Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Did Lee Chong Wei Kecundang

Wah my heart found it so hard to keep beating after watching Lee C W getting his assed TRASHED by his opponent last night. So sad. :( WHY LEE C W WHY DID YOU LET HIM OWN YOUR ASS LIKE IT WAS A WALK IN THE PARK!

And why did they print out your name on the telly as CHONG Wei Lee. -_-" Stupid white people. Did you notice that?

But he would still be the first guy to earn Malaysia a medal. Finally. Damn shy man. Tonnes of other 3rd world and 4th world countries who can't even access to basic necessities like electricity and clean water are bagging medals already but our dear country is not even in the damn list yet until last night. SHY OR NOT. BOLEH MY ASS LAH. Oops. Better stop using my ass my ass here and there, seeing that the talk of other people's ass and what other people did with it is still the hot topic of the season. WHO GIVES A SHIT LAH SERIOUSLY. STOP PULLING OUT ALL THESE CIRCUS ACTS AND START RUNNING THE COUNTRY PROPERLY ALREADY MOFOS.

Anyway, back to LEE C W. I'm so angry loh. You know why am I so angry? I am bloody pissed off because I know Lee could've done so much better than that. Didn't you think he could've done better? Anyway, apart from the fact that his opponent seemed to be the much better player, and it was China's home ground and various other reasons, I fear that there was also another major reason why Lee C W kecundang.

It was because of the contingent uniform he was wearing.

WTF I heard you say. HIS CLOTHES? How does a stupid piece of material have ANY effect on the quality of play? Stop trying to make up sorry pathetic excuses for the fact that WE STINK. Are you freaking of your bloody mind you stupid drunkard?

Hear me out one minute lah aiyoh why so fierce on a Monday morning?

First, go check out what they are wearing. It's a loose, black coloured, sleeved t-shirt right?

Okay. Now let me continue with my argument.

The T-shirt is black!!!

Any dimwit (who took some basic science in school) WILL KNOW that WARNA HITAM MENYERAP CAHAYA. MENYERAP CAHAYA MEANS WHAT. MEANS it will keep the wearer WARM. Which is why we mostly see dull, dark colours for WINTER SEASON CLOTHES. So WHY are we trying to make it feel like a freaking SAUNA for our ATHLETES while they are competing? Already the players are sweating like no tomorrow, to the point where the sweat is dripping off their shirts from the intensity of the game itself so does it really make sense TO MAKE IT HARDER ON THEM by making THEM WEAR BLACK TO KEEP THE WARMTH IN YOU STUPID BUNCH OF CRONIES WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF OUR PLAYERS EXCEPT HOW MANY PERCENT YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR POCKET BY SUB-CONNING THE MAKING OF TSHIRT TO YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Second point - EVERYBODY KNOWS that black is a BAD LUCK FENG SHUI COlour. And don't give me stupid excuses like how only the chinese believe in feng shui. Don't you know ALL RACES who do business BELIEVE in some form of FENG SHUI TODAY? I have Malay friends and their family who follow almost religiously the principles of feng shui. Black as the bad luck colour is almost common sense now. Ask any other WHITE dude also he knows that black is a bad luck colour. AND BLACK ISN'T EVEN OUR NATIONAL FLAG COLOUR. Don't be a fucking wiseass by saying GOT BLACK WHAT. THE OUTLINE LEH? Hahaha now please do us all a favour by throwing yourself out of the window of a tall building. Apakah warna bendera kita? MERAH. PUTIH. BIRU dan KUNING. MANA HITAM? ADA HITAM KE KAT BENDERA KITA! KALAU TAKDE HABIS KENAPA GUNA HITAM BODOH! Want to make them look cool and mat rock is it. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING FASHION SHOW LAH. NATIONS SPEND MILLION OF DOLLARS TO RESEARCH THE BEST MATERIALS TO HELP THEIR ATHLETES PERFORM BETTER IN THE OLYMPICS. BUT WE? What do we fucking do? Oh use black lah, it looks cool. STUPID!!!! Actually, you wanna save money by using basic colour is it? USE LAH FUCKING WHITE. PUTIH MEMANTUL CAHAYA OKAY. IT WOULD ACTUALLY HELP HIM KEEP COOLER ALSO. TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. See so BLOODY simple you FREAKING MONEY SUCKING IMBECILES WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF OUR PLAYERS EXCEPT HOW MANY PERCENT YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR POCKET BY SUB-CONNING THE MAKING OF TSHIRT TO YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Lastly - why is the damn t-shirt with sleeves? WHY. Everytime I watched our players playing I realise that they ALL do the same damn thing in between games - they keep trying to PUSH UP THE DAMN SLEEVES. Why do they keep doing that did you wonder? Well common sense screamed in my face for becing such an idiot and said "It'S BECAUSE THE DAMN SLEEVES IS IN THE FUCKING WAY THat'S WHY. IT's WET from ALL THE SWEAT and it's sticking onto their SKIN, PISSING THEM OFF, DUH!". Oh yeah hor. Did you see that China player? He was wearing SLEEVELESS and having a time of his life trashing our poor friend. Oh, you mean they wanted to sleeves to tutup aurat is it? Well then Sherlock, the fact that they were wearing SHORT SHORTS TOTALLY THROWS THAT LAME EXCUSE OUT OF THE WINDOW DOESNT IT. If really want to tutup aurat then MAKE THEM ALL WEAR TRACKPOINTS LAH MAHAI. What is the point of making it with sleeves? Waste cloth, waste money only. If those people had bothered to see how our players play on the courts they would REALISE THAT SLEEVES ARE STUPID! Bloody bitches WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF OUR PLAYERS EXCEPT HOW MANY PERCENT YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR POCKET BY SUB-CONNING THE MAKING OF TSHIRT TO YOUR BEST FRIEND!

