bachelors were too busy getting drunk, preening their hair and/or attempting to chat up the other hotter (to the power of infinity), bigger-named (read as: featured in FHM) chicks within the VIP lounge, he actually spared me, an insignificant nobody with the most dreadfully average looking face, a few minutes EXTRA to have a quick chat. Sweet guy. :)

Bumped into Ashraf (number 2) downstairs. Suddenly grabbed him to camwhore. I think he had no clue. Kesian.

Did the ol' grab and snap on Shaun too.

Stephan is German, and the only German I know is "asshole". How classy is that?

This would be the 3rd Szetho I've met in my lifetime. The first one I knew plays chess. The second one I met was in college. They absolutely do NOT look like each other. :P

I asked Sathia to dance with me... but he was shy... or just afraid that I would eat his babies, or something.


Rashid Salleh was funny in Kopitiam. A little afraid of me at first (I saw it in his eyes) when I pounced on him and yelled "HEY YOU'RE FROM KOPITIAM WITH DOUGLAS I THOUGHT YOU WERE REALLY FUNNY LET'S TAKE A PICTURE THANKS!" and proceeded to do the grab and snap. Poor guy, he must get it quite a bit. Bloody bloggers.

Serena C is hot! Totally wasn't expecting her to be so slim and tiny. *grrr*

Kinkybluefairy is only like the owner of the biggest local lifestyle blog ever. :P

So cute!

Kinkypugkevin can't make up his mind to either hate or love me. Fickle minded bitch.

Josh Lim is a whore too.

FaiThemai, who is another regular cast in Kinkybluefairy, is pretty hot in an emo-grunge kind of way.



(Epilogue: Damn sian lah actually. Hugged so many bachelors but didn't even get to snag one home. Damn hopeless. Sorry ma. I've let you down, AGAIN.)

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  1. So. Fucking. Hot.

    Fireangel, that is. :D what bachelors?

  2. Lol. You lucky BITCH. I'd totally go with you if I wasn't so underaged. I want to hug the bachelors and camwhore too!!! You still owe me an all-night dancefest, babe.

  3. got ter-raba their balls or not lol

  4. Some people are easy

  5. oO cute but all too young for me to fantasize about .. .kekekeke

  6. lol, in the pic u took wif bachelor #33, u look like one of the wan sisters urself! sizzling hot post!

    FA: Er, I'm not even sure if that's a compliment or not. :P

  7. 'I would’ve joined in the “sexy pole dancing game” thingy if I had more drinks in me.'

    NOTE to self. Take lots of alcohola nd a pole when next visiting KL. :-)

    'When I am made the ruler of the world, my first decree would be that ALL MEN MUST WEAR SUITS.'

    You have Soooo said that before. When I am ruler of the world, all ladies must wear birthday suites ... unless they're ugly or have particularly ugly bodies ... then they get sent to Saudi Arabia to wear full body suit!

    You know, the funny thing about that, was when FA said it, it was Okay. But when I say it, it somehow seems sexist and sordid! :-)
    Not that I'd care if people think that, as I'll be RULER OF THE WORLD!

    What would the rest of you Rulers of the world do????

    'Not exactly sure about the butt-uglyness getting fixed, though.'

    Damn! Is there no hope for me? :-)

    'Jeremy Little won, because ...'

    His brother is that cute adorable little mouse ... Stewart Little ... um ... :-)

    'How many aeronautical engineers with pretty face do you know of?'

    All of them ... or so they tell me.

    'I swear I’ve seen Ashraf Sinclair on tv before...'

    Is his nickname ZX-80 ??? [Now that joke might be a little old for some!] :-)

    'Nicholas bought me at LEAST 3 Vodka Oranges...'

    Ozzies other son? And a Vodka with Orange is called a Screwdriver.

    I better stop teasing them, else I get 50 irate bachelors attacking me. ;-)

    'the only German I know is “asshole”.'

    What about all those German beers you know the name of ... and the word KinderGarten [childs garden], and plenty of other Germanic words in English ... like 'Sprint' etc ...

    See, you know more German than you thunked! :-)

    'I asked Sathia to dance with me… but he was shy...'

    All men guaranteed to know the hoizontal lambada .. but that's about it.

    'A little afraid of me at first (I saw it in his eyes)'

    So, your saying Rashid is also smart then. :-)

    'Hugged so many bachelors but didn’t even get to snag one home.'

    Hug me ... see how you go.
    [Wooops, Cheneille will kick me if I'm not careful!] :-)

    Suanie : Suanie, you are still a young spring chicken! Just grab one of those bachelors and put a leash on him! :-)

    Like, what's the acceptable age difference between partners anyway?

