Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have a sudden craving for Coke in a big clear plastic bag full of big chunks of ice.

And the Coke needs to come from a glass bottle.

Because it tastes so much better than from a can.

Or does it?


  1. Yes, I agree with you. Coke from a bottle/can taste better than from a plastic bottle. I do get the same cravings at times. Presently its ice cream soda....

  2. Anything in glass bottle taste better than in aluminum can.

  3. Yes, from a glass is better for you.

    Bottles can contain trace particles etc given off from the plastic. In fact, they recently warned that any recycling plastic over the recycling number 5 gives off toxic gases/particles into whatever food is stored in them (or even if you poor a drink into a cup made from it). Under 4 can also have trace particles in it, but they are apparently not toxic (or so I read).

    Alumunium cans give off trace elements of aluminium which is bad for the brain.

    Both of those could give off slight taste differences where as glass does not.

    There is one small caveat to all this though. In the old days (when I was young ... once at band camp) The newspaper reported an incident where someone had used coke bottles to store lead before they returned them for their deposit. As they only used to wash the bottles in those days (and not melt them down again for re-use) two boys ended up getting the contaminated bottles and died of lead poisoning as a result. So, if they only WASH returned bottles in a country, be wary that they may contain contaminates.

  4. its like
    from draught --> bottle --> can

    beer taste good in draught.

    I gues same applies to Coke

  5. Coke just plain sucks whichever way you drink it. hehehe


  6. q: do you want a bottle of coke?
    a: can!

  7. "I have a sudden craving for Coke in a big clear plastic bag full of big chunks of ice."

    Errr... I can't imagine that's the most practical of containers to drink from; not unless you like showering in the stuff :P

    FA: Eh.. you're not malaysian? We take-away drinks bought from hawker stalls into little clear plastic bags and tie them up in rafia strings...

  8. Yes, it certainly does

  9. i still remember when young - KIKAPO! (how to spell joh....?)

    FA: kickapoo. the joy juice. still got!

  10. Half (Is that you Half Man Half Biscuit??) - FireAngel has been to Australia, so she is probably used to drinking her wine that way. Cask wine comes in a box, and inside the box is a plastic bag full of wine. So maybe she is used to drinking a bag of wine. :-)

    FA: They have them in cartons here too haha!

  11. Kickapoo Joy juice is still around???? OMGoodness!!!!

    I remember when I had my first one in either KL or Singapore (1970 or 71 ... or 72). lol
    I hated it. Haven't had it since. I should try it again in January to see if my taste has changed! :-)

  12. omg, instant cravings watafakkkkkk

  13. Dabs: Yup, it’s me. :)

    FA: We do have bags of coke in England too, but only the white & powdery variety.


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