Friday, August 15, 2008



It is the largest gaming festival in the WORLD with more than 70 participating countries, 800 grand final participants and 1.2 million worldwide participants.

Lots of competitions.
Lots of cosplaying chicks.
Lots of exhibitions.
Lots of freebies.

Basically, every gamer's fantasy come to life!

Hall 2 & 3 Midvalley Exhibition Centre

15-17th August 2008

More info?
Click on official website here!

I should be there tomorrow to check it out with my mum's trusty digicam! :P
See you there!


  1. Yay! Bring on the pictures of the Cosplay girls!!! :-)

  2. i dun care about WCG
    is fireangel going or not ?
    now that would be a crowd pleaser !

  3. Gosh, you bring your mum too?
    Thought of camwhoring with you but now.....

  4. What time you're going there? I want to camwhore with you.

  5. hello FIRE ANGE DAAAHLING, I didn't expect you to print my comment but you did, shows you give as good as you get, good on you girl!!! on another topic here is something closer to home and which affect us all. IF you want to stay neutral & apolitical, its ok. [edited]

    FA: I have to edit this comment because it is irrelevant to the post. .

  6. The comment above is already edited, but I can guess that arctic turban probably cut-and-paste some well-intentioned-but-still-political-drivel.

    Ah bah no one reads this blog or the comments anyway. Dabido isn't even here any more. That is why you should go to Singapore, get your own pad, then do reviews of crappy Singapore food and strange Singapore culture. I will sponsor a new doman,

    With that said, it is inevitable I also post something irrelevant. Here's David Lai's spoon bending trick, revealed:

    Gee sometimes I'm not a nice person. Especially when I want to kill Misbun and steal Lin Dan's girlfriend.


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