Monday, July 10, 2006

So Ends The World Cup.

I don't care for football.

But I still managed to catch my first and final match this morning.

Being a complete noob at this game, I'm hoping someone can help clarify something for me.

Why do I see more dives in this football match than any other pool-diving events I've evAr seen?

I thought the main aim of football was kicking the ball around and into the net to score points or something.

Am I missing something here?


  1. Hello Miss Something,

    Is there something that you missed or you missed something or are you Miss Something?

  2. Not you too =.="

    FA: It is lumrah alam to never get bored of picking on other ppl's mistakes and gloat about how right you are I suppose. What to do?

  3. Where's my pimping biatch?!

    Ok I do it myself..


    FA: No product to show off how to pimp? TAKE PICTURES OF ME FIRST!!!111one. :P

  4. No, David Trezeguet is missing something. :P

    FA: If only Zidane didn't aim his header at the wrong ball.

  5. u sure u were watching football?

    FA: Hmmm. Actually, I'm not that sure anymore...

  6. You were watching Italy play France, princess. Those two are actually a team of gymnasts. With hairy chests.

    It may interest you to know that I have just written a short note of complaint to the editors of FHM Malaysia. It was really short though. :P

    FA: HEhe. thanks for the thought, Joe. You're not trying to LAY me or anything, right? :P

  7. diving DOES helps to score, miss.

    FA: It's still a chicken shit tactic.

  8. it's called simulation. Something, rugby fans like me hate and affirms our views that footballers are poofs. haha.

    FA:Rugby! Woot! BRING ON THE BLOOD!

  9. Tis not football u watchin, gal. Tis the WWE aka World Wrestling in Europe; where players kick, elbow, fall & head-butt at each other's expense....the golden clown award goes out to the best actor that eventually gets an chance to score..& win..hahahaa.....

    FA: Actually hor, WWE is more entertaing than this shit.

  10. Why you wanna watch a bunch of gay men chasing after balls ?

    Poor zidane, got tit-fondled and hence the head butt. *LMAO*

    FA: Why do we throw rocks into the lake? Kill ants? Pluck flowers? For fun lah

  11. Oho! That was football, I see.

    All I saw was some bald headed guy doing a header on some blue T-Shirt guy. And when I woke up, everyone was screaming and jumping about. Weird.

    FA: AHah I can totally see Zizou being the butt of everbody's footie jokes now.

  12. Zidane did this really great header ..

    FA:.... but he completely MISSED the ball(s).

  13. NEver ever touch a bald man's chest.

    FA: His headbutt is going down in history man.

  14. I have to agree with Tigerjoe. Italy and France like to roll around on the grass pretending they're injured.

    I mean, the press released video footage of the Italians practicing it after the Grosso dive against Australia.

    You would have seen less diving if some less acting oriented teams had of made the final.

    But, that's the way the game goes. Italy won that game fair and squarely I think. Woudl be interestin to hear Zidane's version of events leading up to the head butting.

    FA: Apperently he needs a few more days to cool off. HAHhah what a dumbarse

  15. France & Germany are both my hero for kicking out Portugal at the last min, so near & yet so far from World Cup!!!!!!Portugal kai si~~~!~!!~


    FA: er. yeay?

  16. watch local futsal and see the girls fly.

    FA: Go clubbing and watch girls emulate sex on the dance floor even better!

  17. I'm a football virgin as well, but I guess diving is a way of getting kesian marks aka fouls?
    But yeah, the finals wasn't exactly a clean game was it? You'd probably find public toilets in Malaysia that are cleaner (except for the ones in 2U - they're so darn sparkling I'm sure customers feel bad having to 'go' in them) :p

    FA: AHha I was asking a rhetorical question actually. But damn, diving is damn classless loh.

  18. Actually World Cup is just a fanciful world class event for them to get their open water license...

    FA: Hahahah.. good one!

  19. thats why the angry canadian ice hockey fans dont watch soccer, apparently soccer players r too whinny~

  20. Was that you I saw singing away to Shakira's song last Friday? 1) Shakira's song = crap! 2) You singing along to it = ........

    FA: Hur? I DON'T think so!

  21. You think that is funny? What is more funnier than 20 mans chasing a leather ball?

  22. I find that the final match was a little too rough. All the pushing and players tripping here and there. Oh ya! I think Zidane rawks!!!

    FA: And Zidane HEADBUTTS TOO!

  23. aww at least you got to watch it! I had to slog away at the damn books. :(

    Never bet ar?

