Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 17 & 18: Buskers, Xmas Deco, Allergies, Food

Long fucking day. But let's not talk about work. Ever.

I was wondering over the weekend, if those buskers/beggars in Orchard street needed a permit or not. I mean, this is a country which regulates everything after all! Then I found out later, to me (un)surprise that they DO need permits after all. holy shit what the fuck?

I saw more sparrows in Orchard Road. Yeay! It's alive!

The Christmas decorations are starting to come up. It's looking quite festive. Except I think everybody's cutting back on expenditure so it looks very.... moderate. 10 years ago when I was visiting in Singapore, the decos were hardcore full on extravagant. Ginormous trees and tree decorations, Santa on his sleigh pulled by giant reindeers, giant gingerbread/toy houses, fake snow, blinking lights everywhere, giant snowmen, giant fake snowflakes..... maybe it's still early. Let's wait till next month to really see.

I have to start facing facts. I wasn't sure before.. but I'm quite sure now... I think I'm allergic to beer. Coz everytime after I drink beer, the bottom part of my left eye where my eyebag is always swell. Looking like a big mosquito bite. seriously I swear to your god. Just on my left eye. Mosquito bite. Everytime I have beer. Is this an allergic reaction? Sigh. One less reason to live.

Have had the pleasure of tasting some Singaporean hainanese chicken rice at some famous market place in tanjang pagar. It was actually quite good. Got taste and everything yum yum and it was only 2.80!!!! CHEAP! AND NOT BAD! CAN CRY LOH! Then I had some fish slice mee hoon soup at market place, 5 bucks. Wasn't half bad, but something was still missing. The meehoon was the laksa noodle type. Quite weird. But okay lah, not bad.

Back to Malaysia on Friday. Singapore counter shall be paused momentarily.

Sleepy already. G'nite!


  1. WHAT TURF. You been having swollen eye every single day for N years now only you realize the reason ah!!!!!!!


  2. ONE swollen left eye is hardly a reason to give up beer.... LOL


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