Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I dropped by car keys into the toilet today.

Fucking gross.

Well, at least it wasn't number 2.

And definitely better than dropping my car keys next to my car and not knowing about it until someone calls me up from the police station.


Anyway, my car keys still work fine.

Thank goodness it's perodua. keke :P


  1. Lol. my gf once dropped her hp into the toilet. it was a goner.

  2. aiks... so... isit before or after... hehe.. maybe me just asking too much.. or just asking trouble.. lolx... humor me curiosity... ;p

  3. Quick! now can sell the keys on ebay!

  4. Would have been better if the said toilet is in Sg I guess. Talk about cleanliness.

  5. ehm. why it ended up there at the first place?

  6. yo, sis
    how di hell could u physically do that, dear?!!
    i have heard guys dropping keys in urinals (bloody show offs) and toilets cos they were pissed.....but ladies in toilets????.....uummmm i dont know....but hey you are a great buddy ...oops gal!!

  7. In my ex-company, my colleague dropped her Kelisa keys into a hole in the ladies. We all tried using our hands to go through the slimy black hole but with no effect. Finally, her BF came and he got a hook made out of wires.

    It was not until we saw the gooey stuff stuck to the wires........

  8. hello

    don't tell us you dropped yourself into it too! it has been a long while since the last post and i am going thru some sort of withdrawal syndrome.....vodka kickapoo please.....


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