    FA: You missed nothing tho. CARRY ON WITH YOUR STUDYING! Never bet lah. No luck one me.

  24. u r so silly !
    don't u know that once football season ends, the proffesional footballers are part time divers in their hometown !
    Just take MR.BEAN for instance ! ! so cute !

  25. Drop by to say Hi ~

    FA: HI! And thanks again!

  26. in that case, might as well go to loft where all the bicurious girls are.

    FA: I can sit in my own little quiet corner and leer at them lecherously, right?

  27. actually, footballers get kicked pretty damn hard during the game. most of which the referee misses. true at times they can stay on their feet after getting kicked, but they will end up losing the ball due to loss of momentum. but this in no way justifies footballers diving when they are not touched.

    however, i think FIFA should crack down on tackles made to intentionally break legs/injure (lucas neill, roy keane come to mind) before cracking down on diving, or simulation as they call it.

    look at how everyone is calling portugal a diving team. what about the fact that portugal played the most beautiful football in the world cup? people want to watch good football being played, not dirty, mis-timed tackles. football is a game of passing and movement, not slamming and ramming.

  28. a-non-e-mouse : "lucas neill" You gotta be kidding!!! The guy went through the world cup without a yellow card! No bone crunches from him either. And Grosso took a dive OVER the top of him. Grosso wasn't even NEAR his legs! He was closer to his head!

    I can't comment on Roy Keane either, I don't remember any obvious bone crunches from him ...

    As someone who's played football, yeah, I've seen legs broken and that. But, the media released footage of the Italian team practising diving and illegal tackles - so, knowing they're practising doing them, why don't you call for the banning of such teams who practice obvious dirty things?

    As for cracking down on the bone crunching tackles over the simulation, the FIFA referees (and I believe most referees) try to crack down on both.

    After all, why just crack down on one over the other? They're both bad, and they both can cause upsets in games.

    But, what we see at the world cup, is a combination of different ways the game is played around the world coming together in one place. Some leagues allow the diving and stuff (such as Italia's Series A where I've seen teams WIN games because of a good dive), and other places play where it is a little more physical.

    Fact of the matter is, to label a tackle as being 'deliberately' done to break someones leg, you'd either have to have proof of them practicing sucha thing (such as Italia), or proof because of the way it was done (ie, the other player hadn't even seen the ball for five minutes - or the tackler went in with two feet studs aimed at the opponent [as in the USA red carding]) ... otherwise it is pure speculation as to the intention of the player. Did they deliberately try to break a leg or was in accidental? It's speculative!

    As for Portugal ... well, yeah, they played some nice football, they also took dives (but didn't every team?), just some teams did it more often than others and one team in particular had video footage of them practising it [*cough ITALIA cough*].

    Personally, I thought France played the best/most beautiful football once they got past the group stage.

    BUT, I guess my points are, 1. don't call Lucas Neil a dirty player when he obviously isn't [even AC Milan and Barcelona who are both chasing him at the moment said he was possibly the best defender in the world at the moment]. There are much more OBVIOUS dirty players out there [like Materazzi et al]
    2. FIFA were supposedly cracking down on Both the simulation and the illegal tackles. Don't start saying they should be doing one on preference to doing both.

    As for which team played the most beautiful game ... well, we might have to agree to disagree on that one.

  29. FA singing along to the Shakira song on her mobile at the Curve last Friday nite...what a sight!

  30. why look at lucas neill's world cup record? instead we should be looking at his premiership disciplinary record. lucas neill has been sent off 5 times for blackburn since joining them in 2001. he has also broken quite a few players' legs and was not sent off for these offences.

    and i do agree with you that materazzi is an extremely dirty player too.

    if i am not mistaken, roy keane wrote in his autobiography that he INTENTIONALLY set out to break Alf Inge Halaand's leg in a premiership match. here i do not "have proof of them practicing sucha thing (such as Italia), or proof because of the way it was done". what i do have is roy keane himself admitting it after the incident. it must also be remembered that there are people who are more intelligent than roy keane who will make career ending tackles and then say they did not intend it.

    i am not much of an italian fan myself, but i must say that 1 player who impressed me must be grosso. maybe neill did not intend to bring him down in the box. maybe neill was trying to get out of the way. but the fact is that in trying to do so, his arm inadvertently caught grosso, and that touch would have caused him to lose momentum, and the ball would have rolled to a defender or the keeper, and therefore he was totally justified in going to ground. had he not gone to ground, he would have lost the ball and a penalty would not have been given. the situation will be different had neill not made any contact with him. but he did.

    lets look at simulation vs illegal tackles shall we. they both spoil the game, yes, but one can ruin a career and one wont. and if we are in a chicken and egg argument about which one has to be stamped out first, since it is obviously difficult to find the right balance to do both at the same time, i would say the lesser of the 2 evils should be clamped down on first. and once these tackles are out of the game, all forms of diving should be punished severely.

