Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tiesto One Day Ticket - Cheaper than Ori.

Hi party people!!!

Dying to go for the Tiesto Rave in PD this weekend?

But for one day only?

Saturday, to be specific?

Haven't bought a ticket?

Well, I have extra ticket(s).

You can have it for RM78. Original price was RM88.

Please email me at aphroditus(at)

While stocks last. :)

P/s: Can't wait for Saturday WOOT! It's probably going to be my last rave ever (because I'm getting old and tired) so see you there!


  1. aiks.. i guess i can't make it, coz i will arrived in kl by sat noon.. too rush liao, wish i can go.. is pinkpau goin as well? heard she's goin PD too.. so u gals enjoy la~~

  2. Well, not sure whether you've successfully sold the ticket to my friend.

  3. We need more of this!!!


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