Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a Note to Say

Fall Out Boy's version of Michael Jackson's Beat it is GAY.

The lead sounds like he's got a spiked club up his nose.

and the guitar rifts sounds like NOISE to me.

Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal was 100000000 times better than this crap.

On other news:

I'm waiting to attend a meeting and it's starting really late. So here I am trying to sneak in a few paragraphs.

I really hate to admit it but Mika's Happy Ending is really catchy - it gave me the goose bumps this morning because I'm such a sucker for harmonised chorus.

Have you watched Iron Man? I've watched it twice so far. And I have to say this, the selling point for this movie for me was Robert Downey, the action, and the kick-ass soundtrack. If you took out any one of the elements the movie would've just been another uninspired Fantastic Four or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Both movies had so much potential and the CGIs were fantastic but the movies were not memorable at all... it just didn't pack the right punch. For me, Iron Man came almost close to being boring when suddenly POW WOW WHAM BAM! Then it goes back to being talky.. and slow... and BOOM! drama drama flirt flirt blah.... BANG! That's how the pace felt like that for me. But every single time there was an action sequence or when Stark was seen mucking around with his new suit it was freaking awesome.

The soundtrack deserves special mention because it had the power to compel you to WANT to kick some ass and root for the good guy when he is kicking some bad guy's ass. Also that part when Stark descends from the plane, injured - that song that was played during that moment captured it so fucking perfectly. And when he puts on his suit. And flies. JENG JENG JENG. JENG JENG JENG. Fanfuckingtastic. Unbelievable. It just FITS. SO. WELL.

And ohmygod. The first time when he finally flew properly in that new suit. THAT was my favourite scene of all.

Did you notice that when Jeff Bridges puts on his suit he looks like a Marine and sounds like a Firebat from Starcraft? I was seriously expecting him to say "Need a light?" or "Fire it up" or "Let it burn." WHAT? HE HAD THE VOICE. HE HAD TO SAY IT. -_-

I AM going to go watch the movie anyway but the Dark Knight trailers just don't quite do it for me lah (sorry!).... The Hulk trailers looks more enticing. But I've learned a long time ago NEVER to judge a movie by its trailer. Besides, I know I'm going to watch them ALL anyway so GIMMEH TICKETS OKAY! :P

Okay gtg ttyl meeting starting. :(

P/s: Btw, play with my poll on the sidebar lah! I love feedback! I'll change the questions periodically okay? :X


  1. the radio poisons you, resist!

  2. the guy from American Idol 2008 did a Billy Jean pretty well right? I didn't even know this new Billy Jean was Fall Out Boy's work.

  3. I want to watch again and again but wife not interested. haih.

  4. dude, i was just thinking about these mj covers. david cook's a terrific singer and hot and all lah, but his acoustic-ish version of billie jean was just...so... WEIRD for me. maybe i'm just too used to mj's version, but david cook's cover ain't got nothing on the original yo.

    FA: Actually, David cook looks like a hobbit - not hot. But he's got some crazy stage charisma going for him. I really dig his Bille Jean cover, even though it's not original. The original singer of that cover version was Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

  5. Revboy: That version you are talking about is actually from Chris Cornell (front man for soundgarden) which was the one that inspired David Cook's version of Billie Jean.

    The one from Fall Out boy is " BEAT IT"

    And for the record i think David Cook Rocks but i also hope he lose. So he can go his own way like daughtry and make the albums HE wants to make.


  6. This is more than 'a note' lor. haha.

    Free Tickets? WHERE? WHERE? :D

    BTW, Fall Out Boy should rename themselves to Fuck All Boys. Their the most annoying band EVER, and are worse than Panic in a Disco because they fucking SIGNED that stupid band themselves to shove MORE of their crap ass music down the world's throat.

  7. hey.. their rockband.. so dont need to be pretty.. just need to ROCK yar heads off with any crap.. ahaha..
    Starcraft!? *yawn* yeepy can't wait for the Starcraft2.. u seen the StarCraft2 demo Gameplay Video? it's awesome!!

  8. I repeat. Fuck All Boy is SO NOT a rock band. And they certainly don't rock anyone's heads off.

  9. I admit I haven't heard a Fall Out Boy cover that I've liked. Still, they did name themselves after a Simpsons creation.
    Can't wait for Radioactive man to kick their butts! :-)

    p.s. I feel very lonely FA. You never talk to me anymore no matter how many comments I leave ... oh wait, you never used to reply anyway! My mistake! :-)

  10. Can't say I recall hearing FAB's version of Beat It, but AMEN to your comments about AAF. I saw Iron Man based almost totally on your recommendation, and it rocked my socks. The weak point for me was... the soundtrack. Any music director who thinks that opening a film with AC/DC's You Shook Me didn't think hard enough. Not that AC/DC is bad, but that song has been done to death. However, any music director who can put Iron Man anywhere on a soundtrack is obviously a music director worthy of an Oscar.

    FA: It was new for me truthfully, because I hardly ever listen to ACDC.. but I thought the background tracks for the entire movie was very fitting!!! No?

  11. LOL. Play with the poll lol. Starcraft Marine I only remember the sound when I activate the stim pack, "pst ahhh...." Damn syiok.

    Btw, here's my Iron Man review lol....


  12. Yes, I agree. In fact, the guy who put together the soundtrack said he planned the music to accompany Stark's attitude and attitude changes in the film. Well done, except for AC/DC.


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