Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 11: MOS, Chang Kee, McCafe, Bordersm Emerald Hill & Orchard

Finally had my first taste of MOS cheeseburger (not the rice one)! Okay which one of you jokers told me it was the greatest thing ever? Come here and say that to my face so I can freaking punch your face in you bitch, hehe! It's very, very salty. So salty that my tongue feels like it's been scraped with sandpaper made out of rock salt. Why is food here like opposite extremes one. Either tasteless or too damn salty. Yeah I know you guys always complain that our sauces are too thick, too sweet, too salty too much msg, too herbally, too spicy, basically just too much of everything. But we at least got variety lah... here it's just fucking SALTy, or no taste. As the guys from icanhascheezburgr say, Ur doin' it rong!!11

Also tried an Old Chang Kee curry puff today. Haih. Pastry too thick and dry. Inside no chicken. Only potato and a hint of curry taste. SO SAD LOH. Some more supposed to be famous wei. Curry puff also cannot run away from being "sanitised" ar. :*( I'm wondering if Chang Kee curry puffs are something locals will never eat and it's more of a tourist con thing? Is it?!?!? Tell me the truth!!!!!

I was walking pass Shaw Centre today and I couldn't believe it when I saw a McCafe. What the hell is a McCafe? It's a freaking coffee house by Mcdonalds. Yeah the one that brought you all the Mcmeals. The cafe was FILLED with customers and people were actually lining up for their coffee!!!! Something is wrong with the picture lah. I mean a fastfood joint selling coffee what has the world come to? Next thing you know they'll be selling books, apparels, compiling music CDs and coming up with their own cocktails. Mcbooks. Mcclothes. Mcmusic. Mccocktail. If we don't stop it now Mcdonalds will take over the WORLD!!!! We'll all live in a MCWORLD! NOOOO!!!

I spent some time at Borders (packed packed packed) because it was raining outside. Scott Adams came up with a new book, which is basically a compilation of all his blog entries from his website. I love it. He is too funny! I plopped myself next to the China fiction section and laughed by myself every 5 and a half minutes or so, and after awhile I realised the parameter surrounding me was considerably emptier. Oh well If they can't take someone enjoying a book then fuck them.

Walked along the stretch of Emerald Hill to check out the Peranakan houses. They were pretty, and very well maintained. It's like what you'll see in some areas from KL and Melaka, except cleaner. Bugged Mr. Niamah while he was eating his bak kut teh @ the Canteen. I just had to ask how it was, and we all know the response to that :P. (Aiyak.. did I thank you for the drink ar? So rude so rude! THANK YOU!!!) Also finally walked the entire stretch of Orchard Road today. Malls, malls, malls. All selling the same homogenic stuff. People people people everywhere! People tend to overdress to go out shopping here don't they?

I'm so tired of crowds man. Weekday have to fight with a sea of working people. Weekend have to fight with a sea of shopping people. Don't you guys get ever get tired of this?

Time for bed, nights!


  1. Eh its damn nice ok the MOS?

    I went to the one somewhere near Orchard (near an MRT station connected to a mall) and it was pretty good.

    The girl at the counter was cute, and that helps of course :p

  2. erm..why din't u try out the carls' junior instead?? the western double burger was good..there is still alot which i have yet to try it..

    this is some sites u can try to find some food..not sure if the food they intro is really good anot..but..nevertheless u can still try it out.. =D



  3. I don't believe it was me who said MOS was the best ever, but I really do think - and you may agree - that they offer a refreshing alternative to McD's and BK.
    So you didn't try the rice burger. The very first MOS burger I had was a shrimp burger on rice buns. Be warned, it was very sticky, and it might be saltier than what you are hoping for. I had a few more MOS burgers, but I can't remember what they were. I should say that after the initial has-McDonald's-ever-heard-of-this-place experience at MOS, the food was just par for the course compared to Japanese standards and price but way better than American standards and price.
    Here's my rule for judging a new place to eat (I won't call MOS a restaurant) - Unless you're absolutely sickened by the first experience, give them another try. If it still fails to please you, then it's not a good place.

  4. Hah.... now believe or not ? Singapore's food..... just like their people.. lifeless......

    Tak caya... sekarang sudah ada pengalaman....

    Makanan Singapura memang BLUEEEEKK!

  5. Sorry, stopped reading after the big about salty burgers. Actually, McDonald's has pretty good coffee. Better than some of the drivel they serve here. For the money, McD's and 7-11 coffee rate the highest.

  6. Makan MOWS burger before or not :P

  7. Mos Burger - I only eat the Rice Burgers. The Unagi one tastes like a giant Unagi sushi.

    Old Chang Kee - I stopped eating Old Chang Kee curry puffs for many years now. There are better ones around.

    Borders - I prefer Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City. Better variety.

    McCafe - Hate McCafe. Coffee there is overpriced and disgusting. Don't try.

    I work in the city too so I avoid the city on weekends to get away from the crowds. I get my shopping done on weekday nights or weekday afternoons [take leave].

  8. Of course they are tired. That's why every weekend jammed up Changi airport and the causeway to escape from SG. Heh Let's go Dempsey Hill and Holland V !

  9. That's why SG ppl jammed up the airport and causeway every weekend to escape from SG. Hehe This weekend try Holland V and Dempsey Hill. Cheers!

