Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 13: Loof, Duty Free Booze, Avenue Q, MSG, First Thai

Just came back from a night out with very old friends. Not old as in the age, but old as in I've known them for almost forever. :)

Was at the Loof. It's fucking hot. That's all I can say. Fucking smoldering humid I hate this shit so much pls kill me now hot.

And man, drinking really isn't cheap here. Not for a Malaysian anyway. NOTHING is cheap for a Malaysian here ARGH. Everything is really cheaper here for a Singaporean. Almost everything. For some strange reason I just can NOT ACCEPT THIS FACT. IT IS SO UNFAIR.

Someone questioned how the hell we malaysians manage to freaking survive in malaysia. pay sucks. cost of living sky high. fucking weak ringgit. nothing works. elephants fight for their own egos while ants die in the middle. i couldnt respond to that. suddenly being proud about how great our food is doesn't quite matter anymore. Depressed. Considering slitting wrists. Thinks of penang char kuay teow. mmmm. will defer and reevaluate thought of slitting wrists until I have my next png char kuay teow. mmmm.

I can't believe I can actually forgot to blog about this but WHY THE FUCK ARE MALAYSIANS NOT ALLOWED TO FREAKING PURCHASE DUTY FREE BOOZE AT THE AIRPORT WHY WHY WHY OHGOD TELL ME WHY YOU FUCKING @#($*&(@*&#(*!@&#(*!#@ I tried to buy something from our KLIA airport - cannot. singapore custom don't let, try at Changi? I go Changi. I try to buy something. Oh you Malaysia ah - sorry kenot. WHY KENOT. Custom say kenot. Go outside there read the sign okay?

WHY WHY WHY WHY AREN'T MALAYSIANS ALLOWED TO BUY YOUR GODDAMN DUTY FREE BOOZE WHY. Don't lah put a blanket ban. I understand that you want to stop these 1 day goers from buying but don't stop ppl who will be staying in your teeny tiny island for more than one week from buying liquour. IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP MY SANITY INTACT HERE WITHOUT HAVING TO URGE SOMEBODY'S EYE OUT WITH MY PENCIL OKAY WTF. WHY WHY I DEMAND A FREAKING EXPLANATION RIGHT NOW. eventhough I'm sure I can google for it. I rather have more comments from irate singaporeans telling me that i'm such a stupid ugly idiot and that i should die and go to hell for being such a stupid malaysian. Burn in hell, haters.

Wow. Bitchy mode a bit on. Drinking does that to me now. Actually Bitch is my my middle name. It is a silent word. And invisible. Which is why you don't see it in between Fire and Angel. But trust me, it's there.

Suanie is here. With Paul. YEAY! We're all going to watch Avenue Q. It better not suck I swear I'll torch the damn esplanade down. The fucking tickets cost us about RM trillions dollars stupid goddamn useless ringgit ARGH STOMP THE ANNOYING SHITTY RINGGIT ARGH

I feel damn tak puas loh. What is so great about Malaysia apart from the food. List me 5 good things for you and me about our great tanahair. Good luck with that. No don't give me shit like we're not at war, we're not all hardcore poor, we have letrik and clean water (yeah right) and lame crap like that. REAL REASONS.

Hey you singaporeans. Is there some kinda regulation about MSG being banned here? Is that why food here isn't all that tasty or fulfilling? Please confirm. CONFIRM THIS. I KNOW HOW EAGER YOU ARE AT DEFENDING YOUR PERFECT COUNTRY SO BRING IT ON.

Sorry, I'm not usually that confrontational (lies) but the alcohol in me really loosens up my fingers.


*cue chorus of angels singing*

It's at a place called First Thai along Purky (?) Road. OMG. IT IS TASTY. ALMOST AUTHENTIC. THE TOMYAM. THE GREEN CURRY CHICKEN. Even their waitresses were REAL THAIs. holy shit i can actually TASTE THE FOOD. IT WAS SO GOOD. SO GOOD SO GOOD. And not only do I taste the food, it actually tastes AWESOME. Every time I chew my food tears of joy would start streaming out of my eyes, the clouds would part and a ray of light would shine from the heavens, . It was that good. Well, maybe I exaggerate a little, but it is a serious change from what I've been getting at the damn food courts in CBD. My friend promises she will take me to the best chicken rice she has ever tasted (she is Malaysian by the way - so I KNOW I CAN TRUST HER). I can't wait CAN'T WAIT CANT FUCKING WAIT my stomach is jumping so hard from joy that it's tickling my tonsils.

