Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lego Turns 50 Today!

lego bd!

Happy Birthday Lego! I heart you long time!

50 only! Can you believe that it's so young?

I used to spent hours upon hours building ALL sort of houses and rooms.

And then The Sims came along.

Really miss those days when Lego sets came in mostly just their basic blocks and lego peoples without all those fancy-schmancy electronic gadgety thingamajigs which costs about half an atom bomb.

Look ma! Google also celebrates Lego's birthday today:


So cute!!!

Then feast your eyes on the legendary ass-kicking LEGO STOREs NOt available in Malaysia. [edited: Heard that there is on in Berjaya Time Square?]

WHY??? WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!


So what did you use to build with your Lego? And what is your favourite Lego piece?

I loved the tiny flowers, and my white horse, and the little kitchen utensils. Omg so typical girl.

P/s: Yes, I'm purposely ignoring the fact that I may or may not have vaguely promised some pictures. Ladida


  1. I used to spent hours upon hours building ALL sort of houses and rooms.

    Er.... I still do. haha

  2. i've never played sims before. =_=

  3. When I was young, I really really really wanted one of those computer game consoles. I think to compensate... I made one out of lego and pretended to play it, and somehow genuinely managed to entertain myself.

    I still go WTF when I think about it.

  4. Do you have transparent bricks?? Apparently, they are very valuable because LEGO no longer makes transparent bricks anymore!

  5. I use to make spaceships and robots with mine. Then I'd destroy them ala eyeris's "Battle of the favorite toy" smackdown. Then I build again. SOOO FUN!!!... thinking back now, it's no wonder i didn't have any childhood friends. hahhhahahhahahhaahahahah spend all day playing lego.

  6. ive seen them transparent...shit where i pu tthem??? noooo.....

    i built houses and i had a F1 car b4..small one...but i love the people and the small ornaments..cups,shovel,clone troopers,oven..haha good ol' lego

  7. There IS a shop called BRICKBOY in both Berjaya Times Square and The Gardens. But it hardly has what I'd call an 'extensive selection', and is nowhere near those shops shown in the Google site. They don't even sell loose LEGO bricks, fer gawds sake.

    But if you wanna buy those rare Star Wars sets or the usual sets of Lego, then it's a good place to go to.

  8. simple and creative. it looked amazing when i frist saw it's logo. so cute, heh..

  9. Eyeris - I saw the one at The Gardens. I couldn't believe how expensive it was. OUCH! I wandered into the store thinking I might be able to pick up a cheap Millennium Falcon lego set, but alas, it was 'OW, MY WALLET IS ON FIRE' expensive.

    FA - My favourite things to build were spaceships. I'm such a guy. Yes, Lego was pretty NEW when I was young. [Let's face it, it's only 8 years older than me], but it was expensive then too. lol Almost EVERY kid had lego when I was young, and YES, it was much better with the basic square blocks [and some miscellaneous other shapes like roof tiles and doorways, windows etc] as it forced the kids to use their imagination.
    Being the GEEK that I am, after a while the spaceships turned into a 'Space War Game' of sorts where I worked out turning circles for them, armaments and took turns to move then and rolled dice to have them shoot at each other allocating damage. [Much like todays computer simulations of such things as Star Craft etc, but of course a lot slower and with a lot fewer combatants]. :-)
    Now, isn't that the geekiest thing you've read today [with the exception of Paul's Video console]. :-)

  10. Dabido - i built my own Millennium Falcon LEGO when i was a kid... hahaha... it looked so dodgy but i was so proud of it. THEN i saw the Collector's edition Millennium Falcon for the star wars series...I so want that one. :) i've been trying to follow the post on someone trying to built the damn thing on engadget. but there hasn't been any updates. it took them a WHOLE day just to sort thru the 5000 pieces.

  11. Back in the day, we would have a family trip to Kl every year end and we were given a budget to spend. I would spend all of it buying Lego at Toys'r'us.

    No child ever had to be bored if they had Lego! WootZ!

  12. I loved to build up houses, then just knock'em down :)

  13. hurm....my lego moment,stealing a prized brick from a childhood friend and got smacked big time by mom when she found it tuck in me pocket.

  14. I love lego. i still remember a big brother that leave next door to me about 23 years back told me if i call him daddy once, he will buy me a set of lego. and i got a bog set!


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