Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 03: Books, Emerald Hill & Incoming Calls

I'm walking so much to everywhere it's ridiculous. No wonder I'm so tired at night. I just pass out, sleep a dreamless sleep, and then wake up feeling as though an elephant had sat on me all night. But I'm glad I'm walking more - it's still some form of exercise and any form of exercise is good for my lazy, aging, disintegrating self. haha.

This is not just a singaporean phenomenon. More like a global stupid idiotic assholes movement. There's a special breed of people who insist on using the lift to go to just ONE floor. WHAT? Can't use the stairs? It's fine if it happens for just one floor, but if it happens at every other floor I'm ready to bash the next idiot's skull in with my bare hands. The only acceptable reason why anybody can do that without having their skulls bashed in is if they are on wheelchairs. Otherwise a curse of a thousand boils on your backside, asswipes.

Books are so much cheaper here. IF you are Singaporean. Imagine, a book by Barack Obama, "Dreams from my father" costs a Singaporean about SGD21.50 at Kinokuniya, while it costs a Malaysian about RM38.50 at MPH. Don't forget, a typical Singaporean earns much more than a tyical Malaysian. It's just simply unacceptable. Can somebody explain why they make it so expensive for us to want to instil the habit of reading in Malaysia? Isn't reading a GOOD thing? Shouldn't they encourage us to read by making books CHEAPER? Gah. I bought the book anyway. :)

I also wanted to get my hands on Jenna Jameson's "How to make love like a pornstar", which is an autobiography of her, and not freaking porn novel. Actually, it's an autobiography disguised as a porn novel, woot. I doubt I will ever find this in Malaysia and was dissapointed that they ran out of stock, haih.

Emerald Hill is always ALWAYS PACKED. I'm beginning to hate that place, in a sour grape sort of way. Too many people, too noisy, too many expats. Also plenty of locals. Didn't know Singaporeans were a bunch of alcoholics? Heh. A pint of draught Hoegaarden at a place called Ice Cold Beer (how very clever and original. geez. rolls eyes) costs about SGD19 nett. Typically it's about RM25 and above in Malaysia. Sigh. A can of Killkenny costs like SGD6 something. In Malaysia - WHAT KILKENNY CAN??!?! SIGH.

My god, do you want to know a random thing about Singapore? You freaking pay for incoming calls when you're on a prepaid plan. WHAT KIND OF CRAZY SHIT IS THAT. WHY DO THEY MAKE YOU PAY FOR CALLS OTHER PPL MAKE TO YOU. DON'T THEY ALREADY MAKE MONEY FROM PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE EXTERNAL CALLS. All the freaking phonelines do this. WHY. WHY. WHY. It completely boggles the tiny mind. But I bought myself a prepaid line anyway. It'll be cheaper than going on roaming. Now, on to get a really cheap basic phone.

Drinking my Puramilk now. Low far hi-cal type. OMG it tastes just like the original, and none of that weird articificial tasting milk we're so prone of drinking in Malaysia. Sigh. Sold by the milk. The milk the milk the milk. I'm a simple fellow with simple needs. :)

K lah. Tired d, goodnight.


  1. If you picked up a Starhub Green prepaid, you can have free incoming calls for 59 cents/day. If you get enough incoming calls (which I'm sure you do cuz you're sooo popular, according to the traffic on your website), it pays for itself after a few calls.

    Found a bar to hang out at yet?

  2. Why don't you go find LKY and blow him already you singaporean loving TRAITOR?

  3. oh, you're here on kiasuland - the land of the walking. hahaha!!! hook me up lah, can buy u milk (not beer).

  4. gomen wants you to read, publishers want their royalties. subsidized books?

  5. I think pre-paid users in Malaysia are pretty pampered.. it's pretty expensive in Australia too. I recall, a friend mentioned that Starhub prepaid actually gives local rate calls to Malaysia - that was a year ago. Do explore?

  6. fag: why don't you go find MongolianModelSodomizer and get sodomized as well, you fucking goatlicker? Since you're getting sodomized on everything from your taxes, civil rights, religious freedom, social benefits and even getting the truth, you shitdick. They even don't want her in Malaysia, you stupid monkeypubichair, she's "pendatang". They just want to fuck her over and fuck her future children over, you smegmaswallower. Hope you're happy voting in the same old liars, manipulators, land grabbers and sex video makers, cuntface.

    BTW National Library has all the popular books, latest books, DVDs and CDs for free to borrow.

  7. I've heard that the Jenna Jameson book was only a so-so read, but she did came across as pretty smart and well-spoken in TV interviews.

  8. Incoming calls on handphones in Singapore are charged as a matter of regulatory policy.

    In Malaysia, when a Maxis user calls a Digi user, Maxis has to pay Digi to accept the call, and Digi controls the charge. Maxis passes the cost back to their own customer.

    See the problem here? The Maxis customer has to pay a charge that they have no market power over. If they don't like the charge, tough luck, nothing they can do, because it was assessed by someone else's carrier.

    Under the system used in Singapore, customers pay charges to their own company, instead of to other companies. This way, if the customer doesn't like the charge, they can just port out and find a cheaper operator.

    Countries where this system is used end up with cheaper overall costs for telecommunications. So you might find it annoying, but it means you are paying less than you would under the Malaysian system. This is why the receiver-pays system is used in USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China (all markets with very low total per-minute costs for handphone calls), and soon Australia (a market that desperately needs a reduction in per-minute costs).

  9. Seems like you are suffering from the illness called "culture shock". You'll be fine in a couple of months.... or maybe more. ;-)

  10. 'wake up feeling as though an elephant had sat on me all night.'

    Training for when we eventually get married! *SIGH* I knew she loved me! :-)

    'insist on using the lift to go to just ONE floor. WHAT? Can’t use the stairs?'

    Not in my building. All stairs are alarmed. (I've tried to calm them down, but they seem to like being alarmed) :-)

    'Can somebody explain why they make it so expensive for us to want to instil the habit of reading in Malaysia? '

    I bought a heap of books in Malaysia because they were so much cheaper than in Australia.

    Pura Milk is what we have at home! :-)

  11. Actually singapore prepaid is cheaper, if you reload the happy 128 which is only 26-28 dollar reload card. singtel or starhub or m1 also have this reload card. You get to have 100dollar free local calls and 28 dollar international calls. With that 100 freaking dollar, i don think u will feel anything with all the incoming calls. Reload the 28 dollar reload again before the 50th days to avoid they eat your remaining bonus amount.

  12. Singapore prepaid is way cheaper than malaysia. They have this 28 dollar reload card which they call it happy 128 or something. You reload this card and u get 100 dollar free local calls/sms and 28 dollar international calls/sms. I don't think u can use finish the 100 dollar even with all the incoming calls. To avoid the remaining balance to be forfeited, please reload before the 50th days.


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