Friday, October 3, 2008

Stop Feeding Me!

Juan, my old friend from Colombia, was here on a business trip and extended his stay here for a visit. I have not seen that guy for almost 7 years and if he hadn't dropped by I probably would've never seen him again.

Apparently Juan has been warned about Malaysian Hospitality.

- A typical Malaysian will overfeed his foreign visitor.

Something which we have been doing since we met him, hahah!


  1. But did he bring you Aussie Tim Tams?

    Which reminds me, do you want any this time around?

  2. Malaysian Hokkien mee with the dark sticky sauce is one of my faves - feed him that!

  3. feed him shit. have some of those yourself too.

  4. Yeah, happens to me too. But before he goes off, just take him to one more meal and say, "Just Juan more for the road."

  5. food food food... ish... diet! diet!! diet!!! but won't hurt to have a lil bit of something or everything once a while.. not over doing it will be fine..

    dab! this time around? are u planing another trip here?

  6. well, lucky he didnt say 'your beer free one ga, drink like tat'

  7. Jack - I'll be there from Dec 30th to about Jan 12th. Check with my tour planner Suanie for any plans she may make for me. :-)


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