Monday, May 26, 2008

WLD 3929

Many things pisses me off when I’m driving.

Idiots who don’t use their indicators
Suicidal rempits
Fuckers who are on the phone AND driving VERY slowly on the fast lane

Another species of people who really pisses me off while I’m driving are fucktards like this this Proton Waja driving ballmuncher who had the audacity to wind down the window while driving up the slope to throw out not just one, or two but a whole fucking handful of used tissues out of his damn window.

Seriously what the fuck can’t wait until you’ve parked your car then take the damn tissues out with you to dispose them off properly into a rubbish bin? Your car will combust if you didn’t throw out those tissues immediately? The tar road will open up and swallow you whole? Your dick would fall off? Your pet dog will die? Your future grandchildren will be born without backsides? You’re a retard? What? What exactly was the urgency which forced you to dispose the tissues out of your car window while you were driving? WHAT? I really can't think of any plausible reasons that will make your littering OKAY.

Are you going to argue with me that oh it’s okay because tissues are biodegradable? So if I threw a whole truck load full of apple cores, banana peels, rotten eggs, spoiled vegetables, dead bloody chicken, used tissues, pig innards and shit into your garden – it would be okay right? It’s organic what. Biodegradable. They'll all eventually disintegrate and become one with the earth. I’m doing you a favour by fertilising your SOIL, right? Asshole.

Seriously, if you’re NOT going to dump rubbish all over your house then don’t fucking dump rubbish all over the streets. As if this country is not your home? As if you don’t give a shit what your children will grow up in? You look old enough to have children. What the fuck are you teaching them? That the world is your rubbish dump? Would it be okay for your kids to throw their shit (literally) all over your house? If not, then WHY IS IT OKAY TO DUMP SHIT ALL OVER THE STREET YOU FUCKING UNCIVILISED UNEVOLVED MORON.

Walk into an exposed manhole, asswipe. May birds let loose wet diarrhea all over your fucking car every single time you park it in an open-air carpark .


  1. u nvr cease to make me laugh.. with ur rant =P


    and have a good "weekdays"

    p.s Cheer up, at least there is less traffic jam since it is a school holiday..

  2. people who throw cigarette butts out the window that fly in the air and hit the windscreen of the car behind them should also have their heads shoved up a buffalo's ass in the middle of a padi field.

    FA: hehe. actually i had a whole paragraph on that but thought I'd keep it for another day. :P

  3. "So if I threw a whole truck load full of apple cores, banana peels, rotten eggs, spoiled vegetables, dead bloody chicken, used tissues, pig innards and shit into your garden – it would be okay right? It’s organic what. Biodegradable"

    this part is really are not the only one with the things that pissed ur drivers.the one that pissed me off the most is small cars cruising on the right lane.

    FA: Big cars do that too mah... :P

  4. i share ur anger. Cant take it why they have to dispose their rubbish over the window.

    Fuck I dont fucking care if the fucking excuse is abt doing charity so the cleaner got a job. Its a fucking lame excuse in todays world.

    those drivers are fucking lame ass.. I hate them...

  5. Well said. And I second eyeris. Those cunts.

  6. malaysian..what can i say more ekeke!

  7. wow i got insulted in FA blog.. i can die now :)

  8. Thanks for the 4D tip!!!!!!!

  9. Maybe he'd just wiped his bum with those tissues, and you know... the smell was too much.


  10. I love it when I see car plate number as the title in your post. *Runs and buy Magnum, Da Ma Cai, and Toto. RM 10 Big, Rm 10 Small*

  11. I think you are most creative when you are pissed off! :P
    Carry on ranting!

  12. hmmm... lets speculate as to what's in the tissue. If it is a man then there could only be a handful of things that he would like to throw out of his car asap.

    ranking number one... the pervert just wank himself off, and need to dispose of the stuff so his car don't smell.

    Come on! Annoying drivers are everywhere, i just tak tahan (i know people will hate me...) Fast drivers, KEEP TO THE FUCK TO THE SPEED LIMIT LA! Your fucking big cars can drive at 180, mine can't. And stop flashing your head beams. When ever they do that, i just get so annoyed that i "accidentally" slow down, or if i am really pissed off i just slam on my break.

    There are cars driving 60 on the slow lane, just because i am only willing to push 90~100 does not mean that i have to give way to some bastard and start driving 60. So all of you who i have blocked, and thinks that i am a road hog. YES i did it on purpose, if you give me some time and space i will go over, flash me and i will do my best to lock you in and drive at 60.

    thank me! i might be saving your life, speeding kills.

    Especially those drunk drivers, if i ever see them have an accident i am going to walk over and just stare at them an laugh! Maybe even accidentally step on their head.

    hmmmm... i should just copy this and blog it... muahahahahaha...


  14. That is why I always have my camera ready in the car.....

  15. Hear ye hear ye! I feel very strongly towards this subject too!


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