And that, ladies and gentlemen are my arguments for what I think is one of the major reasons why our dear Lee Chong Wei kecundang in his game.

But okay lah Mr Lee! I'm still proud of you! First Malaysian medal! Yeay! I'm now going to use the typical Malaysian Boleh consolation for everytime we do badly and claim that 1) it's better than nothing, and 2) at least we are on par with Singapore. haha. hahahah. hah. I'm so funny right? Bleh.


  1. I think for next olympics, we can follow singapore lor...get those athletes from other countries to represent Malaysia. Imagine Usian Bolt or Michael Phelps representing Malaysia. least Lee CW is 300K richer...:)

  2. WAHHHH......I tot i was the only one who is darn angryyyyyyyy at the match yesterday but never tot u r MORE ANGRY at me! not bad liao lah after thinking for a while, can at least get a silver medal for malaysia. i think chong wei is too nervous and malaysian put too much prexxure on him i guess. It's the first time le!!! He dun play like himself yesterday, he is totally different. Among all the marks, almost 12 marks he give out for free as i see him keep making mistakes. i think china did do some curse on the match la!!!!

  3. eh FA,yes, black colour has the tendency to absorb heat, but it also has the tendency to lose heat lah!!!

    FA: yes kah.. oops. :P then still got other 2 reason mah!

  4. ok i had to LOL at this - but i was devastated as well. It was a walk in a park and not befitting a gold medal game at the olympics. hai...

  5. 'Ask any other WHITE dude also he knows that black is a bad luck colour.'

    Black is a good luck colour. Most of my wardrobe is black! All those pilgrims wore black and look what they got, entier country of USA for their throuble.

    But, you should have run off with me whilst you still could have. Then you could have become an Aussie and had lots of medals. I think we are fifth on the tally board, and we have a small population compared to most nations!

    Of course, his poor performance might have been from the herbs the Chinese have been putting in his food! :-)
    Not the same herbs as they feed their own athletes! :-)

  6. LOL, I wasn't angry, I was just kinda amused by the match. LCW had a "shit, wtf have I gotten into" look on his face for most of that 39 minutes match.

  7. Lin Dan was fantabulous yesterday. I doubt even Misbun at his peak could have beaten him in that form. LCW had no answer at all, and every mistake he made was duly punished. poor guy.

    But the black T-shirt thing kinda makes sense. lets all blame the damn T-shirt! ahahahaha.

  8. And fucking Misbun was no help at all, was he. Just sat there non plussed with a stone face. Who would want to win for a coach like that.

  9. Waaaahhh what a long rant.

    First time I never read through your whole post!

    Wtf... who cares about LCW?! We men wanna see GuoJingJing run light!

    FA: WHY NOT GO READ AGAIN I ALWAYS READ YOURS.... except when you write about your guitars meh

  10. lucky i manage to catch Guo JingJing on 816 instead. knn.

    and pls lah. go watch the opening ceremony lah

  11. hahaha! one of the funniest post ever lah mahai.
    had fun reading.
    misbun is like falling asleep and getting wet.
    FA is fcuking hot.

  12. Lin Dan just played a superb game and had a much better game plan as well as execution. Don't blame Lee Chong Wei for the lack of trying.

  13. Hi FA,

    First time commenting. Can't resist it this time coz I find this post too funny.

    It felt terrible last night.

    He didn't seem like he is ready for it. Everything was wrong. The strategy is wrong. What's with him playing safe and not attacking Lin Dan from the very beginning till the end? His confidence level is like zero and I thought he made headlines like this to assure us Malaysians that he knows how to 'play' his game.....Olympic medal in the bag for Malaysia: I WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH, SAYS CHONG WEI (2008/08/16-Front Page)
    Where got fight????

