Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Curi Ayam (steal chicken)

Well not literally.

i'm still busy actually yeah.. but I just finished whatever I have to finish and to be able to move on I need more information from other people which is still pending and my boss is offsite at a meeting so taking a break loh.

let's just talk some cock.

Been feeling abit low this past few days. Not as in depressed or unhappy, but low as in I need to replenish my mana. Haven't recovered from my brother's wedding and then had to dive head first into so much shit at work. I need sleep. Long deep sleep and wake up only when I'm good and ready.

And I'm broke because the cashflow this month is damn tight. It's ridiculous, because it's only the beginning of the month. But my account statement is staring at my face so I guess it is true. I wish my company would settle my claims quicker. Just because they are all fat rich fuckers doesn't mean the rest of us monkey slaves are. Just because they can eat in Cilantro's everyday with their hundred thousand dollar month paychekcs doesn't mean that they can forget that the rest of us can't. Cunts. I hate it that they don't fucking understand that our measly peanut pay just can NOT cover our company expenses and they should fucking pay us back ON TIME. NOT take bloody MONTHS to approve it. Assholes.

So many weddings coming up. This month alone 2. What the hell am I going to do about angpow seeing that my bank account is at critical levels? Sian.

I need a drink, man. Who's party can I crash for free and shamelessly guzzle all the hard liqour without paying a cent? Granted I'm a nobody and nobody likes inviting nobodies for their parties but hey no harm asking right? Speaking of drinks, I owe 2 of my friends birthday drinks this month. Aiyoh.

Haven't been following the news for a couple of weeks now. Poiltically or otherwise. Looks like something exciting is coming up. After I've accomplished getting my required numbers of snooze time perhaps I'll take an interest.

ah shit. It's after lunch. Back to work.

P/s: I'm currently contemplating on NOT going for Tiesto because 1)I'm too damn tired 2) Mother's day weekend 3) I'm actually needing the cash this month. If I asked, would you be interested in buying it off me? RM88.


  1. I need a drink too.... for other reasons happenned!

  2. fat rich fuckers can't eat at cilantro everyday bcos it's currently under renovation

  3. I invited you to a party this weekend :) But sorrylah, no hard liquor served but I'll gladly buy you one if you show up.

    hehe... :)

    FA: eh? invite? takde pun....what party is this? :P

  4. birthday drink! me want too! whee!

    FA: talking about u loh!!! :P postpone abit longer K!!!!

  5. I am broke too, just refuse to look into the account. Otherwise I need Prozac to recover the depress which is more expensive than the interest rate.

    Wait, I still have 1/3 bottle of Chivas and 1/3 bottles of Jack Daniel...wwwwweeeeeeeeee. :)

  6. Me also broke ah, hafta save up for Singapore trip next week. I got two bottles of Hoegaarden White at home. You want?

  7. How long do they make you wait? A lot of companies assume that you are booking expenses on your credit card so they think you can sweat it for 30 days. Not everybody has a credit card though. Oh, and I have about a quarter bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of rum. I would have more, but I'm trying to stay fit.

  8. why everyone offering you their booze? don't forget to gimme some ok? whee!

  9. THere is one joker in the company that took so much cash advance it's not funny. farker man that fella. got demoted and just simply sit around, take SSL (Suka-suka leave) and left all the shit for me to clean up...knn.

    damn it, too bad i don't drink!

  10. Hey,
    Is wedding seasons coming again ? Did you bombarded from your relatives "My dear FA, when is your .....", you know that sort of questions.


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