See? I don't hate everything about Singapore. Actually I never said I hate everything about Singapore. Cis where the fuck did you guys ever got that idea from? Stop taking your drugs man.

Okay it's wayyy past my bedtime. I need to enjoy THIS weekend coz I didn't have a weekend LAST weekend and I freaking deserve THIS one damnit!



  1. Glad to hear that you finally had something good to eat.

  2. I ran into that "no DFS if coming from Malaysia" thing on my last visit when I flew Air Asia (yay!) back from KL.

    Apparently, it's (Malaysia) still considered a "domestic" destination, according to ghamen, therefore no DFS.

    I am flying into SIN early on the 14th. If you need "the needful", I can be persuaded to pick up items at DFS since I don't usually use my entire allowance. Let me know!

  3. Hey you got some spare time on your hands huh? Five good things about Malaysia: 1. You (when you're there, I mean.) 2. Suanie (when she's there). 3. Sorry, that's all I can think of.

  4. There's nothing that great about Malaysia besides the food and 'some' your family/friends.

    The majority of Malaysians will not stand up for the country which is why we have been in the shits for so long.

    There are shopping malls everywhere in the world. Who gives a damn about the twin towers. NOt as if you live in it or own it. It's not even the tallest now.

    The night life is ok but nothing to shout about compared to other asian countries.

    WE have a better quality of life compared to Zimbabwe but we never talk about why we have a lousier income to SIngapore/hk/taiwan/south korea/australia...etc which have simlarities in population size, history and percapita income 50 years ago.

    We drive Proton when other people drive superior Toyota/Honda for a cheaper price.

    We have no minimum wage/social security but we have lots of tolls.

    We have shitty public transport while other countries have efficient systems. (not perfect, but reasonably ok)

    We have no Obama, but at least we don't have a Palin. But then again we have a Najib, Khairy, Pak Lah, SYed Hamid,...etc etc.

    We have no world class/recognised local universities but we have lots of unemployable grads.

    We have no electricity in some schools but at least we had an Astronaut in space!

    We used to have ALex Yoong, but now we only have Mat Rempits.

    WE used to have a wonderful judiciary system but now we have a weak one.

    WE used to have a Zaid, but now he is gone.

    We used to have clean air, but now we choke (and blame Indonesia)

    We used to be better than Singapore in every aspect, but now they laugh at us, come over to JB to eat our food, buy our cheaper toilet paper, speed on our roads and not pay the fines, complain about our useless dirty toilets..and worse....steal our women!

    We have NS for boys and girls to hook up from all over the country while Sg has NS to train how to kill us all.

    We used to have helicopters that were 40years old and always crashed, but now we will have new over-priced helicopters. Oops..i mean now we will have NO helicopters.

    We used to have the hills, the trees and the nature strips, but now we will only have crony approved developments in those areas.

    We used to be a nation with so much promise, but now we are a nation of 'has-beens, could-have beens and washouts."

    We are the next Indonesia. Crushing poverty alongside gleaming wealth.

    Nevertheless..let me give credit where credit is due.

    There are still opportunities in Malaysia to do well. They are only for those with sufficient resources to purchase homes in gated communities, foreign brand cars, overseas/private education for their children, connections, maids, and well paid jobs on the right side of the income gap.

    If you are on the wrong side, time for you to migrate/work harder/hit the lottery.

    IF you are on the right side, COngratulations! you've made it. ISn't it fantabulous buying LV bags for your wife/gf? and a nice Patek Phillipe for yourself?

    Still, its always a good idea to diversify your assets in case things fuck up here. Please talk to your financial advisors about shifting some of your nett worth to SIngapore/AUstralia/UK/US/Dubai.

    And be nice to your relatives in Perth/Melbourne. You never know when you'll be joining them or sending your kids there to escape the scourge of fundamentalism/racism/corruption in Malaysia.

    Till then please try to stay optimistic. Somebody has to keep the faith, but it isnt going to be me.

    I'm too busy plotting which Japanese car to buy.


  5. Isn't it ironic that the first 'tasty' food you experience in Singapore is Thai food? LOL... To be fair to these people there is good, tasty food here. It just takes a lot of fucking trouble to find it. Geylang is a good place to look. So I am told.

