Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shows that rocks my socks

I hardly watch the tv anymore. That's mostly because everytime when I'm home, the telly is on the damn chinese channels which annoys the shit out of me. Stay with family mah, what to do. But, whenever (HAH. IF ever) I do get my chance with the telly, I usually surf around these few channels - Discovery travel and living, AFC, hallmark, AXN, starworld, E news, Discovery. In that order.

I did use to enjoy watching Mtv but not until bloody emo rockers, angsty hiphoppers, teenage reality shows took over the channel and transformed it into rubbish. Starworld isn't even my favourite channel anymore eversince an entire slew of stupid mind numbing for "housewives and college kids only" series came on air - one tree hill, the oc, desperate housewives, private practice, grey's anatomy, gossip girl, 90210... and not to mention the hundreds of idiotic reality tv shows which just makes me want to smash the tv into a million pieces......

So despite my rather happening, hectic lifestyle (not!) I try really hard to catch these few shows which are my favourite-st shows evAr.

Thirsty Traveller
It's not very hard to see why I love this show.
3 words.
Guy. Drinks. Travel.
When I grow up, I want to be just. like. him.

The "eat too full nothing to do" kings. Seriously how did anybody come up with this idea to set up a team which does all sorts of weird experiments just trying to bust myths? How?Why? The stuff they do and the crazy shit they come up with are too bloody hilarious! Who would've thought about folding paper the size of a plane hangar just to dispel the "you can't fold paper more than 8 times" myth. It's a complete waste of time, but incredibly too much fun. Science? and fun? Who would've thunk?

Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe
Everytime I watch this show I can't help but smile. Mike reminds me of Hugh Laurie somewhat. But that's not the only reason why I like dirty jobs. This guy goes into the sewer, swims in shit, has his face covered in shit, can practically taste the shit in his mouth and still can afford to crack side splitting one liners. Love it!

Jamie Oliver
Everytime he is cooking he makes me want to lick the tv screen. He makes everything look so DELICIOUS! Completely messy, but YUMMY. I get hungry after watching an episode of Jamie Oliver. Every time. He makes cooking look so fun even I feel like cooking. _shudders_

Man vs Wild
It's hard to not like this crazy nut who wants to be left in the middle of no man's land only to try and escape it with nothing except his clothes on his back. Crazy fuckers who do strange things like that are high on my "very cool" list. But we all know that there's an entire crew we don't see who are there on back up and make sure that he DOES get his clean water and bug free food. And I really do pity his cameraman who's in more shit than he is because not only does he have to surive through the ordeal with him, he carries the CAMERA. But what I don't see, don't count I guess. Plus it doesn't hurt that the fellow is kinda cute. and hunky.... WAHKAKAKAKAKA. :P

What's your favourite shows on tv these days? And if you say friends reruns or grey's anatomy I will personally hunt you down and cut of your toes off with a rusty blunt blade.


  1. whatyou mean bear is just kind of cute. HE's awesome hunky ok... even ericc goes' wah so leng chai'.... so yah man vs wild IS THE BOMB

  2. grey's anatomy :P
    and true blood :D

    i love man vs wild, but it's a bit sien knowing that he didn't really camp out in the wild. there's a chopper that brings him to some random nice place to sleep (nicer than in the middle of the gurun) then choppers him and the crew back to location the next shooting day.

    but it's still awesome!

  3. All good picks apart from that blabbermouth fat tongue prick Jamie Oliver. A product of the MTV generation and the very things you hate.

    I've just started watching some series lately, I think you'd like True Blood (if you can put up with the Southern accents).

    In the above genre I also like that fat Jewish guy who travels around the world eating weird and nasty stuff and I enjoy Orange County Choppers and Miami Ink.

  4. 'What’s your favourite shows on tv these days?'

    Friends reruns and Grey’s Anatomy
    Come on! Hunt me down! :-)

    I watch very little TV at all ... well, my monitor is a 32 inch TV, but I don't use it to watch TV on unless it's an emergency. I prefer to watch DVD's and like to buy entire series (or borrow them from friends) to watch.

    Actually, I recently watched both Season one and two of Dexter. I also own the first book of the series of books it was based on (Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay). Quite an awesome show I think. I can't wait for season three or to locate any of the other books in the series. :-)

    I recently finished reading 'The Plague' by Albert Camus. I think you will hate it as it's rather cerebral and Part One (of five parts) is hard to get through as it is setting the whole thing up ... Part Two is when it gets interesting as it starts to get PHILISOPHICAL (which would lose most readers anyway I think).

    Other than that I've been demolishing my computers Operating System and Rebuilding it (because I was stupid). I'm no longer on Fedora, I'm now using Ubuntu ... the whole purpose of trashing the OS was due to me trying to get windows games to run on Linux ... *sigh*.

  5. ~ ditto ~

    wise people think alike

  6. Heroes
    Battlestar Galatica
    Criminal Minds
    The Amazing Race

    I think I watch too much tv. :p

  7. Prison Break - Kinda got lost in Season 2, but I loved Season 4. Too bad it's over. William Fichtner Rocks!

    Kitchen Nightmares - The American version. I don't know what happened to the British versions. Gordon Ramsay may have a potty mouth. but so what? He knows what it takes to turn a restaurant around.

    Biggest Loser Families - Never really watched this show before, but then they decided to make it a family affair. It's kind of lame, and I don't watch it so much anymore but I used to take guilty pleasure in watching fat people cry about their weight.

