Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello? Can Hear Me Or Not?

Sometimes when I say something, nobody seems to be listening.

Are they just ignoring me on purpose or do I actually have a speech impediment?

By the way, if I'll be in Singpore for 2-3 months for work, what should I look out for? Where's the happening place to check out? Where would be my favourite places?


  1. Look out for cheap cameras and get one for me.

    eh when you're away I'll miss calling you and making catcalls (punny pun wtf) on the phone.

  2. look out for the perfect candidate to be ur husband

    its about time!

  3. do you mean food!!!!!!!

    okok let me think

    porridge at maxwell center

    curry noodles at maxwell center

    pisang goreng at maxwell center FOR SURE! (it's the stall called Somerset)

    durian cheong fun at killiney road just off orchard road (nice porridge in the same shop)

    ice cream at cold stone creamery at holland village

    ice cream at island creamery in serene center (local flavors like teh tarik and pulut hitam)

    chocolate cake at awfully chocolate at various places in sg

    PS cafe in dempsey road for awesome cakes and dessert

    thai food (get the olive rice!) at this little thai coffee shop on purvis street

    mee pok at the hong lim food center in chintown

    ah balling (tong yuen with filling) at the street stalls in chinatown

    for shopping, i love bugis junction, vivo city and FAR EAST PLAZA! far east plaza is besstttt

  4. This is my first post here. Nice to hear u are coming to SG. I'm also Malaysian, but now working in SG for 6 months already. As you are getting the hang of life in SG, I'm sure you'll find lots of convenience here. BTW, where would you be staying? Maybe I can let you know the places u can go around your area. Oh yeah, another thing, I saw this big billboard poster for M1 mobile, and one woman on the billboard looks exactly like u! Or is that really you? I snapped the picture, how do i post it here?

  5. Exciting! You'll be assigned to corporate housing, right? And all those new places to drink too...

  6. One of your favourite places? How about Loof? It actually has a nice view at night.

  7. In Singapore for 2-3 months huh? Bring a noose in case you wanna kill yourself out of boredom.

  8. Singapore is a place to work, not a place to hangout, but knowing that you're an alcoholicker, I am sure you are able to find your way around the vast amounts of booze haven there.

    For shopping, maybe Sim Lim (IT stuff lah). Check out Orchard road too.

    For food... I think better forget it, Singapore food is crap/rubbish. I've written about this before. Maybe can check out Bugis. Clarke Quay, Pulau Ubin,Esplanade.

    Well maybe you can check out Sentosa Island too.

    Too bad you're not a guy, or else I would recommend Geylang if you're into that sort of thing. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  9. babe babe..i dono if u might like it
    go to clarke quay (sorry if wrong spelling)
    and go check out kandi bar :)
    wheee its awesome !!!

  10. F1 in singapore this weekend!

  11. your favorite places will be wherever bob's at!


  13. 'Hello? Can Hear Me Or Not?'

    Nope! Yell louder. Still can't hear you!

    'do I actually have a speech impediment?'

    Repeat after me. Doth Ith athully haf a thpeath imthpedimenth. Then we will be able to understand you! :-)

    'what should I look out for?'

    Look out for a guy named Chris Buckthorpe. He went to school and church with me back in Sydney. If you find him, tell him 'Bear' Says Hello, and tell him I'm in Perth. [Bear is my old nickname. He might not know who David is. No one used to call me that] :-)

    Also, find hot Asian chicks and send them my way! :-)

    OMG - 'look out for the perfect candidate to be ur husband'

    OH, I won't be in Singapore. She can have another shot at me when I get to KL in December/January. :-)

  14. St. James Powerstation!

  15. ya i agree with eyeris :( singapore not much to do. all i can do when i am over there are watch movies, go for drinks and look for nice hawker food.

    brewerkz for beer, st james powerhouse for partying, cathay cineplex (dont go cathay cineleisure ok.. no headrest on the seats wan *_*) for movies, cafe del mar at sentosa for chilling out

  16. Club St is nice. Or you could babysit my kids while my wife and I go out?

  17. Should go Brewerkz because they brew their own beer yo!

    You can find their outlets here.

  18. Samsui chicken at the Soup Restaurant. It totally rocks.

  19. neil road for the pubs. :)

  20. PLS

    MOS BURGER!!!!


  21. oosters belgium bar.... their pots of mussels are to die for.

  22. Food..Geyland Lorong 11...for start and work yourself up the lorongs

    Choo Chiat Street...also at the East side...lotsa of nice eateries

    Pubs..located at the heart of city...try the exotic ones along CLub Street..ample to choose from, and you will find your "water"

    There is lots to explore in SIngapore, if you willing to find is not as boring as people tend to see it as..because people tend to be too tired (working long hours in Singapore) and lazy to find places to eat

    I been there for a long back in Malaysia.
    So all you Malaysians who think Singapore is boring...shhh...don know SIngapore at all...

  23. Or if you fancy doing something physically active, go cycle in Ubin, climb trees at Bedok Reservoir, Night Safari (walk walk walk), Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.


  24. Chris Buckthorp is a homo and involved in various corruption scandals in Asia. Not to be trusted. Dangerous man.


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