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  10. was bitchin to suan about reading ur post one day too late if not would have tag along muahahah..

    so many eye-candies leh =)

    FA:. No lah. Only....a handful. :(

  11. Lol. You posed with Sathia. So how's he in real life? He's shy in the office too. Don't worry :)

    FA: We didn't say much. I was dancing. He was looking. So I asked him to dance and he was like "I don't dance.. ehehe"... So we took a picture instead. :)

  12. love ur blog =) stumbled upon it while googling for post-CLEO party pics..hehe no wonder lar I didn't see Jeremy Little whole nite..i think all the girls also throwing themselves on him..i would also if i had seen him. haha. damn bahagia lar the bachelors that fren Liang had like, 12 women (at least!!) givin their numbers to him and hot chicks dancing with him whole nite (one in front,one behind) or one at each

    FA: Must've been the male slut's greatest ego trip ever!

  13. yeah..can i please link ur URL for this post..? lazy to blog abt it cos i've got only like,3 blurry pics..cacat.hehe muchas gracias

    FA: Link away! You were there that night kah?

  14. camwhore. can't believe u were the pwn chess player che che last time.

    FA: I was never good at it. Who are you?

  15. total camwhore!! haha.. great pics.


  17. haha. yalo went. but i feel cheated ler.utterly disappointed. out of the 50..only like..15 are actually good-looking? i believe u took pics wit all the cute ones d..hehz. got la..i've pix with Liang and jeremy de silva lo. 2 nia!! -_-"

    FA: 15? Sure or not. Got a handful only lah. And my hands only got 5 fingers. :P

  18. I want 10 minutes of my life back.

  19. Except for Jeremy Little who looks cute, most of the other guys look just okay. And strangely-constructed Squawky Chicken Adam looks totally out of place in the setting. Nice pink outfit you had on.

    FA: Not much of an outfit, it's actually a red scarf. :P

  20. me? a kid who can't win mssd because ur bro got in the way. *it'll be so embarassing if i mistaken ur identity*

  21. mate 1 & 2 with Adam are Ean & Pietro, fyi. ^_~
    l337 camwhoring woman! w00t!

    FA: The DJs? Shit. I don't know ANYBODY. *hangs self*

  22. Cool pictures..from Bachelor #44

  23. FaiTheMai = emo grunge?


    FA: ohmygod is he going to hate me now. bleah. :P

  24. looks like u got BASHed too. Oops ! need 2 days to recuperate

  25. omigod .. Bachelor 3 is sooooooooOOoooooo HOT!!!! *swoon* Am so jealous!!!


    FA: He should be paying me fees for pimping him out man.

  26. wow...looks like u drink a lot and enjoy alot !!

  27. lolz.... totaly didnt know about the bachelor party that was going on.. just came from work..cant blame me cause i was working 2 weeks straight... that was the only time i got to hang out... glad i met u there.. ur hawt!...

  28. You ah. Damn slut.

    I can so many shit about this entry. About the people la. You know me la. But i will refrain from it. Maybe i will... In my blog. In reference to your ooh la la night. -_-

    And i look bad in that pic and i will never ever join Cleo Bachelor. If i do, please suck my dick.

    Yes i am kidding bitch.

    FA: I take picture only mah. Not say wanna have their babies. I don't know them personally or their personalities also. Tell me more next time lah. Slut kuasa satu juta.

  29. You're looking pretty damn fine their FA, I dunno why you told me to put on some weight - I think you're losing it fast. Keep up the hotness and I'll be inviting you to Kyoto to ruin you for other men.

    FA: Oh please do! I'll buy a ticket. You'll take care of the rest, won't you? ;)

  30. Did you know: Jeremy Little was from underground reggae rapcore band Prana. He was the turntablist. Some colleagues and I went to his house/makeshift studio to interview the band. (How much will you pay for this info?) They still rave about his Josh-Hartness-ness today.

    FA: Dude. He's like SOOOOOO many years younger than me. AND, I heard from somewhere, that he's a little jerk ass bastard. So I'm really not THAT interested. He's just nice to look at. :)

  31. Jeremy Little was also my mum's student in primary school! LMAO

  32. All those lucky men who got to touch FA. Could've been me. :-P

  33. nice dress. scratch that. DAMN HAWT dress.

    well at least with u in it anyway.

    FA: It's a scarf.

  34. is Jeremy Little straight even??

  35. dammit, benibrahimissothefckingpanas.


    alan yun alone isn't enuff to satiate the the... the...


    FA: Ahem. The....?

  36. i'll kill myself if he*jeremylittle* is gay.

    why *ALL* goodlooking or at least cute guys are gayyy..



    but u look hot in that scarf. :) cheers.

    FA: Compliments from a girl? Must be genuine one, coz you're not trying to sleep with me or anything right? Thanks. :)

  37. Oh my get to cuddle up with Nicholas Osbourne and Ben Ibrahim!!!! You lucky babe!!!

  38. nananana........jealous!!!!!!plzzz send me jeremy pic !!!i lurve his face but...........damned!!he is nothing but cute!!!

  39. ASHRAF sinclair... hottie i love him!!! so hot so cute

  40. Hey,
    I love what you'e doing!
    Don't ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  41. How green is the grass on the other side of the fence?
    Not much. Don't believe it I tell you.

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    Really nice site you got here.
    I'll come back more often and check it out.


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