Thursday, October 30, 2008

Malaysia vs Singapore

Ohai I'm back in Malaysia for a bit. So the singapore counter will be stopped for a moment.

Let's take this opportunity to tackle an issue.

Dear Readers From Kennysia:
There is a sudden influx of curious readers thanks to Mr Kennysia who pimped my blog last week (Thanks KS). No doubt that most of you readers are new to my blog and are highly likely to be Singaporean. Not just any singaporean, but a very young, loyal one. So you expect nothing but praises about your great your country. Hahaha. HAHAHA. Hah. Obviously that is not that case here. As such, I sense that most of you are very upset (in a controlled way) about how much I bitch about Singapore because you don't know jackshit about me or my style of writing. But I am generous and kind, so I'll give you a quick explanation of how this silly little blog works.

Please be assure that as much as I bitch about Singapore, I bitch about Malaysia as much if not more. Eventhough you don't see that much in my "Singapore Days" posts but in my every other BAU (business as usual) posts I bitch about Malaysia. It's just the way I am. I BITCH ABOUT EVERYTHING. So if my style of writing irks you, and you feel the strongest urge to stab my eyeballs with a pen after reading my posts, please do yourselves and your blood presure a favour by just going away. This goes for you too, new Malaysian readers who are upset when I bitch about our beloved tanahair. If you can't take the sarcasm or the causticness or the crude unfunny jokes, just fuck off lah. I'm not in desperate need of your eyeballs. Or the traffic. Or the money from the traffic, okay? We're clear? Good.

Regular blog transmission:
I now understand why Malaysians and Singaporeans are always bitching about how each other's country not being good enough. How we don't do that as much to the other countries we visit. The problem is that we were once a country, and at some point of time shared the same history, culture, food, people, everything. I suppose when everything looks the same, feels the same, it's not wonder people expect things to be the same. And the problem is that it can't because eventhough we are similar, we are not exactly alike. In fact, we have not been a country for over 40 years!

At the end of the day, we should learn how to manage our own expectations of each other's country. But until that day comes, the bitching will continue. Which is perfectly fine by me. :)

My mum commented how healthy I looked. Not in the fatter sense, but in the "better skin" sense. It's probably because of the clean Singapore air. Which I'm really starting to miss. Meanwhile, I'm home stuffing my face with our overly tasty food. I miss our unhealthy junk. YUmmy yummy yum yum. Ok this blogging thing is taking too much time away from my eating. Less blog, more face stuffing. Kthxbai.


  1. number 1 hahahahah, keep up the writing.... better to bitch than boring shit hahaha...

  2. it's probably the lousy food than the air!

  3. well, i live in both countries so i know e pros n cons of both. so feel free 2 disclose all e cons 2 ur heart's content.

    4 e lousy taste of food u encountered in s'pore, i guess u had not experienced e good food yet. there r some nice food in s'pore too. e s'poreans do love m'sian food. i know some who fly or drive all e way 2 malacca, kl, perak n penang just 2 eat. u c their car plate numbers in huge quantities at e n-s highway during weekends. at e bayan lepas airport, if u c people taupau huge number of packs of char kueh tiaw, they r most probably s'poreans.

    my fren once shared a theory: food taste gets better as u head north frm s'pore 2 thailand. S'pore (taste worst) to Thailand (taste best). E food hygiene also deteoriates frm e best (S'pore) 2 e worst (Thailand) n i guess it plays a big role in e difference of e food's taste maybe?

  4. bugger. I come here, you go bAck.

    And why do u even bother apologizing? Let them kids bitchlar. U just bitch back HARDER. Buahaha

    FA: Eh I didn't apologise also!!!

  5. diehardx: that does not hold true for bak kut teh. northern and southern BKT just cannot make it lah

  6. Yeah... Kenny attracts a lot of criticism on his site, no matter what he writes. I guess it's just part of his audience. You bitch, because you're you, and they criticize because they are they. Don't take it personally or feel the need to apologize. Just be the FireFuckstressAngel that we all love.

    FA: no ah. not apologising ar. explaining only. :P

  7. I'm Singaporean, young as sin, and loving your bitching :D
    We must be exposed for the fanatically sanitised robot-clones we are!

