Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Homecoming - Cast & Bloggers Meet

So the cast of The Homecoming and a bunch of bloggers met up for koktokking and drinks last Sunday at the Bulldog which was somewhere around Sri Hartamas.

3 of us, Suan, Paul and I were the first to arrive at the joint at about 4pm. Suan just had her ear cut open so she couldn't have any alcohol because of her antibiotics and was whining like a pregnant bitch with a craving for pickled nutmeg. Being the self-sacrificing GOOD friend that I naturally am, I drank for TWO to make up for her loss. :P

We had half-thought that the cast would FFK us, because it was all cold and wet outside from the storm earlier. Well.. they didn't. Hence, the lack of hatred and profanities in this post. Heh.

Of course, being freaking chronic "bloggers" Suan and I took turns forcing the casts to camwhore with us, which they docilely complied to. Thankfully too, otherwise things could get a little messy when I take out the cuffs and leather spiked whips.

Turns out that they were more of a camwhore than us. -_-"


Patrick Teoh aka Uncle Sam.

Patrick arrived the earliest and entertained us with stories from his past. A bloody natural camwhore/playwhore/blogwhore, Patrick is the funniest and nicest guy ever! So unlike his Radio 4 days when he's constantly barking at his callers for being idiotic. *phew* I was a tad bit dissapointed that Min couldn't make it though because she's the sweetest, warmest thing ever and I like her to bits!

Ben Tan aka Teddy

Ben came in second. He whipped out a rather big sophisticated looking tool and started shooting at us. A lot.

Then 2 hours after the meet he posted up all his handiwork in the blog for all to see. Damn fast. Speedy Gonzales ain't got nothing on him.

It's here ---> Click!

Jia-Wei aka Ruth

Oh my god. Jia-Wei is so damn hot in real life she makes it hard for a straight girl to stay straight. Didn't even get to talk to her much that night as the other guys were all wrestling for her attention. I didn't even stand a chance. :(

U-En aka Lenny

I liked U-En a LOT! He damn layan-ed me half the night. Of course I was the one who bugged him the whole time to be layan-ed but he was really nice as he didn't pull his ALL hair out, yell at me or threaten me with a hammer or anything like that. AND he really has this wicked, subtle sense of humour. I like!!!

Suan doing her thang.

Suan you bitch. Stop stealing my men. How the hell am I EVER going to have a chance with my "happily ever after" if you keep luring the guys away from me like that you evil scheming fox. CATFIGHT. GRR.

Ian aka Joey

Ian arrived late because he was doing his hair. Ian's version of hell would be a place with no reflective surfaces. Hahahah! Don't punch my face Ian! Patrick said it one! I'm just quoting Patrick only! *runs*

Max aka Thor

Thor is really sweet! I had the pleasure of speaking to him on the phone quite recently and he is so damn nice! I saw him in Gubra and I kept expecting his character to say something like "Where the hell's the goddamn scissors" (like in the homecoming) in Cantonese but of course, he never did. Sian.

At the Bulldog, I asked him how old he was. He said, "63"

No way. You look at LEAST........... 75 to me. :P

Gavin Yap aka The Director

Wah. When I first saw him I turned bright pink. Then he sat right next to me and I MUST've turned a few shades pinker. *sweats* So what if he was forced to seat next to me because there weren't any other available seats left on our table? I mean, if he wanted to, he could've ALWAYS taken another chair right? But no! He sat next to me wei!

I didn't think my blushing was so obvious until that SUAN pointed it out rather loudly, "FA! What's wrong with you lah? Why so red?" Bitch!

We didn't talk much because I was a little star-strucked and speechless. Haih. Gavin was like "Wah.. you really quite shy in real life har!"


Especially when I'm around someone I have a little crush on. Ahem.

*blush blush*

Bugger came damn late and then left the earliest some more, Barely enough time for me to stare stalkingly at him also. Haih. Damn tak puas.

The bloggers.

Pinkpau is really young and damn cute. She makes me want to EAT babies.

