Sunday, September 28, 2008

old don't old.

think i might be getting too old and impatient for clubs with shitty music, non-existent ventilation and overcrowded.... crowds.

hot young things who flaunt it make me feel old a bit. sigh.

More later. Pictures! woot!


  1. Is this a single syndrome?

  2. its cool FA , i recently went into a club and felt kinda similar. its easily corrected with a vodka =)

  3. Wait till you dapat many wedding invitation cards from your female friends.

    Then every CNY see how your yimakaypochi starts bugging you about your other half and when wanna get married.

    Then wait till you suddenly realise all your friends got no time for you because they need to spend time with wife/husband and kids.

    Hurry up and settle down then all your old not old questions will disappear.

    FA: Chiew. been getting the cards since last year and the questions eversince i was 21!!!

  4. went back without saying bai! *spank*

  5. Pegi minum tak ajak pun. *sulks*

  6. Move from Pub/Nightclub culture to Coffee Shop culture. Pretend to be an intellectual and look down your nose at those who just club it all the time! :-)

    That's the way I prefer to do it. :-)

  7. How about you blog more often since you club much less?

    Kthksbai. :p

  8. YAH. Left before i even arrived! :(

    It got less pack as the night went on. I think many people DID come for Shayne Ward. ahahahahha...

  9. The shitty music is always the nail to the coffin. Went to one in Sunway Pyramid a few weeks ago, and the DJ was so bad that my ipod probably had a better playlist than his.

    Yo, playing Akon or whatever those Sean Kingston soundalike tunes over and over again doesn't make your gig hot, bitches.

    FA: OH NO. I hope you're not talking about MOS!!! ARe you??? :(

  10. NAY!! Not talking bout MOS, no worries there XD
    (Never been to MOS, but heard great things about it)

    The place I went to sucks so much I don't even want to remember its name :D


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