Saturday, April 29, 2006

Short One - Bachelor Bash Update.

Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year 2006 is......

Jeremy Little.

He is really quite cute, I mean just look at his dimples man. Cute giler.

When I first went through the "list" I meant to vote for him. Even filled out the nomination form and everything. Just never sent it out. Idiot. But it's the thought that counts right?

I got pictures with just about 1/5 of the bachelors. So dissapointing. They were all always damn busy, constantly surrounded by swarms of women AND men, getting their GAME on. Damn ridiculous.

Hard to track the bachelors down one by one also lah. Didn't bring my magazine and didn't switch on my stalking skills.

I failed Paparazzi Stalker 101 miserably. :(

But I did manage to shamelessly take pictures with at LEAST some of the HOTTEST guys in the list.

Why, thank you thank you. *bows*

Joe, gua ada cium Ben Ibrahim untuk lu. Dia tu cium aku balik, tau? Jangan jealous. That fucker is HOT. Like after the volcano erupts smokin' hot sial. It's too ridiculous. Just typing his name out makes me all..... oh baby .... will somebody turn on the fucking air-conditioning here ALREADY! *fans self furiosly*

Got some big names there also that night. The Wan sisters. Serena C. Rashid Salleh. Reshmonu.... if there were more I didn't recognise them. But it's not like they recognise me either.... hehehe.

This is my second time meeting Reshmonu up close and personal. He had some audition going on for his "Hey Wally" video some time back and they needed "sexy girls". I tried out for because dancing is only like my FAVOURITE THING TO DO EVER. Er.. I didn't read the "sexy girls" requirements properly so when the music went on I danced like how I would usually dance, emulating a freaking baboon with cili padi up its ass. I'm not really good at dancing "slutty sexy" anyway. Apperently he remembered me..... either that or he was just being really nice. :P

And have I mentioned that Bachelor Number 3 is the sweetest ever? Well I need to say it again. Nicholas IS the sweetest ever. Ever. EVER. Thank you so very much!

Picture updates soon.

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  1. lol. There's one dude who has a huge ass gay following but he 'says' he is 'straight'. Wonders if its the guy you're talking about.

  2. hmmm. wonder if gbyeow and i know of the same guy. :P

  3. i likesss ben ibrahim so smoochable buahahaha

  4. Looking forward to the pictures! :-)

  5. cool.. more gay pictures!! hehe.. thankz!

  6. Why do girls swoon over guys who look like they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag, would last like 5 secs in the ring against a paper bag, and with hair so gelled up it would go up in flames faster than a paper bag...

  7. ooh.. bachelor no3 is really cute!

  8. Hehe paperbag fetish guy 2 floors above me. Looking forward to the pics!

  9. I'm wondering why i was never nominated ... i think i am cute enought too ....

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  11. woohh....

    Ashraf Sinclair.....yeah, met him and his sis before.

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