Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's Weekend Update

Friday drinkies with colleagues
Pseudo-farewell drinkies @ La Bodega. Sadly La Bodega's white Sangria tasted very much like a mixture of cheap vodka (they said it was rum) in fruity-flavoured water. Maybe it was their off-day. Leaving my division for another after this week. I will miss all these crazy people at my current division who have made my life at work so much more bearable and crazy-fun. It's because of them I am able to wake up in the mornings to go to work. I will miss all of them terribly.

Saturday breakfast with friend
Been awhile since I met up with old friends just to makan and have a chat. It was pleasant. Something I look forward to do more frequently in the future.

Saturday night rave party
Got company, got beer, music so-so. No more raves for me ever. Not just because I'm getting too old for this, but if you've been for 4 you've been to all. This rave didn't quite to it for me. Didn't feel really excited or pumped up. If anything I had to pump myself up by chanting "I paid good money for this, so keep dancing" in my head to really enjoy the music. When he played the old stuff it was good, when he played the new stuff, it was uninspiring. Daresay I was a little disappointed. Looks like the first Tiesto rave party 2 years back really ruined all raves for me, including this one. No more raves! Just plain booze and clubbin for me from now onwards.... until I get bored of that. Hahahhah.. hahahhaAhaa.

(picture stolen from Tock who is a MAJOR CAMWHORE)

Sunday mother's day.
It was awesome. Had lunch at Sunway Resort Hotel's Avanti with the family and it was very well worth every single stinking RM66++. Very decent buffet spread with the usual spreads of starters, cold meats, cooked meats, salads, yummy deserts, seafood (sushi! oyster! mussels! cold prawns!), pasta, soups, finger foods, a full ala-carte main meal (choice of steak, lamb, fish of chicken - steak was DIVINE), coffee/tea and FREE FLOW OF BEER. But seriously, one can't stomach too much beer at a buffet because that'll leave LESS room for AWESOME FOOD. My mum was given a goody bag with loads of goodies! Everybody was happy and too full! This is my second time and Avanti and I totally LOVE IT. AND because great news are meant to be shared, if you are a HSBC cardholder, you eat for 50% CHEAPER from next weekend onwards until June! Call them up now or a puppy DIES! Contact Avanti @ 7492 8000 Ext. 3176

After makan, brought mum around Sunway Pyramid to shop for my mum's mother day present. She mentioned she wanted a pair of Crocs, so we checked it out. Mum decided NOT to buy a pair because she thought RM210 for a pair of ugly, plastic looking slippers were freakin' ridiculous, haha. Ended spending more $$$$ buying a couple of items from British India (on sale!) and Xixili (you can never have enough undergarments). My goodness this place has changed SO MUCH I couldn't even recognise it anymore. Passed by Wendy's but wasn't too tempted to try their burger. Apart from the fact that my stomach was overflowing with food, the place itself didn't look appealing. Neither were the ads. I thought Carl Junior's ads were more eye-catching and yumilicious. Yum. I want an overpriced oversized Carl Junior's burger NOW.

It's Monday.

Fucking tired wei!

Am getting too old for happening weekends.

A good lazing around and potato couching would be a nice change after a long workweek. The spirit is so willing for happening stuff all the time, but the body is broken.


  1. ooOO Avanti, been a longggg time ago

  2. Dabido (Dinosaur Raver)May 13, 2008 at 1:48 AM

    'I will miss all of them terribly.'

    I can teach you to shoot straight, then you won't miss anyone. :-)

    'I met up with old friends just to makan '

    Hope you didn't eat anyone I know! :-)

    'No more raves for me ever. Not just because I’m getting too old for this'

    Too old??? Geees, what does that make me? Dinosaur Raver Number One????

    'she wanted a pair of Crocs'

    Aussie has heaps fo Crocs, but usually they'll take an arm or a leg. Be careful!!! :-)

    'you can never have enough undergarments'

    Spoken like someone who's never had to do submariner training where you swim 20 meters from the base of a tower to the surface of the pool.

    'Am getting too old for happening weekends.'

    Ptttth! You sound older than Dinosaur Dabido!!! :-)

  3. Carl's Jr. is pretty good. Super Star w/cheese with extra onions! Western Bacon Cheeseburger! drool...

    However, In & Out Burger puts even Carl's to shame! Now if we could only get u to California to makan...!

  4. I see my gloved hands somewhere in the picture of us doing the chinaman toast.

  5. I see that the party was so boring that you had to bring along a "pink vibrator" to have some fun, eh?

  6. hmm... lots of drinking huh? makes me thirsty now. haha..
    yeah.. whats up with the vibrator? you have a 2nd session after drinks that you dint share with us? hehe..

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