Monday, January 7, 2008

Important Survey - For the Benefit of Mankind.

Hi boys and girls (all 50 of you) who frequent with hopes of 1) naked pictures and 2) really awesome blog content and are constantly disappointed with the lack of both but still come back here time and time again because let's face it, in the real world with no happy endings, everybody's a sucker for pain and misery.

Even though you know that I'll never reciprocate in any way, let me implore you to dig deep within that generous heart of yours to spare me less than a minute to answer the following:

Unless you weren't naturally born a girl - you have to have gone through SOME sort of PMS. Tell me 1) what sort of specific crazy extreme emotional shit do you go through during this point of time AND 2) what does YOUR guy (Husband. No husband? Boyfriend. No boyfriend? Guy friends and colleagues) do to make things better (and if not better, how does he manage to make it worse).

What do you do or have done, for your girl when she has emotionally turned into psychotic blood thirsty Mr. Hyde? Your girl means your wife. No wife? Girlfriend. No girlfriend? Colleague or a pal. Etc. I'll need you to be specific. To "layan her" (transl: give into her irrationalities) is not being specific.

Okay I answer first.
Q1: Everything that didn't seem to bug me before seems to bug me A LOT when I'm on PMS. I take everything personally. Then I'll snap at everybody. Pick a fight. Refuse to understand. Hate the world and how it works with all its unfairness (I normally already hate the world but the feeling is now intensified by a gajillion times). Cry. Feel depressed. Feel alone. Enter into self-pity mode. Already tiny self-esteem gets crushed into nothing.
Q2: Layan a bit. Then try and fix my issues by dispensing advises and lectures - which never fail to piss me even further. Then, when all else fails, head for the hills until the coast is clear. Then I'll go ply myself in alcohol and hate all men even more.

Let us all compare notes. It'll be very interesting to see what everybody's (especially girls) experiences are like, and how similar it is.

Doesn't it frustrate you when
a) you're a girl and guys just don't understand what the fuck is going on with you and how to deal with it?
b) you're a guy and you just don't understand what the fuck is going on with her and how to deal with it?

Yeah me too.

The universe should come up with a general guidebook on how to deal with this shit - just to make life a little bit easier to live in. Maybe there'll be less wars. And famine. Or something.

Happy Monday. Thursday is worth looking forward to because it's a HOLIDAY! GO CRAZYY!!


  1. Depends on the person.
    One of my old flatmates would just go beserk and start arguments. Once she explained to me what was going on I stopped taking it so personally. lol It's just a matter of waiting till the hormones wear off and taking it all with a grain of salt and being nice about everything.
    Trying to logically talk it out doesn't work.

    My ex was different though. She'd get really bad pains and stuff. For her, a hot water bottle and saying nice things might help. Of course, she'd be irrational as well. So was a matter of putting up with it a bit, and being nice and waiting.

    I find that once the hormones wear off they are usually appreciative of the fact that you were at least trying to be nice.

    But, in case of doubt, my suggestion to all guys is 'RUN TO THE HILLS' :D

    FA: Hahaha first answer, and I've got a feeling also THE best answer of the post.

  2. I believe it boils down to the chemistry between the 2 and how strong is it. Coz like it or no we all go thru this phase at either end of it. There is no perfect or right solution for this as each of us are different when going thru/facing it. Time heals.

    Like Dabido says "Run Forrest Run!!!!"

    FA: What. The. Fuck. I'm not asking you to share with me your goddamn philosophical views on this. I'm telling you to share your experiences. _takes a deep breath_

  3. Me a guy...

    Juz keep quiet and play to the wimps and fancy... it is a hormonal thingy.

    After the episode, i believe any level headed gal will apologise (and hopefully appreciate) these acts.

  4. A good full body rub usually does the trick, relax the body and the mind follows...

  5. It's hormonal.

    Í keep quiet, do my own thing but be sure to enquire every now and then if she's OK. She tends to snap but I brush it off like water off a duck's back. I have learnt it's not worth the time and energy having a shouting match at times like these - you're deemed to be an insensitive prick and you still lose the argument. Double whammy.

  6. 1. Usually that would be me being whiny and throwing silly emo tantrums. But I got over that when I turned 29 and realised I could die tomorrow, he could die tomorrow. Instead of attacking him, I just verbalised how I felt. "I am feeling irritable." "I am feeling sad/upset/lonely."

    2. He used to be very bodoh until I verbalised what I needed and made him understand why I reacted the way I did. "Honey, I'm just upset, not complaining or blaming you." Once we both stopped being reactive and worked on understanding what we meant, communication got easier.

    So I told him, that all he needed to do when I was in a snit was no harder than just telling me he loved me. End. Senang, kan? "Honey, I had a bad day at work." "I love you." (and one hundred variations of the same).

    Some people tell me love isn't enough. Nope, it isn't. But when you know that you're both on the same page, when you understand where the other person comes from it can work. We know what we mean and we know what we feel for each other. No second-guessing. Three years and we still feel the same way we felt about each other the day our eyes met. :p Yeah, cue sappy Mills-and-Boons quips.

    FA: 29 you say? hehe. okay! I have 1 more year to go. :P

  7. no point if i answer right? ;P was just gonna point out how apt your title is: benefit for MANkind.

    although it's kinda truthful that a lot of girls are damn fucking psycho batshit insane and each individual has different buttons to be pushed, but one thing's for sure, they definitely ALL have buttons.

    side rant: people who don't have cibais shouldn't pms wtf.