    Saturday Cantonese Movie - Various fare

    American Dad - Seth MacFarlane, enough said

    Family Guy - Seen just about every episode it seems. I switch to American Dad when reruns come on.

    Amazing Race - Best Reality Show Ever.

    The Late Late Show - Craig Ferguson isn't as funny as David Letterman, but he was born in Scotland.

    The Late Show with David Letterman - I try to catch the opening monologue flipping back and forth with John Stewart

    The Daily Show - John Stewart is the funniest guy on TV. Lewis Black is funnier, but not when he's on TV.

    The Colbert Report - I try to catch the opening bit, but that's all because Stephen Colbert loves himself a little too much.

  8. Heh. You're lucky you still get to watch Astro. Ever since I got one for my Mom, I don't even get the chance to wtch ore than 3 minutes because the whole family is watching it. Anyway, with kids now, the only way I get to watch is through the Notebook. Yeah, I download "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", "Ben10", "Stormhawks", "The Clone wars" and "The IT Crowd" to ame a few. But they're piling up as I still don't have the time to watch them all. Haih.


    And I bet that Man vs. Wild cameraman is holding the camera, but is also munching on a Snickers Bar, drinking beer out of a backpack, and sniggering at the silly dude eating grass in front of him. LOL

  10. Internet killed the TV star.

    Ditto on South Park. Weekly new episodes on by the way; though they've been going downhill post 2006.

    Well that and their arch nemesis, Family Guy. Weekly new episodes on

    I'm starting to sound like a spammer.

    Internet streaming sites aside, Discovery Travel & Living seems to be the only bearable channel these days (apart from ESPN of course). And why isn't Tony Bourdain's No Reservation on your list... everybody loves Tony. :-)

  11. Sing it with me now:

    "Boom-di-ya-da Boom-Di-Ya-Da boom-di-ya-da BOOM-DI-YA-DA!"



  12. Jamie Oliver = THE BEST. He was really concerned about how families have traded in their cooking skills for out-of-home jobs, and now that the financial crisis has hit, people have forgotten how to prepare cheap and delicious meals at home. He's deeply involved in cooking workshops for youths who are unemployed or have 'lost their direction', and also nutrition awareness for schoolkids. He keeps his own farm so he can live up to the ideals he set for living with the healthiest, most wholesome food. He has been with the same woman since, well, forever.

    If only every man on earth was like Jamie Oliver.

  13. My faves, hmmmm

    House - I wanna grow up to be him :-)

    30 Rock - Damned funny

    Californication - Mulder in his best role, IMHO (too graphic to show in Malaysia)

    Grey's Anatomy - yea, yea.. i know

    and last but not least...

    Spongebob Squarepants! - engrossing!

  14. Amazing Race - both versions
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (long concluded but nothing has topped it since...)
    Angel (spin-off from Buffy... he's so dreamy.. :P )
    Simpsons (has survived past a decade liao)
    America's Next Top Model (too addictive for words.. hehe, never get tired of it. there's even Aussie & Brit versions on Astro now)
    Ugly Betty

    Just a few of me absolute favorites.. hehe, I'm the type that'll watch anything (even Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewives... :P )

  15. ditto.

    not much with TV or Astro.
    just stick to plain good old DVD.
    Play when i like.

  16. I do enjoy Dirty Jobs(and Mike Lowe, heh)from time to time, but Nigella Lawson's show is the one that I tuned in to religiously. I like a woman that puts in a whole brick of butter into her cooking just because she likes butter; instead of telling you "how fattening/unhealty/use substitute" it is.

    MTV was a goner a few years ago after it rather show rich brats prancing around doing nothing than music videos. But I have to say that the reality shows Channel V brought in was surprisingly good back then.

  17. Sorry, no Astro not to mention TV at home. T_T

  18. I'm sure Malaysia will never air this, but you should try to watch Dexter. Morbidly fascinating. At least you HAVE Astro and *some* English channels. Try living with ONLY CNN and 1.5 million Italian channels with the stupidest game shows and the most fake game show hosts who are so freaking tanned they look orange. No kidding. It's hell. I prefer to watch mould grow on my walls >_____

  19. what's wrong with desperate housewives? i enjoy it. not nice meh???

  20. Yeah, MTV is baaaaad.

    Jamie Oliver makes me wanna cook till I drop! I don't get his shows here in Tokyo but I always look out for an ep or two on the plane.

  21. TV? Astro? I didn't know you needed all those to watch TV shows... haha

  22. why the heck is AXN showing Early Edition when NTV7 already did so like 10 years ago???!!! argh and we're paying to watch that shit???!!! same goes to that lawyer show (y'know bad lawyer sentenced to do some community service shit?). It's such an old show I can't even remember its name!!! I like Lost though... and some of the shows in KBS (hot korean women!)

  23. i cut off my E channel. blardy boring and repeating the same show over and over again. and AXN, E channel and MTV also showing miami inks... damn it!

  24. Battle 360 and Dogfights.

    the commentator is damn semangat summore. hah.

  25. I love True Blood, plus Bill drives an E39. Such excellent taste!

  26. Did you forget No reservation. Bourdain's show?

    FA: No I didn't. Not a fan of Bourdain's pseudo travelling show. His monotonous voices annoys me a little :)

  27. any idea where can download mythbusters n dirty jobs episodes?


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