MidniteLily was present too.. but she cabut-ted too early and we didn't get a chance to camwhore together. :(

Of course THE TV Smith was around as he is always present at the most happening places! Bwahaha!

Personal Notes

As prettily decorated as it is, Bulldog's service was shit. Order a drink and it takes about 5 billion years to come. To be fair, we were upstairs and were basically the only group there, the servers must've been damn busy downstairs or something. If that's the case then, HIRE MORE PEOPLE LAH. Tius.

Don't drink the Long Island Ice Tea. It tastes like dishwashing soap. What the fuck is wrong with bloody Malaysian bars? Every single bar I've ever ordered LIT from fucks it up utterly, save for one. TGI Friday's. Best. Forever. Amen. Do you know other places with L33T LIT? Tell me, PLEASE.

And don't ask for an Orgasm. It comes in one miserable shotglass. I prefer my Orgasms to come in multiples at once, thanks.

Don't order food here on an hungry, angry stomach, unless you like the feeling of acid corroding your stomch lining till it BLEEDS.

Don't watch too much MTV on the telly, even WHEN the Korean cutey, Rain, is dancing his heart out LIFE IN NY, while you're meeting new people, because you're there to meet the people, not watch Rain on telly. Bad bad girl. But OMG Rain is so hot. Look at that turn oooohhhh.... slurp. OI! Concentrate! Bad girl!

Don't spend the whole night till the early hours of the morning losing drinking games and drinking like a fish because you LOST at drinking games on the VERY same day you'll be meeting your idols because it leaves not a good impression.... :roll:

/End Notes

So when's the next drinking session, people? I think I need it already..... :(

Paul Tan dot org


  1. Now we know what happens when an angel of fire comes into close proximity with the god of thunder.

  2. wonder she needs to douse herself with so much VODKA

  3. hmmmm gavin is v. pleasant to stare at.
    we should start selling his posters

    FA: No kenot. I don't want to share. He is just for MY EYES ONLY I DONT CARE. Hmph.

  4. eh? i didn't leave early... i left same time... >_


  5. alamak. comment got truncated.

    --before Dabido says it, I HAVE NO CAMWHORING SKILLZ

  6. hahahha u look so cute around them =)

  7. That's why you need to bring me along. I pro at getting them to tambah alcohol. Just remember that you better go with me to the bar if its vodka or your drink might come back half empty :P

    FA: I've seen how you're "pro" at verbally butchering the wait staff at Sushi King before. I trust you, no need to prove it to me.... uststay far far away from me okay? :P

  8. Long Island Ice Tea ? Try RP - Rumah Peranakan (Hyatt)

  9. might be interesting to dye your hair like Ian's me think

  10. Long Island Tea?
    TSB Bangsar, bar upstairs, pony-tailed chinese guy (if he's still there lah). Ask for a 'special' Long Island Tea.

    It'll knock you outta your knickers.

    FA: Can you like, bungkus one for me in a plastic bag? With a straw thanks.

  11. hehe but their food was worth the wait right? ...right???

    and YOU are the cute one :D i so wanted to pinch your cheeks!!!

    FA: WTF. I'm the older one and YOU want to be pinching MY cheeks? Tius. -_-"

  12. For my favourite Long Island Tea - get it from Bernard's at Centerpoint BU. Order the jug (waiter/waitress may try to discourage you by asking u to buy a bottle of whisky instead)... don't ask for the single glass version. 1 jug of their LIT per person guaranteed mabuk.

    FA: Can you like, bungkus one for me in a plastic bag? With a straw thanks.

  13. Is Gavin Yap and Corey Felino the same person?

    See the top left corner of

    I met Corey Felino back in 1994 and upon seeing Gavin Yap, the 2 has an uncanny resemblance.

    Anyway, the movie was quite vapid.

    FA: Euw. I don't think so.

