Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 08 (con't): Dragonfly Club

So I was asked to go check out Dragonfly which was one of the five (?) dance halls in Saint James Powerhouse Station. Each dance hall had a theme, and the one that we went to had a Cantopop theme. In between r&b and hiphop DJ spun music there were live performances by import Chinese and local artistes sing popular mandarin and Cantonese songs….and in case you were wondering, this is NOT my sort of thing and didn’t know about the venue until we were already there.

One big similarity between Singapore and Malaysian clubbing seen is that crowd control is absolutely non-existent. Learning from KY I made a quick note of alternative exit doors, just in case.

Best thing about Singapore clubbing scene is that there’s no smoking in the club. If you have to fag, you’ve got to take it outside. One thousand points for Singapore. But the good part stops there.

This is the second time I’ve been clubbing in Singapore. The first time really sucked for me and I think I’ve written about that some time back. This second time wasn’t that great either and the whole experience was quite awkward for me.

Guys were buying girls drinks (these are strangers), girls were happily accepting them and expecting more. Both guys and girl were role-playing all the time. The guys playing the male chauvinist macho man while the girls were very “manja”, feminine and act all cute-like. I never noticed this in Malaysian clubs, but it seems very evident here. And this is strictly based on the observations I made last night. Actually, I see this even in the daytime, but that’s a story for another day.

Another thing, when we go clubbing back in Malaysia we’d go in a group with a mix of boys and girls. Sometimes we don’t have a table, so we’d “tumpang” one of the group member’s friend’s table, and the whole group will join in. But here, the guys only allowed the girls to tumpang, and basically told the guys to fuck off. It’s quite sickening. After that, all the enthusiasm for clubbing in me completely went out the window. Talk about in your face biased selfishness.

Dragonfly (I keep thinking that it’s called grasshopper for some odd reason) has the tiniest dance floor ever. And this is me talking, the one who keeps bitching about how small Malaysian dance floors are. Dragonfly’s dance floor makes the smallest ones back home look like football fields.

Wait, let me tell you the most fucked up thing – do you know what Singaporeans mix their whiskey with? Believe it or not - Green tea. Green motherfucking tea. Not coke, not soda. But freaking green tea. Let me share with and assure you that this is the most foul tasting gunk ever. How to describe the taste… it tastes exactly like what you expect drain water to taste. Why the Singaporeans really love this horrible concoction will completely baffle the average human mind.

My group wanted to leave at 4am. I was ready to go at 2. I found out that the Dragonfly club closes at 6am – much to my disappointment. I had wanted the night to end early. Do all clubs in Singapore close at 6am?

This outing is very close to making me swear of all Singapore clubs. Maybe I’ve just been to the wrong clubs, met the wrong crowd. You know what they say, third time’s a charm.


  1. Hi Fireangel,

    I'm a malaysian in sg too but you reli think green tea in whiskey sucks? i love it eh.. lol.. and i drank that even before i came to sg. hmmm.. anway, not tryin to defend sg or wat but i guess most of those act cute girls are possibly foreigners as dragonfly has ALOT of foreigners lik you and me. =)

  2. Welcome to the land of everything tasteless and healthy. ;)

  3. Hmm. Did you get a chance to check out the other rooms in St. James? From what I've been told (I've not been there yet), they're different in theme; maybe they're also different in their occupants' temperment. I hope.

  4. How odd. I never knew Singaporeans mixed Whiskey w/ green tea as well.

    I know that the some China people have e tendency to do that too, and my reaction was exactly the same as yours when I found out.
    Pretty much WTF.

  5. Don't bring me clubbing when I'm there please. I just wanna minum. ehehehe.

  6. Show me the house brewed beer pls.

  7. Clubs in KL do serve whisky with green tea. i had one back in Maison a couple of years back. it sucked, seriously. my friends loved it, but i felt like puke when i had my first gulp. i'd rather take'em neat if they only have green tea.

  8. Hi Fireangel,

    For me nothing goes into my whiskey not even "rocks". So i understand your sentiment but even coca cola is not allowed.

  9. You should try movida, its way better partying with latina's

  10. But.. but... you like free drinks and are one of the queens of acting cute what!! (reference: old cosplay photos) *runs away*

  11. sadly, you've been to the wrong club. that's all i can say. dragonfly's pretty much catered to the very much older generation and inclined towards the chinese-speaking grp. bad choice. :(

    there are tonnes of better clubs arnd, eg along clarke quay, mohd sultan road. try zouk, indochine forbidden city, butter factory.. afterall, sg's not known for it's clubbing scene for nothing.

  12. You're right about the crowd control thing... HIGHLY ANNOYING!
    I agree with j, try clarke quay. This may sound stupid, but go earlier... At least you can enjoy drinks and dancing with friends without having to mosh with strangers for EVERYTHING

  13. Haha . . . . Singaporeans 'love' their green tea with whiskey the same way their perverted tongues 'love' their wantan mee with 'tomato ketchup' *yelch* and pepper-soup-bak-kut-teh . . . and yes ,they're a society of self absorbed, told to do, single track minded morons . . .

  14. oOOo, very realistic heh.

    and ya the EXIT doors are very important!

  15. Come to dbl o with me,
    free drinks on ladies nights,
    awesome rnb and crowd.

  16. my gawd. you're sucha suaku! stop throwing msian's face! pls understand there are differences in cultures, differences in personal preferences, differences in way of life here and KL. get a life man, if you wanna work here, get used to the culture and people, every country is unique in their own ways, get out of your comfort zone, just because things dont work exactly the way it does back home does not mean you can condemn things around here. we surpass msia in many aspects for a reason, go think about whats that reason. grow up kid! you sound so childish, you're not gonna survive here in singapore. its competitive, harsh and only the fittest survive, you dont seem tough enough to handle all that. a little bit of thing that doesnt go your way you'll complain here and there. no use being hardworking and smart here, you gotta be the all rounder to survive, stop being a mountain tortise you might still survive in this bustling city.

    FA: Hahahaha she's popping her vein about my comments about ONE club. Another crazy singaporean who thinks her country is flawless and even taking up her precious time to refute ONLY the negative aspects of my observations of singapore by saying that I suck and that I should go the home. No no, you would never complain about your fine, perfect country. In fact, you would never complain about anything! It's completely unheard of! What was *I* thinking!!? How dare me! I should be ashamed of myself!

  17. Wow. Don't Singaporeans go to other countries and complain that everything is not like back home?

  18. Quote: Another crazy singaporean who thinks her country is flawless.

    Please do not associate normal sporeans with people like that. And there are many sporeans, 1 in 4 perhaps, who hate sg. Think NSF, ERP, CPF, COE and poitical situation here.

    we hate it more than u think. But we realise we cannot do much since life aint that bad, considering facts we have many brands u cant get, higher currency rates and stuff. So we just drink our green tea whisky and mambo in zouk.

  19. hi! i enjoyed reading your posts about Singapore because its interesting to see a different perspective. =) by the way, maybe you want to try a different place to club? from what i know, Dragonfly is for an older crowd, and not many people i know would go to Dragonfly. hope you'll have a better clubbing experience!


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