Monday, May 15, 2006

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Gong xi Gong xi God & Saint!

Wishing both of you all happiness under the sky and above it too!

May it be an abundant and productive matrimony!

Just you all wait. One day it'll be my turn and all you fuckers will have to pay ME back my fucking angpows. WITH INTEREST (because,you know, the future value of money is almost always higher than the present value of money)

Pokai adi okay! Kanineh.

Okay okay, kidding only.

(but not the part about giving me back angpows)

(nor the part about paying back with interest)



Other friends, who happen to freaking blog too, who were present, who also blogged about the wedding (Bah, bloggers.):


  1. hey !!! thanks for coming :)

    i'll surely wait for the day to get the ang pow back to ya :)

  2. how come this picture no cleavage???

  3. [...] More photos from my side here, it's all the same people anyway. Jack has his photos here, ShaolinTiger here, Fireangel here, KY here. [...]

  4. KY - what you doing looking at another girls clevage, aren't you already taken? :-)

    Congrats Terence and Saint!

  5. "the future value of money is almost always higher than the present value of money"??

    No it isn't. The OPPOSITE is true, due to inflation.

    I one-upped the accountant!! Yeahhhhh!!!

    FA: Fuck did i get it wrong? because of inflation prices of everything quadruples in the near future. therefore you 50 bucks now, would be worthless to me years later. Years later you should be giving me 200 bucks BECAUSE of inflation! Maybe my english is the wrong.

  6. "The future value of money is almost always higher than the present value of money."

    This is correct when comparing nominal values.

    "The present value of money is always higher than its future value, due to inflation."

    This is also correct, but only after you discount that future value to reflect its present value.

    If I sound like an uncle giving a lecture on finance, youse all can blame Kurt for that. Don't blame FA, princesses are always innocent, even when proven guilty. :P

    FA: I admit that I suck in finance and any subject that has to do with figures. Don't ask me why I'm doing what I'm doing now though, I plead the fifth amendment. So stfu and buy me a drink. :P

  7. i think you confused amount and value. everyone looks so nice.

  8. You can't plead the fifth amendment around these parts, dear. :P

    I've been told LIT @ Chinoz is very kao; I will buy if you will show up. Promise I will behave. *hides crossed fingers* LOL

  9. How come Suanie has them cleavage shots of yours but you don't of her? ***Walks off very quietly***

  10. Just swap the word "money" to "gold". ;)

  11. I keep my boobs well hidden ty

  12. No pics of wedding food, alcohol available? tch, bad bloggers, BAD! No cookie for you!

  13. mini paus rock YEAY

    *runs away*

    FA: WTF? Is this some kinda lesbian joke? Or are you just drunk out of your mind?

  14. ..........there's a lesbian joke out there i don't know?

    but le gasp, le gasp!

  15. Why no more video posts?? Video! Video!

  16. Just remember real value has to be the same, if you want to hedge against interest rate risk.

    Future value = Spot x (1+ interest rate in %)^(Time) ; effectively giving you a forward rate.


    Should mind my own life... apologies..


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