Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Maxis Venus Affair

I’m really excited that big names are welcoming bloggers to participate in their promotions and events. It does go to show that Malaysian brand managers are beginning to appreciate the growing significance of the internet and alternative channels in marketing strategies. As for me, I’m a firm believer of accepting free stuff with an open heart and a big smile of gratitude. :)

Last week, I was invited by Maxis for “The Maxis Venus Affair” - a campaign to promote their USB modems catering only to ladies - the campaign I mean, not the modems.

Ladies only? How so? Well, if “Venus” didn’t already give it a way – then THIS should.

Here comes the bride....tum tum tee tum

Pink and white balloons draped in sheer, flowy fabric suspended over the entrance of the event which resembles more or less an entrance to a wedding banquet hall. Can it be even more girly?

Oh, yes it can.

mine mine mine mine

All over the ceiling - pink and white HELIUM-FILLED BALLOONS.

I don’t know about you, butOhmygod I absolutely go nuts over those stuff. Who says they are just for kids? Yeah you can say that to my face when I am holding a fistful of the pretty helium-filled rubber of JOY while you stand there helplessly envying my loot with tears in your eyes calling me silly names in defiance because I DON’T CARE I HAVE THE BALLOONS YOU DON’T NYEH NYEH.

I have to admit that there was a bit of a pink overload but I know a certain somebody who wouldn’t mind it at all…. and well, I do so like my share of pink. I suppose there has to be some truth to the stereotype of pink=girls otherwise how would the stereotype exist in the first place, right?

And to make it even MORE female-oriented there were booths offering makeup, makeovers, hand massages, and photo print-outs (to help unleash the inner camwhore in you!).

I really wanted to get my hands on one of them nifty Canon photo printers!!!

If I’m not mistaken – any girl who strays into the event hall was given an African Daisy, which by coincidence, is my favouriteST flower in the whole universe because they are such happy flowers wheee!

Getting a hand massage... and looking rather unfit... bleh

Users who sign up for their RM138/month package during the event would also receive (among other girly stuff like makeup vouchers, magazines..) this:

The USB modem is tiny!!

A trinket box and a modem pouch for the (duh) USB modem. (Translated as “free, pretty, semi-functional stuff which compel girls to want to OWN it”). If cosmetic companies pull this sort of packages off so well – why not telco providers eh?

Personally, I think this sort of marketing campaigns are great. IT-related promotion packages have traditionally been very boring. There’s not a single person I know who can get by without 1) a computer of some sort or 2) internet and let’s face it – every provider sells basically the same thing. Which is why marketing campaigns that focus on the “feel-good factor” is an excellent differentiation strategy to set its brand apart from its competitors. Just my 2 sen. :)

Thanks Noora for patiently showing me around! And thank you Maxis for the free stuff!


  1. You look so happy having the hand massage. I shoul've wear a dress wtf.

  2. The Scientific American Podcast said women are attracted to pinks and reds as it comes form evolution when they were gathers in the hunter/gatherer community and had to locate ripe fruit [such as berries]. Apparently the more pink a lady likes the more she is likely to be 'lady like' whilst the less pink the more masculine they are.

  3. I bet you will inhale the helium from the balloon for the chipmunk voice trick.

  4. oh man. the modem looked like a sani pad!

  5. remember the bananarama song 'i'm your venus'? if you are in a noisy pub, it sounds like 'i'm your penis, i'm your heart's desire. penis penis penis penis... etc'

  6. OMGKETUPATCHARSIEWPAU who's the auntie in the black top being hand-massaged?!

  7. sad to say...maxis broadband far as i heard in some forums..but who cares as long as got free stuff


  8. Wah sooo sooo happy till showing the almost-dimples already!

  9. Why your dimples so high up the cheeks one?

  10. Does this mean if I like pink, I'm a sissy wtf? :p

  11. I prefer blue :P hope i'm not too masculine...hehe

  12. Is an African daisy the same as a Gerbera daisy?

    FA: Yes I think so... It's the Cleo's (the magazine) flower too!

  13. Simon - Depends. Is your handbag pink? That's usually s sure sign of femininity. :-)

    Angel101 - Do you have a beard? That's a sure sign of masculinity. :-) Double that if it's a blue beard! :-)


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