    I hate to say this, but do you not notice those things he was waering while he played? Those big gold ringS, necklaceS etc.! need la for those things.

    Am sure he must be feeling damn shitty too. Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk. He is still good. First one in Malaysia :)

  14. Well, if i can become an instant millionaire (as what the papers claimed) by winning the gold, god...i will fight till the death. Maybe money is not important to LCW.

  15. YES!! It was LIN Dan, CHEN Jin, and Chong Wei LEE?! I was like WTF?!?!?

    Haha...tutup aurat! Kudos to him la! He did bring home the silver medal! (could have done so much better though)

    Go chong wei!

    *blardy lin dan, go throw his shoes to the crowd. really "throw smelly shoe"

  16. yeah i agree with the clothes issue, it was the first thing i noticed. Freaking sleeves, it was like a blardy practice match.

  17. Hey! I noticed that too! LCW keep pushing the sleeves up every now...

  18. Eh apa ni?

    1) We won medal before la..
    2) The All Blacks are AWESOME

    FA: Not yet for the Beijing 2008 lah. badminton is first medal mar!

  19. Vince: then why they never seem to win the Rugby World Cup? :D

  20. Corking is easy, why not you go play and see. Lee Chong Wei is ranked No.2 in world now leh.

  21. Haha... I don't support him all the way... so I don't feel any pain... yay! :P

  22. Okay, I stopped reading about halfway down. I agree, long-sleeves is a pretty stupid idea at the summer olympics - even for shooters, but that's a different topic. Swimmers okay, but that's science. While reading your post, I just thought that maybe Fireangel would consider becoming a designer or something.

    Maybe 2012 is too soon, but I would love to see what she might come up with for the 2016 team. Red, white, blue and gold. Hmmm, red and white two-tone (possibly candystripes) tops and shirts, with blue shorts and trousers accented with gold piping. Trainers and cleats could be white with red detail. Hats? Why gold of course! Jackets for the opening and closing ceremony: White with glittery gold epaulettes. Gold buttons, blue inner lining and red lettering of "MALAYSIA" across the front. No room for black. Just an idea

  23. Long sleeves are useful when playing badminton leh. playing that time can wipe sweat. no need to go out and take towel... teeheeheehee

  24. it was chong wei lee because the surnames are also called last names. and chinese surnames usually come before the given name, while in many western countries it's the opposite. Ie John Kennedy.
    Hence you'll see this happen darn near everywhere else you go.

  25. Not forgetting the WATCH.

    cant understand why our players wear watches during games.

    to tell time kot...for..err i dunno..they are such in a hurry! LOL

  26. Yah, I also thought - gawd, he's wearing a WATCH?? In a hall with huge digital clocks, and where the time was of no importance at all??

    Actually, why couldn't they just have stuck with the yellow and black tiger stripes theme? So much more garang leh. And for alternate colours, can use the same pattern as well.

    I think come next Olympics, everyone is gonna wear sleeveless. It's happening in hockey already. That, and Nike Pro or UnderArmour type compression spandex instead of loose fit.

  27. [...] give any opinion on why can he be beaten by Ling Dan. FA have given an interesting sight HERE (her sight obviously) on why LCW lost that game. It was very interesting tho’ and she really [...]

  28. Agree with the color factor. black is such a negative color, it gives bad vibes. scientifically proven!!
    Neways, LCW is still our champ!

  29. Vindication for FA... sort of

  30. Er..Black is not bad luck la. Depends on the wearer's bazi (8 pillars) whether he/she is suitable for the element or not. In Bazi, black = water element. If the wearer is lack of water element then wearing black will give some luck la, will not help much. It depends on the bazi of that day and hour of the match whether the luck is on Lee C W's side or Lin Dan's side.

  31. My first time commenting, nice post.
    & I thought China might have given him 2 million to bribe him to lose in the game. Haha.

  32. Maybe because the other guy so handsome Lee Chong Wei got no heart to thrash him

  33. No la......Actually he wants to drag Lin Dan into rubber set. But after the 1st game, Najib (Our DPM) called up and told Misbun that Malaysia have no more money (RM 1Million) to pay Chong Wei if he wins, cause all the money sudah pigi Permatang Pauh. So Misbun told Chong Wei, jangan main kuat-kuat...300k pun ok la...Najib janji kasi Dato" sama lu...kira ok la....

    That is why Lee Chong wei lost....

    Shhhhhhhh!!!!!!... This is top secret...Don't tell anyone....

  34. haha this is the first time im reading your blog.
    damn funny and i agree with the points u made as to the reasons we lost, especially on the sleeves :)

  35. the most disappointing shit is that he didn't show any effort. just like counting time to have teh game over soonest. blardy wasting my time to watch. fuck you! and fuck your RM300,000 too.


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