Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Sufiah Yusof Fiasco

I guess one of the ways you can get your own government to "help you" (whether you want them to or not) is to do the following:

+ Be really good at something and make sure it's overexposed kaukau in the local media.
+ Go overseas (migrate, study, runaway)
+ Do something really "bad"
+ Make sure it garners the attention of foreign media and your birth country is highlighted
= $$$$ASSISTANCE$$$$!!!!!111oneoneone

Eh wait, didn't Namawe do just about the same thing and got into MORE trouble instead? What was the missing variable? Hmm...


  1. Namewee are authentic Malaysian. In fact, Sufiah Yusof are a Pakistanian. Malaysia has NOTHING to associate with this girl, only because her mother is a Malaysian.

    Seems Malaysia MSM and people in the government are f*ck up just to ride on the issue. For MSM and Malaysia government, it is none of their f*cking business.

    For humanity, there is still hundred millions of people involve in prostitutions!

  2. very subtle... very subtle...

  3. of course you know the missing variable(s)- she's supposedly this math prodigy and offspring of a malay woman.

  4. orang gomen tak payah la sibuk2 dgn isu nih. mak budak tu dah lama belah, duduk negara lain lagipun.

  5. What happened to Nini and Awie?? AREN'T THEY STILL MISSING??? What's the priority? To look for kidnapped kids or to kepoh2 looking for a runaway math prodigy cum part time prostitue? Gosh!!!!

  6. Am just very amazed about the whole thing.

  7. wait. Was Namewee a math genius? Was he admitted to a university at age 13? And most importantly, did he have BOOBS?

    Maybe them politicians just wanna get her back here for more er... carnal reasons. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  8. One sang, the other shagged. Makes a whole world of difference. LOL

  9. The missing variable ? She has big boobs, you don't. That's why you're angry. *ROTFLMAO*

  10. got review sial...

  11. huhu...
    myb, the politicians saje nk famous kn diri mereke gn mengatakan mrk nk tolong sufiah,,ade udang sebalik batu la tu. mmg pon kt u all, mak die xbalik2 kt sini n xngaku die 2 malaysian. buat pe kerajaan beria2 nk tolong die, rakyat malaysia pn xtertolong pastu nk tolong warganegara lain plk.
    pelik sungguh dunia skunk!!

  12. Nanawe missing variable is that he sang the truth.

  13. Shilpa Lee is possibly earning more than even a top level Engineer here and our Govt still wants to "help" her...retards...she must be laughing her ass off right now since she will be getting a "scholarship" for whoring now.

  14. you're completely on the wrong tack here.

    there is no way sufiah asked for this attention or for anything from malaysia or malaysians.

    she isn't malaysian anyway, she's british and the only reason malaysia wanted a piece of her back then was because of her genius. malaysia boleh, y'know. now the moral do-gooders from here want to "rescue" her.

    everyone it seems wants to use her to satisfy their own agenda.

    poor girl. i bet she'd much rather be left alone. and from what i've read in her postings on discussion threads she was actually happy with her career choice.

    FA: Wasn't picking on her. Should've disclaimed that from the start. My engrand not so powerderful so my apologies if the post wasn't clear. But boy aren't we all glad that you cleared her name and set it all straight for us damn right!

  15. Fa, you are srsly dumb sometimes. Alcohol killing your brain early, lah..

    Her story is obviously a cautionary tale to other Malaysians.. "if you emigrate to Australia your kids will end up filthy whores like Sufiah!!"

    FA: She's in UK. Haha.

  16. What's the problem again? She's an adult in a country where prostitution is not illegal. Sure, it's not a great career choice. I know a few people who cracked under enormous pressure like Sufiah and it's a bit of a shocker to people around them but it's their life and they usually end up alright.

    Cautionary tale, yes but it's a little extreme. I think most parents could teach their kids this lesson without all the superlatives of this example.

  17. you're being jealous, jealous, and jealous.

    malaysia should help her - no wonder the country has serious brain drain issue with ppl like you around. we should offer help to best talents so that they will flock to malaysia and contribute for the country.

    bn forever

  18. denzook, of course, it is Batang Naik forever!

  19. so, do you really care about prostitute ?
    or are you stupid enough or blind to see lot of prostitute being handle by gov.
    have u see 999 in tv3?

    'berlori-lori' pelacur diangkutla..walauwehh...
    so fucking stupid....

  20. Sufiah Yusof'

    She can be had for RM800 an hour. Expensive whore.

  21. She's a genius,after all the publicity,she must be earning more than triple by now,maybe she can videotape her scene next...


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