  31. a-non-e-mous: Sent off 5 times over a 5 year period isn't much. Just because someone's legs break in a tackle doesn't mean it was intentional, nor does it mean the defender is to blame.
    I've seen it happen, and often it's the person trying to break anothers leg that ends up breaking their own. If Lucas Neil wasn't sent off when another players leg broke, it's because the referee deamed their was nothing wrong in the tackle.
    I assume they look at the video evidence after the fact to see if there is any disiplinary matters (They do that in Australia, I don't see why they wouldn't do that in the UK and other places)

    Well, if Roy Keane has admitted it, then he is obviously guilty. Like I said, I couldn't comment on it. I do remember him losing his temper and being sent off every now and then, but don't remember many bone crunches.
    [I can't watch every game]

    Neil didn't catch Grosso. Even FIFA and the Italian Press have said so. There is even a camera angle which shows there was no contact.
    Grosso's version of events was that Neil grappled him to the ground with his legs. It's an obvious lie. Always was, always will be. He was at the wrong end of Neil to have had that happen.
    It was an obvious dive, and when the Italian press an many Italian fans admit that, I find it strange to hear people saying otherwise.

    You've got an obvious bias against Lucas Neil. When FIFA and the world say the referee made the wrong decision, it's a big thing.

    There is no Chicken and Egg arguement about which should be stamped out first. I think I've covered this subject enough on other blogs comments as well. Fact is BOTH should be stamped out. NOT ONE, and certainly not one over the other. BOTH.

    Fact is you won't get one out of the way first. Just concentrating on getting bad tackles out the way will cause more bad players to take more dives they are likely to get away with. Concentrating on divign will cause them to do more bad tackles as they know the referees will call more for diving.

    I've been pretty fair on what I've called as dives, from Kennedy [Aust.] diving against the Japanese, to Grosso's dive in the box.

    But, your pointing out that Neil's been sent off five times over the last five years ... he's a lot cleaner than a lot of players and you've provided the proof yourself.

  32. Germany played the most beautiful game in this tournanment with their motto "A Time To Make Friends" and make them really look like a team for once and all...
    Talking bout diving, its natural for a player to dive. Sometimes referee did see it sometimes the referee don't just depends one your luck, because referee is human and when they see tackles, they only can see from one side which meaning that is the angle problems. Only leave it to referee judgement to judge whether its a dive or a foul. In sum, sometimes you need luck to win a match when both teams having the same good qualities.

    I admit that diving in a game will makes the game look dull and the players will get "boo" by the fans (C.Ronaldo - the most dived player in WC2006). However, on second thoughts, diving also need skill, if you do not how to dive for sure you will be awarded yellow card but if you're good in that you earned a foul.. haha so what will you choose if you're in their offence!

  33. Sports-updates - Yeah, diving does take skill, that's why Italia practice it a lot. :-)

    a-non-e-mouse - I might add something else to the Grosso thing too.

    The other thing FIFA et al pointed out, was Lucas Neil went down early. He wasn't moving. As such, as the player occupying the space first, he was entitled to stay there. Defenders are not required to get out of people's way. The attackers have to go around them. [Basically, first there has right to the space they occupy. It's in the rules.]

    That's another reason why FIFA etc all said it was a bad decision, because even if contact had been made, as Lucas Neil was there first, he was not required to move out of Grosso's way. So, no penalty.

  34. i am a liverpool fan... i hate lucas neill, so sue me... hahahahaha

  35. a-non-e-mouse - lol Nothing wrong with being a Liverpool fan. I have a Liverpool jersey, [they're my second team after Tottenham], and you're allowed to hate Lucas Neil if you like. :-)

    I bet if Liverpool grabbed Lucas Neil (which I doubt they'd do, as AC Milan and Barcelona are both chasing him), then you wouldn't hate him so much! :-)

    Let's face it, if AC Milan or Barcelona grab him, you won't have to worry about him in the EPL. :-)


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