Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. Sorry no updates until yesterday. Actually it’s not like it bothers you since my traffic is almost non-existent to begin with. Monday was a public holiday and I had no internet connection on Tuesday. Yes, I’ve officially transferred to a new division. PC wasn’t up, LAN not up, no emails, nothing. Feeling a little out of touch, since I get most of my news online these days. I don’t suppose I’ll be doing any concrete work this week. Brain turning into mush from being bored. Say, if you must choose only one, what would recommend if I’d like to read a book on advertising or a copywriting for my own interest?

2. Apparently my domain name will expire in 30 days if I don’t cough up RM55 to renew it. Suddenly feel like I can’t be bothered and am thinking about moving back to Blogspot or something. What are your thoughts on this?

3. Apparently some companies have banned their employees from accessing to this website for “malicious” content. WHY. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? I AM BUT A SMALL TINY HARMLESS CUTE LITTLE BLOG. WHY DO YOU BAN MY READERS FROM WANTING TO READ MY BLOG? I ONLY HAVE FIVE FREAKING READERS. FIVE. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE. Actually, some divisions of my own company also banned this url. Hooray.

4. How was your weekend? I can’t seem to recall how mine was, let’s see. On Friday I attended a pretty poshy watch event. People were pretty nice and friendly too! Checked out the watches and had to fall in love with the one that the marketing girl was wearing only to find out that it is no longer available. As if I can afford it anyway, haha. Good food at Flam’s. Buried my face in at least about half a dozen of fresh oysters which was absolutely yum. The free-flow of wine is always a good thing. I never ever had foie gras before and that night was my first time. It was nothing short of delicious and creamy, if force-fed duck’s liver can ever be called creamy. It’s not something you can eat everyday without feeling terrible for the fowl and too much of it can be a bit sickening. The steak was delish – just slightly short of my steak experience in Avanti and Jack’s (next to Victoria Station). And I had to go before they served dessert. :( Thanks, K! Want to see pictures of pretty looking, and very expensive time pieces including pictures of me looking dumpy? Click here.

5. Saturday was… I didn’t do much on Saturday, which was a nice change. Stayed home, spent time with my mum and in our quest of grinding our brains into mush, watched tones of old DVDs. View From the Top. Devil Wears Prada. Bridget Jones. 27 Dresses. View from the top was enjoyable. Devil Wears Prada was good. I will always have a soft spot for Bridget Jones, and 27 Dresses was some good fun eventhough I still don’t really fancy the Grey’s Anatomy’s girl. I realize that every girl and her mother digs the series and that Damp fellow, but I really loath Grey’s Anatomy and think it overrated. Give me that old shabby grumpy cynical House anytime.

6. Sunday… Woke up early for brunch at Mum’s Place @ Damansara Perdana. Quaint, family-friendly Nyonya restaurant WITH A BAR. Any restaurant WITH A BAR is by default my kind of restaurant. After brunch, went on a crusade to look for cloth dye because I had ruined my beautiful RM160 odd Cheap Monday black denim skinnies which I had bought from Wondermomo and only worn like 3-4 times by leaving the tap run overnight (by accident), thus leaving a huge ugly discoloured spot on the pants. No amount of swearing at the heavens was going to bring it back unless I do something about it. So I did. Bought two tubs of Dylon dyes, hoping it would work. And guess what? It did.

7. Another wedding to go for this weekend. Goodbye money.

8. This new LCD at work is sorta kinda giving me an uncomfortable feeling. It makes my eyes feel tired, and even gives me a slight headache. The fonts don’t look sharp. Even when I type them on emails, or a Word document it looks blurry, and the words are not… full. Why? This sucks. It’s starting to really piss me off.

That’s it, for now. Laters!


  1. if we will lose the pictures... pls pay RM55?

    if not, please save some money and go back to bloggy spot...

  2. 8. Ask the techy to make sure the LCD is running at it's native resolution and make sure Microsoft Cleartype is installed.

  3. Pls keep this domain. Every chip in 50 cents to support FA.

    I don't believe you only have 5 readers because I get more than 5 referral from your blog.

    Free flow Hennessy again 31st of May in Aloha. Woot!

  4. Wow. Very elegant. The watches and fois gras look great too!

    Think you were photog's fave subject. Nice dress there...(nosebleed)

  5. Can renew for cheaper wan lah! Godaddy selling for usd 6.99 for the first year if you transfer it to them.

  6. fireangelism --> sounds like a cult.

  7. check ur refresh rate...make sure ur LCD supports it...or peel of the plastic protective layer ? :P

  8. maybe its just a wrong resolution setting?
    just a guess, im not so sure

  9. fireangelism IS a cult.

  10. Advertising books recommended: Ogilvy on Advertising. He's old-school. A certain charm, like HOUSE! The one created amazing VW ads. Strategic thinker. Other than him try search for books by Leo Burnett, and any other guy who is Ogilvy's friends. Copywriting, its an art. U're an art. *wink wink* :P

  11. aiyah, what does it matter what domain you're on???

    personally, i miss, and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one. hmmph.

    i love grey's anatomy, but i watch it to bawl, not for mcdreamy. patrick dempsey is seriously overrated lah. at least slutty mcsteamy is actually good looking.

    but who cares? it's really the female doctors i'm checking out, and they're all wayyy hotter. :P

  12. eh, where to get the dylon tubes?

  13. It seems that the new fuckstress is no longer a porn site but some lady who has a bank account with Alliance bank

  14. Keep the domain name. But the hosting? Well, since you seem to like 'borrowing' pictures from other places, no needlah webspace. XD

    Just use Flickr for photos, and you just point your URL to your blogspot site. :D

    Plus you only update like...1-2 times a week? -_- So, seriouslylah, babe, the URL is gold, the hosting...well. You don't need it.

  15. Agree with Erna, I think that's the setup davidlian is using too, so you can ask him how he's doing it.

  16. Your LCD resolution is set wrongly I think. Call helpdesk to sort it out. Once it's set up properly, LCDs are teh cool! Is it widescreen?

    This URL isn't blocked by my kiasu-stingy-penny-pinching-company. :)

  17. I'm one of the five readers! Woot! :D :D

    All your (Russian) vodka are belong to me!

    FA: Thank you for your unwavering support! :D Let's do lunch! I want my siew yoke! *does the siew yoke dance*

  18. keep the domain loh, maybe someday some jack ass google-yahoo will decide to buy ur domain name (for wat ever reason) maybe for few hundred thousand leh, who knows.

    ...dream on....

  19. Hey FA,
    Did you get to participate the Bloggers' Media Trip ? Your fellow KY, Ringo, Joyce, Nicole and Kim is chosen.

    I bet they must be shit face happy there.

    FA: Unfortunately I'm not hot, young or popular enough to go. Small time blogger only lah, me. :)

  20. FA. You need a guy. Pronto. Stat. Fast.

  21. Book on being a copywriter?

    Hey Whipple Squeeze This.

  22. Copywriting books?

    Try 'The Copywriter's Handbook' by Robert Bly. It's decent enough.


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