Friday, April 14, 2006

Mini Meet. Mini Update.

So. I got my hair brutally mutilated.

It's too long too look like a hot Japanese anime boy.

Too short to look like a girl.

So confused. :(

I can't even look at the mirror without wanting to beat up the mirror image and then forcefeed it with weedkiller for being so fugly.

Note to self - Never EVER get a hair cut at dodgy name-less auntie shops. Serves you right for being a lazy fuck. Make appointment and arrange transport also lazy? You deserve to be BALD, bitch. Sniff.

At least I there are still people who are not ashamed to be seen with me in public. Still. At least.

On the downside, they were ALL serious hardcore camwhores.


Me feeling so ugly.
Me wanna lock myself in room 3 months.
Me wanna finish 10 bottles of vodka.
But no, they wanna take lotsa peekchas they say.
Take food.
Take people.
Pose pose pose.
Look here. Look there.
They say.

Bloody fucking bloggers.

Some more that stupid place no alcoholic beverages.

HOW CAN!??!?!?!?!


Here. Pictures. Take it. TAKE IT.

Guess who?

Peekaboo! I see you!

Nice or not? Lie to me a bit lah, give face can or not? Cheebais.

Eh don't look at me liddat lah.. I shy wan... *blush blush*


Want to sponsor me to rectify my hair or not? If you damn rich, give me money to rectify my face also lah bitches. Might as well lah, kan?

Now go away and let me peacefully drown myself in a bathtubful of hard liquour mixtures. Bye.


  1. y u didnt take alone pic with kurt? shy ah? lolz

    FA: He was too busy tonguing with Smashpop.

  2. I knew there's something going on between those two...

  3. Look on the bright side, princess. Now some lucky bugger has easier access to the back of your neck. :P

  4. apple pie: That picture exists, believe it or not. She's just shy.

    FA & TOK: The slot for blogger with abiguous sexual preference but heavily leaning towards gay has already been taken by YongFook.

  5. look very nice with that short hair do :D I like it better than your old hairstyle.

  6. Remind me to laugh at you tomorrow. But seriously, looks ok. Now you look like the other billion people who have the same look.

  7. You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
    You're beautiful, it's true.
    I saw your face in a crowded place,
    And I don't know what to do,
    'Cause I'll never be with you.

    - James Blunt

  8. aiyah not so bad lah... now faster share the bathtub.

  9. kurtlow-nvm, dun u know she is double shy den u? as long as she keep for her eyes only is ok..hehe

  10. Don't worry, it'll grow back.

  11. 4th pic - yuk lui look!! can fight with Vivian Chow dy :)

  12. You look nice and fresh. Stop bitching about it already.

  13. No hair can look bad with that face. Erm, except if it is that boy-cut hair style that was SO popular back in the early 90s. :D

  14. oh my god! kam ngam, i just got my hair cut too! not once but twice!!
    is like from long long, to very very short...

    just takes time to get use to it, once in a while we all need changes :)

  15. FA, Nice shirt!
    Tongue action?? How come we don't see it and how come u n Jasiminne didn't do any tongue action urselves??

    PS. can i add u on msn or frenster?

  16. Look like ah sam a bit lah. Your hairstyle and choice of top eminds me of HK servant girl who serves yau char kwai and porridge to the family every morning. LOL. =P

  17. Who's that auntie among the young guys and girls ?

  18. Hehe.. You look different but its cool.
    I saw that post on smashpOp's site. hehe.. freaking cool.
    I never think up of all those things to do..

  19. you know, i think you look better with the short hair. :)

  20. not much to stalk la. but knock yourself out. :D

  21. FA - I agree with you, the haircut isn't the best.

    But, not to worry. I'm sure a top hairdresser can give it a little more shape and make it better. So book yourself in and have it fixed.
    [Sorry, I know a lot of people here are blowing smoke up your butt saying it looks kewl, but, I think you're right. My apologies for the lack of diplomacy in my comment - I'm sure if I stopped for half an hour I could have come up with a nicer way to say that it isn't the best!]

    To make you feel better though, ONCE, me and a flatmate experimented with my hair, and it was so bad, the only thing which could be down was to shave it off. There don't you feel better. There's always some idiot in the world with an uglier hair cut.

    My advice, if find a photo in a magazine of someone with a similar facial shape to you with short hair (a girl, not a boy), and take the photo/magazine to the hairdressers with you and get it done that way.

    You can always do a Vendetta and shave it all!
    Once again, sorry for the lack of diplomacy in my reply.

  22. It doesn't look as bad as you think. I think you look cute. Sometimes one needs a couple of days to adjust to a drastic change in hair length. If you still don't like it, depending on hair growth rate, in three months your hair should be reasonably back to its old self.

  23. oh it'll grow back and you can chop them down again. no worries.

    but last night when i saw u at the party i thought it was good... :)

  24. *pat pat*

    Never mind... will grow back in a couple of months... if cannot tahan, then use some hair tonic to boost hair growth... it's every girl's nightmare, so I emphatise.

    *pat pat*

  25. I'm quite reluctant to say this but...jasmine looks a little like a drag in this pic.

  26. i know what's wrong with the hair already. fringe!

    haiya, you're still beautiful, and hair GROWS. not like you got disfigured or anything kan...


    p.s. : actually i kinda miss your long, beautiful mane. *runs*

  27. it's nice and a change so stfu

  28. how am i supposed to plagiarise your work if you don't put up a review HAH?

  29. Rectify your face for lan sai! You already look this way, and yet you still want more?

    Give other girls a chance lah! :p

  30. Looks like some women that swam down from mainland China! LOL!

    J/k lah, you look sweet in that hair. Really!

  31. wah.. definately nice la.. somemore ur first pic nearly can see ur clevege leh... next time show la.. hehe :P pervert.. kidding.. u look good though


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