Friday, January 25, 2008


Based on Eyeris's infamous Not A Review review.

Wahlau. The poster seriously a bit too photoshopped right? -_-

Eyeris was right, I was going to PAY to watch this movie - thank god he came along and I was SAVED from my folly!!!!11one Not that the movie was bad mind you. If you expect to watch Rambo kick ass, you DO get the entire "I expect to watch Rambo kick ass" experience!!! It's Rambo MOTHERFUCKERS! The same bloodthirsty war mongering always half naked Rambo who said the unforgettable "I want, what they want, and every other guy who came over here and spilt his guts and gave everything he had... wants!" ... except a bit older. Less fit. and er.. less muscles. THAT low guttural voice! That vacant killer stare! Blood! Gore! Dead bodies! Mindless killing! SO MUCH BLOOD! Rambo killing everybody and saving the day! With his shirt on! Stupid 80s cheesy lines! Some random chick! Eh why the bugger pose there so long acting cool. Look like damn long self-wanking scene only. Not much REAL hardcore action from John, though.. dissapointed a bit. The theme song! ZOMG IT'S THE RAMBO THEME SONG!!!! He's coming to save the DAY! RAMBO!!!! OMGOMG!!111 Hey. It's OVER? FINISH? WHAT? JUST LIKE THAT WHAT THE FUCK! It's only been 1 hour and 15 minutes! Mana cukup lah deii! Short change! I want my money back! Oh wait, I didn't pay for this. Heh.

HAHAH SUCKERS! You KNOW you'll just have to catch this! Even if you have to freaking PAY for it! Thanks Eyeris! You rock my socks!

Eyeris liked it too lah, he was just whining like a little bitch he is because the movie didn't show enough cleavage.


  1. AIE! No more free tickets for you, biatch! >_

  2. The Magical Yellow HammockJanuary 25, 2008 at 7:42 PM

    Go watch CLOVERFIELD.. it's sooo in your face...

    I mean - it's suppose to be a monster movie - in fact it IS a monster movie, expect that - this time the monster is the backdrop.

    Pretty good... except that throughout the movie you get visually disoriented, cos of the handheld camcorder effect (think Blair Witch).

    Of course we all get to figure each line and turn of the movie, or how the end was the beginning, or how all died.

    But what was interesting was the story - a lil different - of course the "my-lover-dying-i-also-half-dying-but-i-come-back-for-you" fold is there, but all in all, it's worth the RM10.

    And plus - there is a lot of blood, decapitated heads and body parts, and oooh... full force military strength against the monster... (that I like)

    Of course - there is not prelude from where the monster came, why he/she/shim was in NY, - like I said - the monster was soooo a backdrop in the movie...

    In fact - I would say - it's NOT a monster movie...

    It's a movie about 5 friends - and how they deal with a crisis and getting they ass safe.

    Go watch CLOVERFIELD. You will like it. (I hope)

    FA: No. I have told everybody to NOT invite me for cloverfield. I am absolutely AGAINST this stupid handheld camcorder effect bullshit. I'm NOT going to pay 10 bucks to see some fucking overbudget movie filmed in some stupid filmsy handheld camcorder just to feel sick afterwards. So no, I will not like it, eventhough I haven't even watched it. but thanks for the heads up. :)

  3. actually, I doubt she will. haha

  4. I think she'll just go ahead with the Cloverfield movie.

  5. hey, where's the camwhoring pics u hinted in prev post?????

  6. Yes, where are the camwhoring pics I was expecting????!! Oneoneoneone!!!! Get some camwhoring ones of Lainie for me too when you see her next, and remind her she's really straight. :-)

    I haven't seen Rambo III yet I don't think ... or Rocky III, IV, V or the latest one.
    Guess it says a lot of what I expect from Stalone. More of the same ... he's over 60 though, so he still looks good, even if he was thrown out of Aussie for bringing in illegal Human Growth Hormone to keep himself young. lol


  7. Hey, I was just flipping through Malaysia Surf Magazine & saw an article about you. So I thought that I could try checking on your blog.

    Well, unlike mine, your blog seems interesting & fun. If you don't mind, I'm definately adding you into my link & visit your blog more often!

    Thumbs up!

  8. harro emo! haven't heard from you in ages. lansi-nye walao :(

    ang-pow pls!

  9. i said this before and im saying it again. Fireangel you are the ownage. =)

  10. I salute sylvester stallone and hollywood,, This is not just a superficial kickass movies, it has deep implication.
    It highlight the failure of CIA and United nation and
    shameful/ignorant ASEAN in tackling these genocides.
    Try watching this movie from a different angle, knowing that this genocides do happen and at much brutal scale!
    you will cry in between movie and cheer up when Rambo
    terminating the "pest"
    You can check out the truth at youtube about KAREN
    in Myanmar and HMONG in Laos. [ Shoot on Sight]

    If above image doesnt make you cry,, this sadly will {need ID log in} HUNTED LIKE ANIMALS" Hmong Hunted and tortured -merciless

  11. Rambo pakai baju takut kena "GAM" in malaysia. :P

    I believe Stallone was opening our eyes with what's happening in Myanmar. He's creating awareness that noone else has done before. its great. UN should do something about it.

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