    (Food with too much taste or kick, messes up our circuits lah, FA) See under: Stepford

    Don't spray paint my staircase landing, O loyal S'poreans!

  8. Buy me a camera already!!!!

    Oh sorry, I mean, buy yourself one! :-)

    One memory I have from Singapore is running around the Hotel in 1972 and knocking on peoples doors and running away! Okay, I was seven at the time and my elder brother Garry talked us [me and my brother Paul] into it. So, for anyone who was in a hotel in 1972 and was woken up by two Aussie kids knocking on your door and then running away, I have one thing to say.
    HA HA!~ It was MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  9. singapore? malaysia? j00 haven't seen indonesia yet! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!1111111satusatusatu

  10. nobody bitch the way you bitch! A U T H E N T I C. who would have thought of birds chirping from speakers planted onto trees! fark - only farkstress can. they can poke you in the eyes with their 0.7 mechanical pencils but sure no biting your fingers. i am compiling your sg write ups and soon may be selling them as a cd at some alleys.

  11. Aiya, everyone has different opinions what. One should be open minded in seeing things from different perspective.

    Fellow Singaporeans, lets relak 1 corner and be better hosts ok :D

  12. I don't think it's a matter of singaporean being bad hosts. Just not very interesting ones. hahaha.

  13. I've always played host to my foreign friends, mainly ang mohs cos when it comes to malaysian or thai or indonesian, I have no food to "show off" in Singapore.

    Once, I brought a malaysian to zam zam, famous murtabak store along arab street and guess what she said to me: taste normal. okay only.

    Since then, I dont dare to play host to any of the asians.

    FA, since your food is tastier right, can bungkus some ramly burgers from malaysia for your Singapura readers?? Your ramly burgers more sedap than ours.

    Terima Kasih dan Selamat Datang Ke Singapura :)

  14. Nothing's wrong with the bitching! It's good to see Singapore from a non-Singaporean's perspective. Really interesting! :)

  15. My first comment in ur blog after been reading it since 1-2 years ago. Love the way you bitch so keep up the good work! Don have to appease to those who have NO sense of humour especially of the types that are generated from breathing, living, and reading super-lame blogs like KS (and till now I don understand how ppl still flock to it like flies to crap). We definitely need more honest and true to heart blogger like you and not some chessy and lame-O bloggers who are just interested in generating traffics!!

  16. i have also been ur reader for 2 or 3 years i think..the first time i read it was when u first posted a video of your self..

    Anyway..ignore those readers who complained. i am singaporean too..but some facts were really i'm on your side too. =D They duno how u blog or what..i travel to Malaysia to eat sometimes too..

  17. Either I have been staying in Singapore too long or the cooks there have finally discovered salt. And TASTE! I swear that the past week there I've been eating food that I could taste. And these were not at places 'recommended' by Singaporeans as being the BEST IN SINGAPORE!!! Even the bowl of BKT I had at this place called The Canteen, which it isn't la, had taste! I said taste ya? I didn't say that it tasted like BKT which it didn't. Speaking of BKT, I've been taken to a BKT place which many locals claim to be the best in the little red dot. The walls of the place are hung with photos of famous people who have eaten there. Including many local and Hong Kong movie/tv stars as well as Thai criminal Thaksin. Proves 2 things I guess. Movie/tv stars and Thai's know nuts about BKT and could care less about how BKT should taste. Camera! Smile! Ok let's get outta here! And the Singaporeans believe! Damn good one la I tell you. Even Thaksin eat there one. Well, Beng, I can show you one stall in Penang which has photos of Mahathir and other assorted Malaysian VIP's endorsing its offering of sop ayam. kambing, lembu, torpedo etc. I'm not saying that the soup isn't good. Just that I wouldn't make a special trip there to have it. Maybe that's why the times I've been there I've never seen any VIP's of any description.

  18. How many came from Kenny Sia? If it's a guy's blog it will be about 1k and for a girl it will be around 3k.

  19. I read in that she also thinks Malaysian food is tastier than Singaporean food. She's Singaporean. haha! I love your blog coz it's honest and not just random bitching.


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