Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 19

Weather's getting really erractic. One day rain rain rain rain rain. Another day humid like fuck. Yet another day scorching sun fries you. What the hell is going on?

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is seriously rocking my socks off. Bought a pint of cookie dough and it feels like I can't have enough of it but I MUST STOP EATING NOW. Freaking pringles of ice-cream. Why do you have to be so good and expensive. :(

I've seen too many girls here wearing many variation of gladiator sandals. I know it's supposed to be some latest trend or whatever but NO. UR DOIN IT RONG. Just because the ppl behind their multibillion corporates tell you it is doesnt make it IT. NO NO NO.

Tired. Have to wake up at 5 something AM tmrw to catch the first flight back then straight to the office. Sigh. Liddat lah.


  1. Yay am first!

    Flying back and forth for work? That means you're doing important stuff, right? OTW they wouldn't be flying you back and forth...

  2. Hey, try to pick up a running habit lah... the sidewalks there are way better than KL or PJ.

  3. gladiator sandals ah? those strappy strappy ones till the calves?

  4. Methinks Singapore suits you once you get the hang of it...

  5. damn...i can't believe my eyes.....she's sweet.......there are so many pics of yours but somehow this particular piece brings out the glucose.....


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