Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 01: First Impressions

Updates in pointform! Because they are short and sweet and thanks to MTV everybody's attention span has been reduced to more or less a negative thousand.

Everything's so clean. All the signs are in English. So many Chinese people. It's very surreal.

Everything looks the same for some strange reason - it makes me feel so lost. I have absolutely no idea where I am.

The variety of shit in terms of products they have here is just mindboggling. WHy don't we have it in Malaysia too? WHY? We're just right on TOP.

Too hot. TOO HOT. It's not as if they don't have trees here. And both countries are on the khatulistiswa Must be the solar pollution from all the skyscrappers yang memantuli the cahaya to the ground.

It irks me like nobody's business when I hear people say "shook" instead of "syiok". Why why WHY do they insist on saying it as SHOOK?

My first lunch at some so-called popular hawker spot - pan mien. BLAND. I shudder at how my eating days here will be like. But dinner was okay - had tai chow near my place. Kailan and hotplate beef. Yum! Just feaking expensive though. :( Where to eat decent food in the city (besides fast food) but doesn't cost an arm and leg ar?

Bought some groceries at Cold Storage and OMG PURAMILKK!!!!!!!!111one. The first time I ever had one of those was more than 10 years ago! I hope there's no melanine in this sucker because I happily grabbed a carton and am now quivering in anticipation to have a taste of it.


I actually bought some grapes - trying to do the healthy thing early because I KNOW later on I won't give 2 fucks anymore.

Kept converting all my SGD purchases into RM, can't help it, force of habit. When you see it dollar for dollar it's like damn cheap, but after multiplying it by 2.41 OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Seriously way cheaper to be Singaporean in Singapore than Malaysian in Malaysia. Sigh.

Unlucky with a glass of red sangria tonight. The most horrible foul tasting shit I ever had the unfortunate luck to taste. For some fucking odd reason, this sangria 1) had foams on top 2) no fruits 3) no punch taste 4) had a hint of coconut liquer which I absolutely fucking hate with a vengeance. This is the second time in a row I've had bad cocktails in Singapore. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Is it just me or is this really the singaporean way of making their cocktails? ohgodhelpme if the latter is true.

Thank god for the internet.

Btw, if you are a friend, and you want to keep in touch with me, email me for my singapore number k? :)

The whole pad to myself. Nice. I could even walk around naked if I wanted to. Heh.



  1. I miss you oledi. No one go siew yoke / free booze parties with me liao. :(

  2. It's true, cocktails in SG tend to suck, unless you know where to go to find the better bartenders, I guess. Take the bus to a HDB town center to eat loh.. no guarantee it'd be good, but some of it actually is.

  3. Hope you enjoy the office politics. Singaporeans are famous for bullying Malaysians.

    Make sure you stand up for yourself when they 'Dog Eye See Man Down' you.

  4. so u now officially singaporean?

  5. did i just see you at breakfast in the room next to the reception this morning???

  6. If you insist on walking around naked at least install a web cam in the apartment!!!!

    Sangria often has foam on top of it. Never seen it without fruit in it though! Very strange!

  7. lu kat singapore belapa lama ah? Damn bored now @ Fish & Co. What's your number? 15 minutes before I change my mind.

  8. To eat cheap(er) in the city:

    Raffles Place: Golden Shoe and Mei Xin food courts; basement of Chevron House.

  9. been a silent reader all these while and i can't help but to agree about the shook part. pisses me shit outta me :( good luck :)

  10. the "shook" part... ive never heard singaporean or any of my singaporean friends/colleague saying this leh. my chinese/indian/malay colleagues at work pronounced them as SHHHHHIIIIIOOOKKKKKKKK. then again we arent working near CBD, so maybe those anglo speaking people working at that area say it that way.

  11. ermm........ Singapore is exactly where the equator line or khatulistiwa is. Malaysia is further up, theoretically they should be warmer. F#(

  12. Kilkenny can? Hmm.. must buy when I go there this next Jan.

  13. Came across year blog fr kennysia.haha. Honestly it made me feel good. I am not alone! Yes! I had to take a double take when my work mate used the word shook. The curry puff was not even great! Word of warning stay away fr their claypot rice. Newbie in singapore

  14. Totally agree with Hon on the claypot rice. The claypot rice here is literally claypot rice, if u put rice in a claypot, then u got claypot rice lo, that's the singapore logic here. Actually singaporean is damn proud of their food.


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