Monday, September 29, 2008

Sure It's Not A Sunday?

I shall retire from clubbing.
Because the music is starting to suck.
The crowd is getting too much to take.
The kids are getting too young.
And the smoke is getting unbearable.
But I will never stop drinking. :P

As I woke up to get ready, I see my sister still sleeping happily.
The roads were too clear today.
There were too many empty parking lots.
The office is too quiet.
Damn no mood to work.

Do you know the name of the tree where its leaves are in the shape of a crescent?
And when they fall off, it falls in the shape of a brown crescent, or a mess of twirls.
I love stepping on the twirly mess.
It makes a very crispy C-R-U-N-C-H sound.
It's almost theraupatic.

Seriously, what's up with Will from
Now you see him now you don't.
Why no explanation?
Everybody else sucks, really.
There's no more reason to live.

Getting ready for Singapore.
Mentally, that is.
Can't be ALL that bad.
I'm sure there's edible food somewhere.
And not too expensive drinking places.
At least the MRT is nice, big, and clean.
And some labels are cheaper in Singapore than over here.
But I guess we'll see.

Can't wait for Wednesday and Thursday.
:D :D :D :D


  1. Well, i believe you are working near tanjong pagar or something. Can go to the Amoy Food center. i personally feel that the food there is nice and cheap.

    for night time, the whole of clarke quay is available to you. Beer pricing will differ for each shop. Ang Mohs are frequent pub people in Clarke Quay.

    If you wana club, MOS, Zouk and St James are the few u can choose from in Sg. For cheap liqour for clubbing, you can try out Double O in Mohammad Sultan Road.

    For supper, you can go to Jalan Kayu for its overpriced prata. if not you can go upper thomson road, there is a Casurina Prata Shop there. its cheap and nice. There is also yishun's Chong pang nasi lemak and punggol nasi lemak. Punggol's 1 is definitely nicer and better. pricing is ok only.

    you got my email right. u can email me if you need some address. =D

    take care.

  2. Oh dear.. we lost another one to kiasuland.

  3. If this post was a song, I'd be interjecting every verse with chants of "SIEW YOKE, SIEW YOKE YUM YUM! SIEW YOKE, SIEW YOKE YUM YUM!"

    :D :D

  4. you'll have enough friends

    you don't need me *jedi waves*

  5. Finally... Something longer the previous postsssss....

  6. Eh...i tot u coming back???

  7. Just be back from Singapore to see me Very End Dec. & January!!!! :-)

  8. You read the email I sent you for the reference? Yah, the Hennessy Artistry in Orange Club is very pack and humid.

  9. Hmm. Are you thinking of eucalyptus trees? They're native to Oz and the only ones I know that have skinny leaves that can be kinda crescent like and they make crunching sounds.

    You're in Singapore soon! I can now buy you several drinks!

  10. SG is not that bad, really. Enjoy your stay here.

  11. hey! how long you going to stay there till? i will be in KL and SG for a few days, how does smithy sound? or should stienweiger sound better?

  12. well, there is a smoke free bar in town with decent music. but for the shitty price is certainly not worth the damn.

  13. Im sure you will do great... Gambate yo Singapore will be excellent fun...

    can tumpang you buy iphone... hhahaha

  14. Seeking international refuge already?

  15. Seeking for international refuge already?

    I bet you will enjoy Singapore more.


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