Monday, April 28, 2008

American Idol Season 7

I really tried to stay away from this but got trapped after accidentally watching one episode. So I’ve been following AI7 since a few weeks back and it’s so damn obvious what’s going to happen. Unless America decides to fuck around with the votes and take for granted to not vote for their favourites, this is what I think will happen:

That wavy-blonde haired chick who annoys the shit out of me is going to get booted out. Then the black girl who sings like La Toya and unfortunately has as much stage presence as La Toya as well (ie, like cardboard) will go. Well it doesn't matter who gets booted out first, but what remains is that ALL the girls will go before the men start leaving. Next will undoubtedly be the drummer with dreadlocks. I mean the dude has only ONE singing style and honestly he’s not that great a singer. The only reason why he’s sticking around is because the chicks are worse than he is and the fact that he looks moderately cute. His looks doesn’t do it for me at all in the first place because he reminds me of that annoying Elaine from Seinfeld and that’s just so wrong. So after all the girls are gone, he HAS to go.

I can’t even remember their names because they are pretty much forgettable. But it was clear that the men were way better than the women in this season. And much clearer who the REAL talents were in this episode.

This means that we will see the 2 Davids battle it out in the finals. I think this is going to be THE most exciting finals American Idol will ever have. There’s no clear cut winner because they are both just so damn good at their own thing. Every time I watch both of these guys perform my eyes glaze over like I’ve fallen in love.


Let's break it down:

David A:
1. Major cute factor
2. Voice of an angel and able to hit all the right notes at all the right times.
3. Strength in ballads and girly songs (is he gay?)
4. So much emotion in his face when he sings he sends shivers down your spine and makes grown men cry.
5. My favourite performance - Imagine

David C:
1. Major cool factor
2. Voice of a husky rockstar who never fails to surprise me by reaching and holding his high notes and even though the rock character is not original he is still a billion times more talented than Chris Daughtry
3. Strength in acoustic rock songs and surprisingly quite flexible with other genres too
4. He doesn’t just sing, he gives you a freaking rock concert
5. My favourite performance – Billie Jean

I like them both so much. Every time I hear David A sing I’d be like “man there is NO way he’s not going to win this. Then I head David C sing and I’d be like “SHIT this guy is freaking AWESOME”. But if you break my arm and force me to choose a winner… I think David Archuleta will win. David Cook is an amazing performer with outstanding vocal skills, but David A is more mainstream and that puppy-eyed face would appeal to a wider crowd (not to mention MOST girls).

David Cook doesn’t even need to win because he’s so going to come up with his own album anyway lah! Chill!! Chill!!


  1. AMERICAN IDOL? not YOU too? GAH!

  2. Me too.. love both of them! =)

  3. i'm not gay so i dont like them at all...

  4. yeah...boy love are mainstream now.

  5. when are you gonna compete in one of theses things?

    FA: Erm. I can't sing?

  6. hey.. i like brook. she's cute.

  7. I'm so happy Brooke is out. She annoyed the shit out of me. She had a damn irritatingly pathetic look on her face every time she kena critic. I wanted to punch her.

    And YAH, i feel the same way you do about both the David's. Although now i kinda hope that David Cook will win. hehehe...
    I absolutely love how he takes ballads and weird songs and makes it his own rock song.
    Freakin brilliance.

    But weirdly, Cook already has an album prior to Idol.
    It's called Analog Heart. :)
    I found it while searching for his studio recordings of the songs he sang for Idol.


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