  8. I'm sure u will blog a really really good post during tat time of the month =)

  9. dang... everyone has such good answers...

    I broke up with her....
    guess that's why my relationships last a few months only...

  10. When she blows, I'll make her a warm chocolate milk, put it by the table, put a note saying "Hey beautiful, something cropped up at work and I really miss yr company" or something like that
    And then go for a drinking session with my friends.

    A few days later, she'll give me a good sex.

  11. actually i dunno which is ur question, call me a guy.:D

    hmm...just hug her and make sure i wear my ear plugs:P

    just sit there with a beer n drink..till she gets bored of listening to herself and snatched the beer from me and drown the whole thing while i go grab another.

    u need a bottle of vodka? :D

  12. I believe it's just you! :P

  13. Buy her ice cream, buy her favourite things, stay home with her and watch drama, so she can be less drama. She is a drama queen after all. I love her to bit and pieces muaks. Despite all this, she might turn psycho anyhow. Plus tell her I love her of course.

  14. give you babies to eat. and cat to kick...and a butterfly net to catch the rainbows... :P

  15. Hahahahaha I so agree with Dabido! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I sulk, curl up in my bed and ask my friend to buy lots and lots of chocolates for me.

  17. 1) Sensitive. Angry. damn good appetite kinda hungry. Very quiet coz I either dun wanna pick a fight when I open my mouth OR I don't have the mood to talk. My self-esteem is the lowest during this period so I get so annoyed by how I look, what I do or how I treat people which doesn't help considering that I get angry at everyone who pisses me off.

    2) He normally knows what to do because he will be warned when I get the slightest PMS symptoms or I simply just tell him when roughly my period is coming so whenever I snap at him for no apparent reason, he'd just brush it off coz he knows that I'm not my usual self. He really puts up with me patiently and when I get outa hand, he brings me out for a good dinner or etc. Food calms me down. Haha.

  18. 1) sensitive, irritable, moody, feels like everything boyfriend does is wrong -> pick fight with boyfriend -> wallows in self pity during the cold war -> sleep during cold war -> wakes up a couple of hours later feeling saner -> realises it's PMS ->explains to bf -> end of drama.

    2) boyfriend gets really bewildered when i pounce on him for any little reason. when i fight with him, he'll try to defend himself, but he doesn't scold me back. he just says "i dont know what has gotten into you la!" then i'll think he's being deliberately obtuse, therefore cold war. once i told him it's PMS, he said, "maybe we shouldn't see each other when you are PMS-ing."

    repeat entire process every month.

  19. I just broke up with my last gf 1 month ago.

    And now I wonder if we might still be together if I'd read this sooner. 'Cos one of the reasons why we broke up was the times when I just couldn't fucking understand why she was so fucking upset at me. If I'd understood that it was just PMS, and all I had to do was just let it slide...


  20. I'm a guy . . . my ex had terrible stomach pains, my current goes berzerk . . . in both cases I just play nice, extra nice really, give them all the leeway they need and then some , comfort them, bring them stuff, give them space , take the verbal (and physical) lashings . . . it usually isn't long before they start to feel sorry and things then calm down quite quickly. . . . a couple of hours or so, . . . only trouble is it's a couple of hours everyday for the few days when aunt flow visits . . . but I don't have any better ways of dealing with it . . . p/s :- Rose tea, olive oil, lavender doesn't always work - not directly anyhow; it's the gesture that usually calms them down

  21. Sometimes I can sense it when my wife gets angry with me and its not about the kids. I just let her vent it off and I try to comfort her as much as I can.

  22. 1. Irritable. Want to be left alone. Sense of injustice at the whole world. Fluid retention forming small potbelly. Ankles look FAT. Feel extra FAT. But I make chocolate agar-agar to satisfy my cravings. Less pimple-forming than straight-out chocolate binges.

    2. Stays clear. Plays Scrabulous on Facebook to keep occupied until all has settled.

  23. er... do girls realize how nice we "men" are???????? and we do it every single month :P
    hahhahahahahhahhaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *sees FA coming with an axe*

    RUN!!!!!!!! dammit RUNNNnnnnnnn

  24. 1. Well, I don't have a girl friend or any exes. My girl pal usually will just go silent (not talking at all) or tell me their frustration of anything possible in their live like their works sucks, bf sucks, and etc.

    2. So, normally I'll just sit there and be a listener. After they are done complaining and blabing out whatever, they'll be back to their normal self again.

  25. act like normal...pretend everything is fine until she get over it

  26. my opinion is PMS is that it is `over-rated'! no i'm saying it doesn't exist for it does and some unfortunate ones do suffer bad cramps and tiredness..but, I and even some women friends too, that it has been used as too much an excuse for the fairer sex to get her way - whether it's being moody, snappy or to obtain leave even! It's partly hormonal with a lot of psychological effects!

    in case you're wondering, i'm a female and i do have PMS too but it's not like a scary `once-in-a-month disease'.

  27. I don't remember having much trouble with the missus over this. Probably because I have a much nastier temper and shorter fuse and riling me with a hormonal excuse will have worse consequences. So just keep everything on an even keel like nothing happened.

  28. let's rephrase the questions into english instead of womnish

    Q1: girls, how do you manage yourself when something is stuck between the thighs and you have to pretend emotionally ok in front of people

    Q2: guys, what do you do when u see a 16 wheel truck coming towards you at top speed

    answer 1: - pass -
    answer 2: run like hell.


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