Wednesday, April 19, 2006

FA & The Fairy.

Happy Belated Birthday KinkyBlueFairy!

I was there at her party to wish her in person last Friday!

to drink with her!

to touch her!

to camwhore with her!

*nyeh nyeh*

I can ALMOSt die happy. Almost.

The Fairy & The FA.

Her drinking level is very power. Don't play play.

She looks tiny but can out-drink a lot of those old "drink whiskey with GRO by their side every night chinamen".

Scary a bit.

When she's drunk also so damn prim and proper one. Still smile smile. Still so ladylike. Not like some people. Lying on their BACKS, rolling around outside the PAVEMENT of a local club half passed out, half screaming "MERRY XMAS YOU FUCKING TWATS MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE" to passer-bys while showing dirty signs AND THEN vomitting on one Christmas Eve night....... er...... butitwasn'tme.

Joyce is seriously the nicest person ever. This was the first time I'm meeting her and she is so friendly that it makes it so damn hard to want to hate her. Even if she's got the best job a girl would want. Even if she's got the most flawless skin. The most perfect make up. And the hottest body. And the craziest dress sense. And the.... you bitch.

Can't help but smile at her everytime she comes and talk to me.

I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more than 15 minutes with you, though. You kept having to layan everybloodybody, some more it's your birthday okay. Where the hell are your konchos to help you out man. :P Next time, you and me, we do coffee okay? Can? Can lah....

I had a lot of the Blue Lagoon stuff to drink. And I was quite happy.

Camwhoring Collage.

It was also my first time meeting Lainie! *blush blush*

And KinkyPugKevin!

Even managed to camwhore with some of the cast straight out of KinkyBlueFairy's blog!

So shy lah. Meeting all this big big names. I damn kecik mayong only. *gushes*

There were TONNES of people there man. They were mostly into the arsty-fartsy people handling industries like the media and advertising.

Everytime they asked me what I did I'd be like "[Bean-counting android] (name of profession altered to protect the innocent)"

And they'd be like ".....".

and I'd be like "Yeah I know. Sorry I'm not more interesting"

I felt like a damn mongrel in a pound full of purebreds. -_-"

One girl was like..., "You gotta be kidding me, right? I mean you definitely don't LOOK like one"

And I'm like "......"

What are [bean-counting androids] supposed to look like ANYWAY?

If I ever quit, would somebody PLEASE offer me a job in media/advertising? I mean, I think I can DO this, this people handling job, at least definitely more than I can do computers & beans anyway. Feed me with some booze and I have the personality. I can talk AND smile. (Most) People don't exactly feel like pushing my face into shit when they meet me the first time. I learn quick. I don't mind the late hours. I can handle hard work. I can drink and party and dance.. and then come back to work again the next morning at 8.30am ON THE DOT when I have to (optimum productivity not guaranteed). I can also look quite nice if I try really hard enough.

Am shamelessly advertising myself here for a job okay, so that should also count for something - like the existance of some really huge metaphorical balls.

So? Got offer or not?



  1. big forehead. kiut pinchable cheeks. fairy and angel. hot. alcohol-lovin'.

    like twins separated at birth!

  2. I offer you job as my media relations executive, when I'm famous that time lah!

  3. eh FA still dunno what ur job is lah, whats "bean-counting androids" ?

    FA: A robot which keeps track of the number of beans in an organisation.

  4. I like fairy wings in electric blue. I want a pair of my own.

    Will trade a job prospect for fairy wings. Howzat? :P

  5. I wasn't invite *sulk*

    FA: I wasn't invited to The Laundry. *sulk*

  6. 'What are [bean-counting androids] supposed to look like ANYWAY?'

    You've seen 'Revenge of the Nerds' Well, THAT's what bean counting androids normally look like. [Or just check out the Futurama episode where Hermes tries to get promoted ... plenty of bean counters in that episode.]

    'Got offer or not?'

    I don't 'got milk' yet, so why would I have an offer. This advertising stuff is difficult!!!

  7. seems like you enjoyin the spotlight.

    counting beans is way too boring. counting cute hunks sounds much better.

    good luck.

  8. i am so not photogenic

    FA: That is utter bollocks!

  9. yeah man someone pls offer this woman a suitable job, a loss to counting bean industry but a gain for mankind.

  10. Thanks for coming babe ;) Should have sat there longer and made sure you drank more Blue Lagoons!

    paul tan: "big forehead" oh yea hor... farking hell

    FA: You're still hot!!!!

  11. Ok that's a bad pic of me. I didn't get to pass out. Grrrr...
    Yes yes you are EE LAINE... -_- Malas to change the captions la. Already JPEG mar... Wooottttt...

    Yes Joyce has extremely large forehead, it really tells her dick size ok...
    Dont play.

    FA: It's no an ugly pic. Half my pics on my site are ugly anyway.

  12. I'm a bean counter too... it's the most interseting job in the world... if you're creative enough and can perform magic on the beans... even your boss have to lick your toes!

  13. er....i got sales... i mean, business development executive position open. and need someone to make money for me. interested?

  14. You sure you wanna get into advertising ah? Bloody thankless job ok... :P If you really want, can ask around

    FA: EVERY job is thankless. :P

  15. i was wondering if i out drink ya...u and vodka with me and whisky ?

  16. u know wat, ur initials "FA" cud actually stand for Financial Accountant.... hahaha ;)

  17. thank god u guys did not say Football Association...

  18. ... or 'Friggg All!' [That's the polite version!] :-)

    ... or 'Frogs Anonymous'

    ... or 'Free Alcohol'

    ... or almost any friggin' thing starting with an F and an A. :-)

  19. Or FairyAngel

    Bwahaha ditch the fire and come to the fairy side!!!

  20. Surely it's not the first time you met her. She was at the PPS Bash last year remember?

    FA: I gaze longing at her from afar..... Didn't quite count. :)

  21. I don't remember leh...!


    Are you SURE i met her... okay you know waht. Don't answer that, i forget alot of ppl


    FA: HEhehe... it's okay.. we never actually "met" lah. You, looking hot as usual, came with Adam for a bit and left too quickly. I was damn shy to come up to you... so I settled for ogling from a safe distance. :)

  22. YOU SHY? Dun bluff! Saying FA is shy is like saying orgrasms are not good. Ogling from a safe distance is my job, not yours woi.

    FA: Obviously you know me too well to have NOT seen my shy side. I'm only shy with people I DON'T know or have a crush on okay now I've said too much.

  23. You have a crush on me!?


    oh wait. you wrote 'don't know' oso. cheh. potong stim.

  24. i want to stab my ear and die

  25. Shit. i Damn jealous!

  26. Ah fak me, *I* was there and I didn't see FA. Quite the tius. And Joyce, this Wednesday had better happen wei. I'm saving myself just for you.

    FA: WHAT is happening between you and Fairy BEHIND MY BACK YOU BITCHES?!?!?!

  27. u a banker?

    FA: Are we playing "Guess My Occupation" now?

  28. Kel and me gonna rendezvous yo ;)

    FA: Do up your birthday post before you do anything else, yo. :)


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