Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 14,15,16

Oh crap. Haven't updated in 3 days. Guess I'll do it in point form to keep it short. :)

Avenue Q was good! But I did expect the original cast, and this show was mostly a Filipino cast. But still, I hummed along every song, laughed at every joke, clapped after every section. The main actress was mind blowingly fantastic. Trekkie Monster is still one of my favourite character. The internet is for porn shall remain one of my favourtise songs. :) But SGD80 for a 2 hour show is still very very painful, hehe. It's playing until the end of the week - you really should catch it!

Brewerks right after. One whole tower full of golden ale. We were all very happy. And LOUD. VERY loud. Hehehe. Finally met Ah Suanie's Ah Seng who is freaking hilarious and one of the most interesting characters I have ever met! Hellow! Nice to meet you! Can I get some beer credits too? :P

Then ramen right after. Char Siew ramen. At orchard Plaza. It was about 12+ bucks. VEry fucking worth it. Juicy Charsiew. Springy noodles. Tasty soup ooh the soup was good! So fanfuckingtasticly yummy..... I need another bowl right now.... MMMmMMmmmmMMmmMmmm... Why is it the food that 's been good so far are the ones which are not local? Heh, so weird.

Walked along Orchard Road again. Met up with friends. Walked about abit. Stopped by for Coffee Bean. Lamented at how things are so much more cheaper for a Singaporean and etc...

Finally saw some real life birds along the streets. Phew. They DO exist!

One thing which was pointed out to me was that the pavements are so smooth. No cracks. No unevenness. No stray weeds. So clean well maintained. And... nice. In Kl, I would be tripping all over the place, dodging roots and open drains. Sigh.

Also visited Plaza Singapura today. Their carrefour has an extensive selection of foreign beer! It was a whole SHELF filled with beer from all parts of the world! US, China, Bavaria, Belgium... etc... etc.... PROJECT! I'm so going to try every beer there is and then blog about it! Just you wait for it! _excited_ It even had Carls Junior! So of course must try.... but nothing special loh, sigh.

(Btw, Ah seng - Flying dogs not very nice lah. you bluff me. :( )

First day of work. Yeay. Nothing to say about that.

Tried Mos burger again, but this time - tried their rice burger. It sucked big time. No surprises there right?

So tired, and tomorrow's only Tuesday.



  1. Was it Noodle House Ken or was it Ohsho Singapore?

    I think more likely to be noodle house ken. :)

  2. Original cast in New York or London only. Glad you took my advice, sad you didn't like rice burger.

  3. I'm coming on the 3rd for a day! :D

  4. Which one did you buy lah? Think you may like their Biere de Garde better. Its a farmhouse ale style, not bitter at all, malty and tasty.

    I just bought 2 sixpacks of Pale Ale and IPA. ROVE!

  5. i thought the ticket price was worth it hah

  6. aiyo . told u MOS burger, ESPECIALLY rice burger, sux .... u still go eat. LOL. waste money nia. :p

  7. Wah! Looks like you're already fitting in, except for the issues with the food and the booze...

    Flying in on Friday for a long weekend! Twas nice to get away...


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