  10. hey u should try mos' teriyaki chicken burger, and their fries and clam chowder soup and frozen strawberries, best!

    and for curry puffs, try A1 puffs instead, their sardine puffs are alrite but its kinda salty :)
    they haf kiosks at taka basement and clarke quay

  11. MOS burger? I remembered trying it out at KLCC once. Once upon a time, there was a MOS there. It was pretty good. My sis and I will try to make a regular trip there. We were pretty bummed when it closed.

    p/s: Praps the Malaysian one better? LOL.

  12. To tell the truth, I like READING your descriptions of things you see rather than see a picture of it. It's a lot more fun that way, and sets you apart from other bloggers who just take the picture and cop out from saying anything more than one or two lines about it.

    But don't let me stop you from getting that camera and posting pictures of you in that long black cheongsam dress. LOL.

  13. Try the rice unagi burger in MOS. Never try the bun version so no comment. As for curry puff, I think SS/2 one is beats Old Chang Kee anytime.

  14. I wonder if there is any authentic msian dishes restaurant there in sg?

    issit goin to be bland too?

  15. When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do and not critisize.

  16. Why MOS burger? I don't wanna get my teeth stuck with glutinous rice. Give me a simple 'ol double cheeseburger anytime.

    Why McCafe? Their original menu can't even make... Alright I don't wanna be sued for malign, I still love your vanilla milk shake and iced lemon tea to death.

    Why Funan? Freakin' overpriced if u ask me.

    Why Dragonfly? The most "Chi-na" discotheque in Singapore?

    Why small dance floors? U can't blame a country (or an island if u prefer to call it) that has only a total stompin' area of 700km2.

    Why Orchard Road? Gimme Haji Lane and Ann Siang Road anytime.

    Why green tea? For the very "Chinese" homosapiens. I still prefer mine on the rocks.

    Why midnight food? Apparently you don't know that there are numerous 24hrs eating oases servin' decent food.

    Why Clark Quay? Hey at least the awnings at the top don't resemble gigantic virginas.

    Why Old Chang Kee? It's a "tikam" thing. I got an average of 4 pieces of chicken.

    Why tissues? Even I can't understand this phenomenon. I'd simply sit down... and keep the tissues.

    Why pretty bags? Know I'm gonna incur wrath with this comment, the owners reflect the bags, pretty on the outside, empty on the inside.

    Why additional 25 cents for chilled drinks? Do like I do, take a normal drink of your choice, put it in the fridge/freezer, walk 2 rounds, and come back for it. Worse come to worse, grab a quickie from a fast food outlet.

    Conclusion? No offense to your friends, but u really need a better "street-wise" guide.

    *Disclaimer: Comments made are solely extracted from the writer's own point of view and in no way directed at any person in mind. Individuals are entitled their own views, there is no right or wrong. Any offense made is apologetic.

  17. Go to Botak Jones. Avoid Ya Kun. Try Cedele's pasta. End of story.

    p.s. Kallang Prawn Mee not too bad either... short walk from Kallang MRT..

  18. Hi Fiery One, you counting your days in Singapore absolutely cracks me up!

    Let loose a bit lah. The food ain't bad nowadays, compared to those days when their char koay teow was red in colour! Got ketchup one!

  19. don't you find that you're a little bit biased against singapore?

    it seems you're just finding faults with everything and anything.

  20. Okay. Talked to my friends, but they haven't been back to Singapore in a really long time so they can't give any information about good places to eat. One friend sais that the anthem is in Malay because Malay is the official language of Singapore. If that's the case, then why doesn't anybody know all the words?

  21. their BKT is more like our pork belly pepper soup >-P

    their char kuey teow SWEET 1! yak

    their chicken/pork porridge, so mushy tat u might get choke any minute, help! water plsss

    their famous "bar chok mee" at bedok, standard is equal to any stall tat we randomly point in msia

    advise: dun try their hawker food, u 1 good food, go big restaurant which the chef normally from sumwhere else

    i like many things abt Sg but not the food pls

  22. Yes, MOSburgers sucks. I don't know who told you it was nice, because it most certainly does not! Once was enough to convince me that it was BAD fast food. My advice is to NEVER try anything from there.

    And i agree with you about old chang kee curry puffs. I never could understand why so many of my friends love it when its just flour flour and more flour. And you pay more for it too!

  23. If you want accountability,order and a fair shake, then you'd find it south of the straits.Likewise,a currency that doesn't go down as fast as you save.
    Lifeless people-I doubt so,play hard and work hard -yes,bland food-you'd find it everywhere if you don't know where to eat, at least you won't find boric acid in your noodles,hormones in your pork,pesticides in your veggies and melamine milk still on the shelves.
    That said,I still prefer Penang food -call me finicky.

  24. michelle,

    u 1 2 knw Y OCK ($1.20) stand out go try those look-like-OCK-karipap sold at other stalls (80sen) n u will know Y, hehee...

    its not juz flour flour flour

    Its flour flour flour flour soft-Uncooked flour wif filling taste almost stale

  25. When I was in school about a decade ago, the music teacher would translate the national anthem to english and taught us how to sing it. I recall the teacher teaching the chinese peeps not to say MARILAH Singapura, but MAJULAH Singapura. I dont think any of my chinese friends would remember the translation of our national anthem.

    FA, whatever it is, DO NOT PATRONISE SINGAPORE'S KFC AT ALL. If you crave for it, please eat the ones at JB. They are 100000 times better than Singapore's KFC.

    How long will you be in Singapore? 2 months? 3 months? Secondment?


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