Thursday, May 22, 2008

P.S. I Love You


Have you been in love? Have you loved someone so much that when you think of that person your heart aches as it pounds itself furiously against your ribcage, so furiously it stops your breath and makes you lose your mind, only to be finally released from the tower of your own madness which consumes when you see that idiot once again, or hear the idiot’s voice.

Being in love is not a laughing matter. It’s fucking terrible. Your world gets turned upside down. Food tastes bland. Water doesn’t hydrate. Seconds feel like hours, day and night doesn’t make a difference. Your mind is consumed by that one person. Nothing works. Nothing makes sense.

There’s nothing worse than being in love.

Except having that love stolen from you.

If you have been in love, and had that love taken away from you, then you will, without a doubt, feel exactly like how the main character felt when she lost her love – which is basically what the whole movie is about. Love, lost love, and dealing with lost love. Hilary (as Holly) and Gerard (as Gerry) has so much chemistry on-screen, that when Gerry was gone, YOU would despair. YOUR heart gets ripped out, flung into flames, thrashed around with a spiked club, drowned in water.

I hate it. It’s a great movie. But it makes you go through those feelings you kept locked up in a thick metal box deep inside the black inner recesses of your heart, and you threw away the key because you never ever want to go through it again.

The hopelessness. The loneliness. The difficulty in moving on. The self-pity. The painful longing. The constant reminder of the absence of the other person during your mundane everyday routines. That picture. That piece of clothing. The not wanting to leave the house. The not wanting to get out of bed. The feeling like nothing matters anymore. The bitter anger and jealousness you feel when people around you seem to be moving on with their lives too quickly, living you behind. The “what is the point” question. The why, why, why question. The unfairness. The feeling like you heart will never heal. The fear of being alone. Forever.

Lock them up again. Bury the key. Go away and never come back.

I only cried once in the movie. If I wasn’t too tired and sleepy I would’ve probably bawled throughout the move, who knows. The part that touched me most was at the scene she breaks down and went straight to her mother to cry and cry. Going to your mother is like caving in and waving the white flag. An admission that the situation was too overwhelming and you weren’t strong enough to handle it yourself. An admission to weakness. Nobody likes to admit to that.

Before you mistaken this for depressing movie, it's not. It’s just a very touching and emotional story. A story of a women's journey on coping with lost love and how she was helped by her loved one to pick herself up together again.

To have someone love you with so much dedication and affection, even after 10 years, like how Gerry character loved Holly – that’s heaven on earth. Gerry's love and dedication for Holly is today’s version of a fairytale. Gerry is today’s version of a knight in shining armour. And I'm just a sucker for fairytales.

P.S. I Love You is a terrible, beautiful, heart-wrenching movie, so it's nice to watch it with somebody. But it's a little too heavy for a first (few hundred, haha) date movie though... So watching preferences should be like this:

watch with somebody you love > watch by yourself > watch with a first date

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  1. Definitely suicidal to watch on a first date....even within the first 50 dates watching can set expectations way up high...oh wait, it could be 100 dates, 200 dates et cetera depending on the person's ability to respond with a straight face when the other half says "Wasn't that lovely honey?"

    With that side, it's a nice movie with nice touches :)

  2. my friend told me to marry the person not because of love, but to marry the person in order to love her...

    how's that sound?

    P/s: a good friend once told me "you don't marry a person because you want to live with them for the rest of your life. you marry the person because you can't live without them for the rest of your life". how does that sound? :)

  3. P.S. I love you. :D

    FA: ;)

  4. Watched it on an airplane! >.

  5. I read the book and I was absolutely in pieces. Can't imagine what it'd be like if I watched the movie as well. *gulp*

  6. I read the book first and i was bawling my eyes out...then i watch the movie... lagi cry n cry n cry....happy moments and sad moments... very emo...

  7. If I go and watch it alone, I'm gonna look awkward. Who's free to watch with me?

  8. marry a wife just because u wanna get annoyed for the rest of ur life.

  9. "you can’t live without them for the rest of your life"

    sounds like a co-dependency situation for you... that's how it sounds to me. :)

  10. I am so going to watch this movie!! I've read the novel, and it was so touching.. baca novel pun aku dh nangis.. wat some more want to compare by watching the movie pulak.. *sob*sob*

  11. after watching this movie i felt empty..

  12. Good movie. A tad long, but good. Gerald and Hillary had great chemistry. Though, I was half expecting Gerry to say "TONIGHT WE DINE IN IRELAND!" or was it scotland..


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