  6. Singapore is the regional powerhouse for INTERNATIONAL food.Best international food in SEA.

    Better hawker food is best to look north to KL or Bangkok.

  7. we wont ever need to pay a REAL summon, bribe lima ringgit sudah kao tim~ infact we can even bribe off jail after stabbing someone's eyeball with a pen.

  8. i see you have mature.......nice lovely picture below that NOT A DRUNKARD.........

  9. It's First Thai at Purvis Street :)

    I absolutely love that place. You have to try the Olive Rice there! And the Thai Orange Juice and Thai Milk Tea too!

    And yeah flying we're not allowed to buy alcohol if we're flying to/back from Sg. I got a rude shock the last time I flew back from Sg =/

    Avenue Q was awesome! You'll enjoy it for sure :)

    This may sound weird, but I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts from from when I first came to Sg a year ago. haha. You'll get used to it in time.. How long will u be here for?

    Anyway, if you miss mamak food, Thomson Prata House at Thomson Road is pretty good, as well as Al-Jilani over at Bencoolen Street.


  10. Ironic confessions of a disgruntled homosapien ranting thru the displeasure of life's offerings when he/she practically knows that he/she possesses the power bestowed on him/her to cull. Indeed a fledgling in life is as blind as a bat handicapped without the ability to echolocate. Good luck in seeking the true essence of life and having a happy life.

  11. Yeah First Thai is bloody good and f-ing spicy.

    M'sians are more friendly and sociable? :) I find that Singaporeans tend to be awkward and quieter.

  12. stop cursing and swearing u bitch!!next time when u are angry just find a man and get fucked!

  13. Like your new photo better than the old one.

  14. Chill, woman. CHILL.
    Now go to bed and sleep off the alcohol.
    Hope you had a good weekend after all this anger. ;)

  15. Most people cannot afford a landed property there. You'd probably have to make do with a flat and not a condo with faclities. Is that a good or bad thing by your books??



    FA: lololol. okokokok i try to look for one!! That pic so old already wanted to renew it mar!!

  17. 1. people are tamed, easy to cheat by government
    2. "never mind la" -ism made demand for quality globally lowest, easy for businessman to make more money
    3. u can bribe police, they can bribe judge
    4. totally disintegrated LRT system, u walk more than Singaporean
    5. download porn through torrent 8 years, still no one catch me.

  18. I got to liking your Blog after reading the "fiery" language (being polite here la)Go, go man keep it "hot"!!! what's a few F words among friends???. Spices things up. I know about that Thai restaurant. It is on Purvis Street not "purky" la. This is the cheaper version of the same restaurant and I believe this one is halal. Go down to the other end of the same row of shops and you will see the upper end one. Also good but pay more.With air con that is why. So Loof got you hot and bothered eh!! What do you expect?? That is Al fresco drinking ma!!! Then wait for it
    to rain la!!Ooh!! Pat and I had one of the worst chicken rice ever last night! Real shit and they are supposed to be from the original famous Swee Kee of the 60s etc. The next time this friend of mine who is supposed to be a foodie recommends me on "good" food I am going to deduct 60% off what he says. Shit. Just came back from Ipoh. Had bowls of Ka Lei Mai Fun, the famous Hugh Low Street one. Still Ok lah but not as good as when I was a teenager!!! 60 years ago. My sympathies with you on your low ringgit. Should have negotiated to be paid in S$. Your mistake leh!!! Tonight Pat and I going to try out a Laksa Steam Boat, want to join us????

  19. Arghhhh no! Please put back the old pix. This new pix is simply too innocent! Can't handle this, this, this .... smile (is it a sweet smile or a wicked one?). I visit this blog with a certain expectation, now everything is gone.

    FA: Ah shit. *pressure pressure* ok ok i find another drinking pic!

  20. Never eat in foodcourts! The ingredients are mass-produced in some factory and they employ non-cooks to process the food in a standard fashion. Food sold there are not representative of the local fare. The only reason to eat in a food court is the air-con.

  21. You bitchy lady...reading your fucking story is pretty stressful. It's like sitting down to a picnic in a middle of a highway!!
    Why don't you fucking stay put in goddamn S'pore and don't ever fucking come back to M'sia!

  22. Remember eons ago when I listed the reasons in the comments why you should check out Singapore and a few people agreed?

    Two of them were
    - you'll be in a country where they actually want you there
    - there won't be crabs that pull you back into the bucket

    Prime exhibit/evidence #A: idiot commenter right above.


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