Monday, April 14, 2008

The Kite Runner


A story of 2 childhood Afghan friends torn apart by the protagonist's cowardice who eventually faces up to his past and attempts to atone for his childhood misdeeds only many, many years later.

If you're looking for a feel-good cotton candy rainbows kind of movie then this is definitely not it. Do not let the poster fool you.

It's a very emotional movie. Raw human emotions were depicted so believably I easily forget that it's all an act. It pushes you to feel terrible. It compels you to confront with genuine human emotions relating to difficult, morally-challenging decisions ordinary people are make to survive. It'll make you cringe.

Although there were plenty enough of realistic light-hearted scenes which you can relate to, making you smile as you're transported back to your fondest childhood memories - it was the dark ones that leaves an impression on you. The brutal and unpleasant taboo moments which grab you by your shoulders and force you to keep looking, leaving you with that bitter aftertaste of it in your mouth, a cold chill down your spine and a guilty pang in the inner recesses of your stomach.

It's beautiful, but beautiful is such an inappropriate word to describe it because it's so emotionally disturbing at the same time.

The storytelling was brilliant - fluid and gripping, very unlike a lot of adapted-from-a-book type of movies. I haven't read the book, but those who have said it was a very good adaptation.

The acting was excellent. The scripts were good. The scenes were shot so well.

No it's definitely NOT one of those pretentious try-hard inde-artsy push-my-holier- than-thou-virtues-down-your-throat type of movie at all. I hate those types of movies anyway.

Can't say too much, because trying to recall the story would make me depressed and unsettled all over again.

A very good watch, and I would recommend it highly. Any movie which is moving enough to make grown boys cry is worth a watch, in my humble opinion. ;) So do come prepared with some tissues though, trust me.

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  1. mows...i wasn't crying...something went into my eyes!!!
    dust or something.....yeah, DUST.

  2. Ya, go watch it, a very good movie indeed.

  3. damn i need to go watch this. missed the screening last week. :(

  4. I'm still on page 16 of the book. Sigh. Should I watch the movie first then finish the book or finish the book in inhuman speed and then watch the movie?

    Tell me what to do Baba.

  5. ehm. I still prefer reading the book and finish it first. Let my imagination runs wild.

  6. I wan to see this also, so how was it?
    1-5..whats the rate u give?

    FA: aiyah. u never read my post ar. I said it was good to watch mah. I rate it 4.5 lah. Minus 0.5 because it was disturbing.

  7. Wah, so eloquent your review!

    Better than mine, even. -_-

    But yeah, *sniff*, lovely movie.

  8. yea i watched it a few few weeks back and yeah i have to agree with you. It's really good.

  9. Shd i read the book first or watch the movie first?

    FA: Er, up to you? I never read the book but I enjoyed the movie. I know people who have read the book and enjoyed the movie too!

  10. I should watch the movie first then finish the book later.

  11. simon seow: bring the book into the cinema and watch the movie while reading the book at the same time!

  12. Beautiful, emotionally disturbing ... I've been called both too. :-)

  13. It's a good adaptation indeed! But you should read the book, for I think the movie missed out the most moving scene...excuse me while I go cry...


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