Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bash The Bachelors.

..... only if you WANT to.

Well, I have PASSES to crash "The Bachelor Bash", the party which takes place after the "crowning" of The Cleo Bachelor of 2006.

Passes are important. Passes makes me happy. Passes gets you IN to the damn party.

This party will be a great opportunity for us to hunt down our favourite bachelor, corner him and ask him the questions we've been dying to ask,

"Can I bear your children?"
"Do you like it up the ass?"
"Does this dress make me look fat?"
"Do you mind it if your girl occasionally feasts on human children?"

Etc. Etc.

We ALL want answers, damnit. And this is probably THE best and ONLY time to find out for ourselves whether or not the bachelors are gay. Or married bastards. Or married gay bastards.

Information of The Bash are on the following self-explanatory pictures.

Front of pass

Back of pass

Details in detail

Sorry kids.

I reckon I have more readers than real friends. Well, at least SOME of you who hang around here pressing that F5 button till it corrode ARE REAL HUMAN READERS, right? RIGHT?

So not wanting to waste any of these "precious" passes I'm giving them away to the first 7 (SEVEN) people who email me at

aphroditus (at) gmail (dot) com

Passes are compliments of Bachelor Number 3 (who by the way, IS NOT GAY, and said it so, TO MY FACE. I mean, dudes, if the man says he ain't gay, AND bribes me with free stuff - HE AIN'T GAY. Hehehe). Nick is DAMN sweet. Like an oversized lollipop. Like 10 teaspoons of sugar in a cup of coffee. Like icing on cake.

I SHOULD be there (IF my own bloody friends are willing to go with me, fucking bitches), trying my luck at camwhoring in every shameless black-mail worthy poses EVER with every "eligible" "guy" I can get my filthy paws on .

If you're there, nudge me, we'll take pictures and I'll plaster it all over my site too, without your permission of course.



EMAIL ME AT aphroditus (at) gmail (dot) com!


(subject to availability)

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  1. i emailed :)

    FA: Aren't you a GUY!?!?!?!? WTF?

  2. oOoOoh... your bachelor #3 friend there IS cute! *^_^* how come YOU're not going out with HIM? *wink*

    FA: He didn't ask me out mah. :P

  3. I wouldn't go to a Bachelor Bash even if anyone paid me to along with a free ticket, because I am not GAY.

    Now if you're talking about The Bachelorette Bash, that would be something I would consider, but even so, considering bachelorettes tend to be made up of unmarried women 26 and above and not pok pok chui siu mui muis... hmmm..

  4. hmm... sounds like a party with hotties and chickies. too bad, i will need plane tickets for that... shoot!!
    anyway, i know you will camwhore the hell out of that place for us readers.. LOL.. Thanks in advance. :)

  5. =) That's really generous of you. And I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that line “Do you like it up the ass?” Bring us back a lot of pictures of yummy guys! (And if possible, label them "gay" or "straight"? Pretty please? Hehehe)

    FA: Pictures can take. The labelling bit maybe not.... don't really fancy a lawsuit up my ass for libel. :P

  6. lol. One of my colleagues is in the 50. So yeah, if you need even more passes, I can ask.

    FA: Notice that I'm trying to give mine away. Not trying to get MORE. :)

  7. Bunch of gay guys, wheres the naked bachelorette foam bikini mud fight party?!

  8. Hmmmm, VSOP. So you need people to sneak in vodka for you?

    FA: I can do it myself thanks. :)

  9. Want pass. Thought about emailing. Then realised I live in Penang.


    Give to Suanie la. She wants to find man to marry.

  10. My sentiments exactly. Why do you think I DON'T have passes to begin with. Them serving Hennessy doesn't help either.

  11. I noticed that the Bachelor Bash parties are usually crammed with women! Might be an incentive for guys to go along... unless you swing the other way...

  12. Who fucking cares about the Bachelors? any straight man who goes to these things are there to ogle the chicks who are there to see the bachelors... heh.

    Me? I'll be OUTSIDE Zouk, at the terrace bar, watching the chicks go by... :D :D

    FA:... or are perhaps NOT straight.

  13. Finally! This is your best chance so far, since you started eating babies -- go for it and bag one there! And for God's sake try not to blow Hennessy flavored chunks on their faces. That usually ruins your chances.

    FA: It would be the most PERFECT opportunity if I loved gay men. Or married men. Or married gay men. And perhaps you're speaking from experience and didn't know this..... but not all of us throw up after ONE drink. :)

  14. Nick is airline pilot? Which one? Gaylines?

    Haha.. catch him if you can..

  15. '“Will you bear my children?”


    “Do you like it up the ass?”

    Nope! That's GAY!

    “Does this dress make me look fat?”

    Not at all!

    “Do you mind it if your girl occasionally feasts on human children?”'

    Yes, I do.
    I believe The children are our future.
    Teach them well, and please, don't eat them!!!!

    So ... maybe he is planning on hitting on you AFTER or DURING the Bachelor bash! Brace yourself for impact sheila! :-)

  16. aww.. well then, HE's missing out ^_~

    FA: Aww.. so sweet. *blushes*

  17. Shouldn't your question be "Will you let me bear your children???"

    FA: I'm glad to have so many proof readers on my blog. :) Thanks.

  18. Not an "insulin jab" for diabetic patients. Insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, reduces blood sugar levels. Diabetics either A) have a malfuncitoning pancreas or B) don't respond to the insulin produced naturally.

    Come to think of it, if you jab somebody who doesn't have diabetes with let's say 10 units of insulin it might induce hypoglycaemic shock. They might feel fatigued and disoriented. Or they might die.

    Just thought I'd mention that.

    FA: Thanks. There IS another type of diabetic condition where you lack sugar and you need jabs to increase blood sugar levels right? What are those called?

  19. haaha...partying has no gender stereotype :)

  20. OMIGOD! So jealous! Want passes. Oh wait .. live in Aus. *sigh* Have fun!! And .. Bachelor No. 3 is sooooooo hot! *fans self*


  21. uen: That was in an episode of House. A lady who had an attention seeking disorder injected herself with insulin to induce hypoglycaemic shock. Because she loved all the attention and pampering she gets from nurses and doctors..

    FA: House rocks.

  22. U-En, i'm jealous. U like FA better than me *pouts*

    FA: Don't worry midnite lily, he doesn't :)

  23. Paul - I never saw that episode of House, but I believe the disorder is called Munchhausen Syndrome, after Baron Von Munchhausen, who was portrayed in a book as a famous Austrian teller of tall tales [aka a liar]. :-)

    I might be wrong though, as not all attention seeking disorders are Munchhausen Syndrome. [But, it sounds like it!]

    Fong - which part of Adelaide you live in?
    I used to live in Muno Para! [Near Smithfield Plains!]

  24. dabido - you're right, it's munchhausen.

  25. Assuming they want to see the bachelors sooo bad.

  26. Have you managed to give away all your passes? I've got one languishing in one of my bags here, if any of your readers want it, and can get their asses over here before the bash.

  27. i like the second question better....up where ?

  28. Hot Seraph: That's because we read your every word with rapt attention!

    And in answer to your medical question, there are two types of diabetes like uen mentioned, type I being the one which needs insulin jabs and type II which happens usually to old fat people. Low blood sugar occurs in diabetes usually as a result of poor insulin control (overdose from the insulin jab), in this case the diabetic needs a sugar drink or glucose you said, a sugar jab. Hope I haven't bored you to ZZZZzz... :)

  29. wahh *slurp* i think im too late, will u still get me passes if i flash u? hehe :P

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  31. Dabido, I know that place!! ;) Me, Glandore!!

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