  14. Phew.... i found another lovely bloggie :)

  15. Ah. I see. Well,you'll have to ask Gavin about the Corey Felino thing.

  16. I better not say anything about Midnight Lily's camwhoring skills anymore, else she might kick me in da nuts!!! :-)

    'was whining like a pregnant bitch with a craving for pickled nutmeg.'

    You should have got her pickled nutmeg then ... or just a ginger beer, as it still says beer on it, even though it's non-alcoholic! :-)

    'Hence, the lack of hatred and profanities in this post.'

    I thought lack of profanities was because you want to hump Gavin Yap! Oh well, my mistake! :-)

    '...when I take out the cuffs and leather spiked whips.'

    You suddenly have my complete attention!!!! :-)

    'Patrick is the funniest and nicest guy ever!'

    I thought you thought I was the funniest and nicest ... man, I better get a sense of humour ... and start treating you with mroe respect or something ... nah! hee hee! :-)

    Way Kewl! Your photo is on the Homecoming Site. Good Camwhoring there young lady! ;-)

    Even Midnight Lily is on the Homecoming site.
    [Remind me to retract all those 'lack of camwhoring skill' jokes!] :-)

    'How the hell am I EVER going to have a chance with my “happily ever after” if you keep luring the guys away from me like that you evil scheming fox. CATFIGHT. GRR.'

    Kewl! Want photo's of the cat fight ... also, I think paul is still avaiable, trying having a 'happily ever after' with him! :-)

    [I've done my bit Paul ... balls in your court!]

    '“FA! What’s wrong with you lah? Why so red?” Bitch!'

    Observation is key to being a good blogger. Good on Suan! :-)

    'And don’t ask for an Orgasm. It comes in one miserable shotglass. I prefer my Orgasms to come in multiples at once, thanks.'

    I'm afraid to offer genuine help for that one ... not without a fifteen foot pike pole! :-)

    '...unless you like the feeling of acid corroding your stomch lining till it BLEEDS.'

    My stomach does that anyway! SOP! :-)

  17. Ooooh... yeah you're right. That Pinkpau is really quite cute. *drool*

    FA: DAMNIT. I will NOT allow you to say such shameless things on my blog.... unless it's about me. :P

  18. found a nice blog here. keep it up. i agree with one of your friend's comments about your cheeks!! can really "cubit"... hehehe...

  19. Teddy Cuddly BearApril 24, 2006 at 9:16 AM

    FA, well I realised you've been butt-shined. Your real name is posted on the production's blog.

  20. Long Island Tea at Alexis is the bestest. Go try.

    FA: Can you like, tar pau for me in a plastic bag. With a straw thanks.


    and you never call me! *resentful*

    *drowns misery in Batman comics*

  22. And where do i send the 'tar pau-ed Long Island Tea in plastic bag' to? Ha ha ha...I can send it via DHL, but you'll have to be contented with luke warm Long Island Tea.

    FA: What? Should you buy me a drink in real life then?

  23. Ian was more intent on eating the sausage than posing with a hot woman.



    btw bitch, dont act shy, i know uwanna jump gavin yap!


    FA: Btw, I made Ian pose with the sausage one. Hhahahaha. . I don't really want to jump gavin, not when there's someone ELSE I would love to jump on... So don't scare the poor boy okay. *cue background evil laughter*

  24. According to the chef, the food takes awhile to arrive because it is supposed to be "authentic English cuisine, so that's why it takes a very long time to prepare" or some shit la....we were saying among ourselves that the chef probably had only one frying pan to work with.
    Went there for lunch once.....from 1pm to 3.30pm!


    *stabs self*


  26. Okay, who bent my Elf Crafted Titanium Arrow?

    Was it you Cheneille????

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  28. Thanks j-teoh for confirming that Gavin Yap IS Corey Felino!!!

  29. oh my gosh... so nice... i wanna b there too... n prolly turned bright red like a tomato no doubt... he IS cute...

    btw.. i suggest trying the LIT @ Waikiki's in PJ State... i like the ones they make there... jz my two cents... *cheers* ;)


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