Friday, October 10, 2008

WNF 9681

so I am happily cruising down a straight road when this bitch with a death wish suddenly turns INTO the road which causes me to slam onto my breaks to avoid a collision with her.

you and i who have studied for damn undang test know very well that the car on the straight road as the right of way and that it is NOT RIGHT for the other car in the junction to NOT look both ways before he/she makes a turn into the straight road. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the thing you do if you DONT WANT TO KILL YOURSELF.

YOU FUCKING HAG. Just because you are old doesnt mean that traffic ethics does not apply you!!! HULKRAGE!


  1. 1st?

    Anyway, live and let live. No point hulkraging unless u can smack her or something.

  2. I have told my mum not to drive my car WNF9681 many times but she wouldn't listen, sorry.....

    No lah just joking.

  3. tsk tsk tsk... The spelling for brakes is BRAKES and not breaks... btw

  4. FA purposely spelled 'brakes' as 'breaks' because she nearly breaked her brakes while trying to avoid breaking her car. hehe.

  5. That's because you didn't see me that's why hmph.

    I was waiting outside till the air leaked out of my tyres wtf.

  6. Desmond - Come on, give her a brake! :-)

    FireSheHulk - Real Hulkrage would have driven into the side of her friggin' car and killed her to teach her a lesson. Of course, installing rocket launchers can save you from damaging your own car. :-)

  7. yeah maybe i should give her a brake since she almost broke the ol hag while trying to break cos the ol hag broke the undang!!

    lol... its the beer talking

  8. It's just so wrong for a "Happy-o-meter" to be on this blog :P

  9. Woi! You're promoting illegal 4D ah?!

  10. u calculated how many license plates u posted so far? i reckon we should collect a list of ''assholic driver'' and pass RM40 to a bomoh and curse the shits out of these people so that oneday all of them run over each other and pile themselves up like shit loads of cow dung.

  11. Good reason to carry a firearm in your car -- good outlet for those road rage moments. Heh.

  12. Damn, saw this too late to buy 4D.

  13. yay!
    yet another car plate number which make it to the Fireangel Hall of Death..

    maybe by year end, we could have a vote to see which car plate get her most furious curses.


  14. I think we should open up a new blog and post number plates of idiotic, brain-dead drivers on it. Never underestimate the power of blograge.

    At least we're making the roads a better place compared to what the related gov. departments has done for us(or not).

  15. Has anyone seen how FA drives? Really wonder..he..he.. She sounds scary with outrage almost each time she opens her mouth. She has uncontrolled anger within her..very hot stuff..she is! You're hot..FA...real hot!

  16. the driver of that car might very well be a Finn. They have a strange traffic rule. That you give way to the vehicle coming from your right. This mean, when you're at a T-junction and you're going straight on, and the vehicle coming out from the junction (has to make a left or right turn) will have the right of way (if there's no yield sign for him/her) and if you're coming from his/her left. Did i mention I think this is a stupid rule?? who the hell has the time and attention to check if there's a stop/yield sign for the person coming from your right out from a junction??!?!?! wtf

  17. i think u should just understand the fact that everyone does once in a while endanger others whether they know/realize it or not. You're only making yourself a bitter person when you fill yourself with anger and hatred.
    After reading your comments about the driver, I no longer disrespect the driver, instead turned my "disrespect" towards you, because of your immoral/immodest/poor behavior/evil attitude/foul response/low bred words, which could portray what kind of a person you are.

    Have you no love to forgive? or to let bygones be bygones? Yes it is annoying to see reckless and despicable drivers, but you shouldn't fill yourself with hatred. I always get into situations where other people almost made me bang into them, but I don't find myself being hateful at them. The action/response that would be better for you to do is to just alert the driver of what has happened(through your postings) so that they may be more cautious next time, instead of showing others how "low bred" you are through your foolish words.
    You should correct your attitude. If you continue to be with this attitude or behavior, I can say I'm really sorry for the person who eventually married you.

    Anyways, God bless you.

  18. Maybe a tad late, but I totally disagree (at)'s comment of forgive and forget, and to be a better person and what's not of the goody goody stuffs. You see, I spent at least 35 minutes on the average to travel to and from work each way. Transversing between sub-urbs, highways and very sub-urbs. And believe me, all sort of drivers and road users are best seen along these ways.
    I believe that if we continue to bat a close eye on all these bad driving traits, it will only make the driving of the person to become even worse over time. Imagine we are angels and does not show our displeasure even for a bit, do you think that the outside driving world will become good and conducive by itself. Probably yes, because all this morons drivers will be lesser on the roads by then due to the reason of either they have been killed by some other moron who does the blardy same thing antics to them.

    I am not saying that we should road-rage, or road-hulk this bastards, but a honk to show some displeasure is applicable indeed.
    I think by not acting on something which is not right, is like yourself grooming this group of idiots to become more and more a lousy driver, which in turn make them an easy kill for other morons as well.

    So, if you think you are still right to not criticizing them, or just preferred to bid a close eye to this facts of poor and irresponsible driving behaviours, G.Almighty, do be at all junctions and turnings, and be ready to "help" these poor innocent souls.

    And furthermore, if FA is not having to release her pented up anger her in the blog, she would most probably be venting it out directly on to the moron drivers. I think blogging is a good and harmless way to vent out angers. For once, you could hantam these bastards here. Still the bastards will get to drive their blardy way for the numbers of cat lives they still possess.

  19. How's this for forgive and forget case study...
    Driving happily along Kesas, noticed a merc WMP5336 with half the car on the middle lane, and the other on the fast lane.
    Signal my right lights to indicate I would like to, I speed up to overtake. The very next moment as I was half length the merc, this custard-ass ahpek swerved right back to the fast lane. Ignoring my honk and back to the front my car. What the fuck!!!

    I tot this rotten asshole was drunk or something as it eases back to between cruise and fast lane. wat the fuck !! As I speed up to overtake again, the blardy balding sub terraining shit maggot came back to the fast lane again.

    Wah... really blood boils here..
    High beam the maggot, wah..dare to brake somemore...wah...this ahpek is tired of living or something??
    I said out loud the fuck with you, you are gonna die early mother maggot.!!


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