Monday, November 3, 2008

No Rest For the Weary

Saturday - work
Sunday - work
Monday -work

rest? what rest? I'll get all the rest I need when I'm dead, thanks very much.

Hp at critical levels. I'm fucking cranky.

Hope your weekend was better than mine. Share.


  1. was busy but good! food review, event, party, food review, from friday till sunday. :D

  2. Welcome to the bar that cannot reveal itself. Check out

  3. Hang in there! Weekends is juuust 5 days away. Heh

  4. Sat: Work and also sent the company's Hyundai for service. Foreman finiehd the job but disappeared for three hours.

    Sun: Tree fell down, polished the Hyundai's Headlamp. No time to watch the 2-Disc Iron Man DVD. Update my blog until want to die.

  5. HP at critical levels? Your phone ringing that much?

  6. EPIC FAIL!!!! :)

    mow mows burger?

  7. Dear FireAngel

    I've been an ardent reader of your blog for quite a while. I have to admit, that your sexy writing and pert ass float my boat. I would sit here and extol my finer values, but i have no intention to get into a pissing match with your other readers. At any rate, if you want to know more about me, you can google "Jesus Christ".

    To cut the chase short, would you please have dinner and a beer with me. I'm located in KL, so anytime you're around, just give me a buzz.

    P/s I promise lots of beer and witty non sexual conversation (or witty sexual conversation if you want some).


    Your fan

  8. Friday - SCREAM at Sunway Lagoon
    Saturday - Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween at BBC
    Sunday - Work

  9. DAMN your boss for giving you so much work. DAMN him for making you miss my party. haha

  10. I thought you knocked back a few HP potions on Saturday?! I know I did.

  11. fri - pretend working
    sat - pretend working full day
    sun - pretend working despite holiday

    all just to make sure i continue keep my job not the 1st to be fired...

  12. All companies now in critical level sucks when the economy sucks!!! Obama, help!!!!


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