Monday, November 17, 2008

Malaysia vs Singapore and the Return of the Travelling Bug.

It's been only 3 days since I've been back.
It made me realise how much I really missed certain things in Malaysia.
... and how I'm already starting to miss certain things in Singapore.

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Food
4. My car

1. Clean, maintained, taxis with un-dodgy looking drivers
2. MRT
3. Cleanliness
4. SGD1 for a can of coke (looking at it from a dollar to dollar point of view)
5. How I can just get to anywhere by foot of public transport
6. The general "safe" feeling

It's sad to say that at the end of the day, it feels like, at the moment, the only thing thats keeping here is not even the country itself but my personal relationships with the people I like and love.... who could always follow me down to singapore.. :P

But singapore has this cold, self-absorbed culture. It's definitely not a place to retire because once you're not useful to the economy anymore you're tossed aside like used tissue. That's the general feeling I get and have heard from the older more experienced folk.Niamah! :P Okokok I'm going to get that damn camera soon lah!!!

That strong urge to want to travel and see the world is back again. It's poking my heart and tugging at my stomach. Again. I'm 28. If I don't do this now, when will I ever do it? Yet, I can't do it now because I don't have the money, which I'm working for, and getting measly amounts of. And it seems like I'll never earn enough to meet my goal. But I have to go NOW because I'm getting older and there will be only more commitments to come. But I can't because I'm in the middle of nowhere of my career and if I stop now it would mean a blimp in the middle of nowhere. Which put me in the same level as a... fresh graduate except I'm like 7 years older than them, lose-lose for me. I fucking hate catch 22s.

I have to do this. Otherwise it'll keep nagging at me and I won't feel complete. But when? And how? What can I do oh what can I do?

I know one thing I should do is to get out of my ass and get some serious initial research done on this. It's not as if it will miraculously appear in my mailbox one day with complete details on where to go, how to get there, where to live and to get it all done on no budget, would it? Would it?? ;)


  1. Hey FA you should totally do it. Like you I would love to just drop everything and bugger off and go to the ends of the earth in search of adventure. And sadly, I also need a great big kick on my backside to actually research on options.

    Incidentally, an article came out in The Star about those who actually went ahead and did it :o)

  2. Hi FA, it is possible to do it and one option is to apply for a scholarship to further studies in areas where you are really interested or talented (such as journalism)in countries such as Australia, NZ or any European countries. A lot of scholarships are given out by these overseas universities currently. Once you settle there, you can explore the region.

  3. SGD1 for a can of coke?
    Try NTUC. I thk SGD0.60 or so. Buy in carton, around 50cents. Easy to commit suicide using coke in spore! :P

  4. or you could have MY job and work while traveling... LOL.

    I'm getting too attached to KL for my own good. every time I go somewhere and come back, I feel this sense of BELONGING in the city. Epecially after I come back from places I don't like going, like Singapore, Hong Kong or US. LOL.

  5. they say a successful lady is one who has a companion who earns more than she can spend. where do you measure? damn. go on the trans mongolian. beijing/mongolia/st. petersberg/moscow/helsinski.......

  6. One thing to do is to cultivate genuine friendships with people (whom you can trust) around the world - specifically the places you wish to travel to. It's what I've done. It mitigates the cost of travelling, and you certainly experience a much better time in the company of locals.

    I've been fortunate enough to travel across Europe, Russia and Japan using this method, and spent the best part of a month earlier this year staying with friends in Egypt. In return, I've had the pleasure of hosting and acting as a guide to my global mates travelling to the UK.

  7. Went down to the pub and had a nice Kilkenny, just for you. Fireangel = fresh graduate + experience. You have 7 years on those little fuckers, but you also have years of experience.

  8. The travel bug, once bitten and acted upon, is one that never leaves you.

    Soon, it's not just traveling for the sake of traveling but what those places you visit have to offer. Like dinner at Halia, where the rack o' lamb was way good & corkage was reasonable, all surrounded by the Botanical Gardens.

    Now I have to figure out where to eat in Shanghai...

  9. Nepal backpacking, RM3k for half a month travel!

  10. you got friends all over the world right? just go see them, blaady hell.

  11. Hmm, I think it's a myth that you should travel when you're young (ie. less than 30). It's a pity to just designate travelling to just one period of your life, unless you are thinking family and kids are on the horizon?? :o)

    Or do you mean roughing it out type of travelling? I think it just boils down to stamina and not age :)

  12. just go FA, just go and come back broke. its just fine. ;)

  13. agree with Myhorng. just go... start thinking too much then you WILL NEVER GO. dunnot how to start? try asking nicolekiss hehehe..

  14. Do as i did - get a job overseas...and then travel the continent...

    down side is missing things at home and not being able to take a 4 hour bus back to enjoy it...


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